Do Goldendoodles Have Dew Claws? (Answered)

Goldendoodles, like other dogs, have claws. However, do Goldendoodles have dew claws, and how many do they have?

Goldendoodles have two dew claws; one on each paw. They are located a few inches above their front paws. Goldendoodles don’t have back dew claws as some dogs do. Sometimes, Goldendoodle breeders will remove a puppy’s dew claws for cosmetic reasons. Dew claws need to be regularly trimmed.

Now that you know that Goldendoodles have dew claws, you are likely wondering how dew claws are typically used and why dew claws are sometimes removed. Keep reading to find out.

Do Goldendoodles Have Dew Claws?

Goldendoodles have one dew claw on each of their front paws. They don’t have any dew claws on their back legs, although sometimes other dog breeds do. Goldendoodles don’t have dew claws on their hind legs because Poodles and Golden Retrievers, the parents of many Goldendoodles, don’t have them on their hind legs, although they do have them on their front paws. (Source)

Goldendoodle dew claws are pointed towards the ground and are on the back of their front legs. They need to be regularly trimmed along with your Goldendoodle’s other claws because it grows at a similar rate to their other claws. You likely won’t notice them because they do seem to be tucked into the fur of your Goldendoodle when they aren’t being used.

Dew claws are connected to the rest of your Goldendoodle’s leg through joints and bones. Your Goldendoodle can move their dew claws front and back when they are needed. Dew claws are kind of like human thumbs, but for dogs. They are very useful when your dog is active.

What are Goldendoodle Dew Claws For?

Your Goldendoodle’s dew claws help them stop and gain traction when they are on slippery floors and are running. When your dog stretches their paws while they are running and seem to bow while they are trying to stop, they are using their dew claws. (Source)

Goldendoodles, as well as other dogs, also use their dew claws to help them grasp things. Have you ever seen your dog wrap their paw around the bone they are chewing on? When this happens, they are using the dew claw on that leg and their paw to help them grasp the bone so they can chew on it.

Dew claws are very useful, even though sometimes they are hidden by their fur. Dogs use them frequently, even though it may not seem like it.

Why are Goldendoodle Dew Claws Removed?

Goldendoodle dew claws are sometimes removed because breeders think that a dog that doesn’t have dew claws is more aesthetically pleasing than a dog that does have dew claws, and people will pay more money for a puppy that doesn’t have dew claws than a puppy with them. However, many Goldendoodle breeders have stopped removing the dew claws.

Breeders who choose to have their Goldendoodle puppies’ dew claws removed typically have a veterinarian remove them a few days after the puppies are born. If you want to have your dog’s dew claws removed, have it done when your dog is being spayed or neutered.

Some people think that dew claws should be removed because they are only sometimes used and they can rip, tear, become broken, and crack and potentially hurt your dog, but they don’t often cause your dog any injuries because they can be tucked in and are out the way.

Goldendoodle owners on Reddit don’t think that removing their dew claws is necessary. They think that the pain that your Goldendoodle goes through when their dew claws are removed is unnecessary, especially because they are rarely broken or torn, and they do help their dogs grasp things like bones and stop when they are running. The last thing you want is your dog to run into something because they were unable to use their dew claws to stop. (Source)

Removing a dog’s dew claws is somewhat similar to de-clawing a cat: it is possible and will prevent it from becoming broken or torn, but the increased risk of arthritis because the dew claw is connected to joints and bone isn’t worth it in the end. If you remove your dog’s dew claws, they likely won’t suffer after it is removed until they get older.

Do Goldendoodles Have Dew Claws?

Overall, Goldendoodles do have dew claws on their front legs and use them when necessary. They can be moved front and back, and they help your dog grasp things and stop when they are running. They are somewhat similar to a human’s wrist or thumbs, but they have limited movement.

Dew claws can become torn and broken and cause your Goldendoodle pain, but it rarely happens and can heal over time, just like if another one of their claws becomes ripped. If your Goldendoodle’s dew claw breaks or is torn, take your dog to their veterinarian and have it removed or bandaged. They will tell you if the dew claw needs to be removed.

Have your Goldendoodle’s dew claws trimmed with their other claws because it has a similar growth rate to the other claws that your dog has, but it doesn’t become worn down by the ground as much as their other claws. Although your dog’s dew claws should be trimmed at the same time as the other claws, they sometimes need to be trimmed more frequently. Periodically check the length of your Goldendoodle’s dew claws.

When you get a Goldendoodle puppy from a breeder, ask them if the puppy’s dew claws have already been removed, or if they are still in place. If you don’t want to have a Goldendoodle that has dew claws because of cosmetic reasons, you can contact a breeder that removes the dew claws when the puppies are really young.

However, if you do want your Goldendoodle puppy to have their dew claws, make sure you ask if they have been removed or if they are still in place, and make it clear to the breeder that you want a puppy that still has its dew claws.

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