Kern Campbell

Kern With Lexie As A Puppy
(Lexie at 14 Weeks Old)

Kern Campbell is a celebrated authority in the world of dog breeding and care, with a special focus on Goldendoodle and retriever breeds. His extensive experience spanning over four decades with multiple dog breeds and nearly thirty years dedicated exclusively to Doodles has established him as a trusted expert in this niche.

Kern’s journey with dogs began long before Goldendoodles became popular, allowing him to witness and contribute to the evolution of this beloved breed. His deep connection with these animals is rooted in a lifetime of hands-on experience, from puppyhood to senior care, encompassing every aspect of their well-being.

His passion for Goldendoodles led to the creation of “Goldendoodle Advice,” a blog that has become a go-to resource for Doodle enthusiasts worldwide. Here, Kern shares his wealth of knowledge, offering practical advice, tips, and heartfelt insights that resonate deeply with dog owners.

In his comprehensive book, “D is for Doodle: Raising Your Goldendoodle Stress-Free,” Kern distills his extensive experience into hundreds of pages of invaluable guidance. This book has become a staple in the Doodle community, helping both new and long-time owners navigate the joys and challenges of raising these special dogs. Covering everything from the initial stages of puppyhood to the tender care required in their senior years, Kern’s book is a testament to his expertise and dedication to Goldendoodles.

What sets Kern apart is his knowledge and ability to connect with fellow dog owners. He understands the journey of raising a Goldendoodle, empathizing with the challenges and celebrating the joys alongside his readers. His approachable style and deep understanding of the breed make him a beloved figure in the dog owner community.

Kern Campbell’s author bio is more than a list of accomplishments; it’s a narrative of a life dedicated to the love and care of Goldendoodles. His expertise, trustworthiness, and ability to relate to dog owners’ experiences make him an unparalleled guide in the journey of raising a happy, healthy Goldendoodle.