Goldendoodle: Must-Have Brush #3

#3 A WET brush

Do you know what a wet brush is? If you have daughters you probably do. A wet brush is this magical brush that detangles hair like nothing I have ever see! I am not exaggerating.

My daughters kept asking for us to buy then a wet brush. Once we finally got one for them, we completely see what all the hype is about. The brushes truly work as advertised.


It allows you to brush out tangles from hair or fur without it hurting. It looks and acts just like any other store bought brush, only it is different. I really do not know why or how it does it, but it does. It just works.

While a wet brush is marketed and sold for human use, this is the very best dog brush you can buy for daily brushing of your fur baby! I’m serious. Just buy one.

Wet brush may be the brand name, but there are a few others that work just the same that are less expensive.

My daughters and my Goldendoodle all use this version. It’s so inexpensive on Amazon it just wasn’t worth shopping around. [Amazon Link]


Preventing matted fur on your Goldendoodle or other breed dog that mats easily can become a full-time job, but don’t stress about it too much.

With the use of these three brushes you should be able to address most if not all mats your pup gets in its fur.

If there are mats you cannot fix yourself, that is why there are professional groomers. Even with the tips and techniques, I share above, we still get our Goldendoodle groomed every five weeks or so.