Justin Stephenson

Content Editor and SEO Specialist at Goldendoodle Advice

Justin Stephenson, a passionate dog lover and seasoned Content Editor and SEO Specialist, brings a wealth of expertise to Goldendoodle Advice. His lifelong love for dogs and his extensive experience in content creation and search engine optimization make him a valuable asset to our team.

Justin Stephenson - Editor And Seo Specialist

When he’s not working on Goldendoodle Advice, Justin dedicates his skills to managing and enhancing the content of RescueDogHome.com, a website, known for offering insightful advice and resources to volunteers, fosters, and adopters of rescue dogs. Justin’s ability to weave his passion for canine welfare into engaging, informative content has been a key factor in the site’s success.

But Justin’s editorial prowess extends beyond canine-focused content. He has crafted engaging landing pages and pillar posts for various niches, honed his SEO skills to optimize content, and managed the editorial process, including editing articles, adding images and links, and ensuring grammatical precision. His versatility and self-management skills were evident as he wrote for online publications across diverse fields, meeting multiple deadlines and juggling various client needs.

His career journey also includes a significant tenure at Gleim Publications, Inc., where he held multiple positions in the Content department. From Word Processor to Editor, and eventually Content Department Supervisor, Justin’s role involved editing XML and HTML code, assembling PDFs, proofing content, and leading a team of over 25 professionals. This experience sharpened his leadership skills and his ability to produce high-quality educational materials.

Adding to his unique profile, Justin spent a year as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher with Hess International Education Organization in Taiwan. This role not only enhanced his communication skills but also led him to adopt Sofie, his beloved Maltese. He also shares his home with Romeo, his standard poodle, reflecting his deep connection with dogs, especially Poodles and hypoallergenic dogs.

As a manager of Marsh Rabbit Media, a media and content production company, Justin continues to demonstrate his expertise in managing diverse content and media projects.At Goldendoodle Advice, Justin’s extensive background, commitment to excellence, and passion for dogs are invaluable. His keen eye for detail, deep understanding of SEO, and ability to create engaging content that resonates with dog lovers contribute immensely to our mission of providing top-notch advice to Goldendoodle enthusiasts.