Goldendoodle: Must-Have Brush #2

Goldendoodle Must Have Brush #2

#2 A slicker brush

After you get done removing mats with the de-matting comb many people might think I would suggest one of the metal combs… but I don’t. 

Why? My Goldendoodle just doesn’t like it when I use a metal comb. It still pulls her fur too much for her to let me use it enough to make a difference.

This is why my next go-to brush for removing mats is a slicker brush.

WHAT IS A slicker brush USED FOR?

A slicker brush is usually a rectangularly shaped brush that is used to remove loose fur and mats from dogs, cats and other pets that frequently get mats.

By itself, a slicker brush will mostly only take care of your dog’s topcoat, but it will remove loose undercoat fur that is sitting on your dog’s body that helps mats form. 

I am not brand loyal to any particular slicker brush. You can pick one up at Walmart, your local pet store, or you can simply order a slicker brush similar to this 4.5 Star Amazon bestseller. —  [Amazon Link]

Okay, the de-matting comb gets most mats out of our dog’s fur. Then the slicker brush is used to remove loose undercoat and to smooth out the topcoat. It also may pull out any remaining parts of mats that we did not get out with the de-matting comb.

So what is the 3rd must have comb for preventing mats in a your dog’s fur?