Coral Dawn Drake

Meet Coral

I am obsessed with dogs, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the greatest of Danes.

I’ve been working with dogs professionally for nearly a decade. I managed a private dog daycare and worked as a liaison at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital.

My experience as the liaison of integrative medicine, neurology, and zoo medicine at UF Small Animal Hospital gave me valuable insight into the challenges faced by pet owners with animals who have medical conditions.

My time there also gave me the opportunity to care for a disabled dog and write a book about the experience. As manager of a dog daycare, I learned about how dogs play and interact, warning signs for aggression, and how to rehabilitate dog-reactive dogs.

During my time there, I was under the mentorship of two groomers, from whom I learned grooming essentials. I currently work with high-risk shelter dogs and manage a blog to help other volunteers and foster families. I have two dogs of my own, a Maltese and a Standard Poodle pup.

Coral Dawn - Author