Using Human Nail Clippers To Trim Puppy Nails: How To Do It Safely

Puppies require regular nail trimming to keep their nails short and non-pointy. So, can you clip a puppy’s nail with human clippers? We have the answers.

Using Human Nail Clippers To Trim Puppy Nails: How To Do It Safely 1

Can you use human nail clippers to trim puppy nails?

It is possible to use human clippers to cut a puppy’s nails because, at that age, puppies have soft nails that you can easily clip. Human clippers are also easy to use on puppies because they are sizable and do not require a lot of skills compared to other special dog nail clippers.

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Trimming Puppy Nails With Human Nail Clippers

The care of a puppy is similar to that of a newborn in that both require periodic nail trimming to prevent harm to the baby and those around them. 

The puppy could be your best friend and ensuring that he or she gets the best care is a matter of paramount importance. If you take care of your puppy, he or she will grow healthy and happy.

However, trimming your puppy’s nails can be complicated since you are expected to spend money on various dog-nail clipping tools. 

Recently, there has been a common misunderstanding about whether using human clippers on canines is acceptable and effective in trimming a puppy’s nails.

To assess whether human clippers can clip puppy nails, I tried clipping my puppy’s nails using human clippers, which was very easy and efficient. 

The puppy was easy to handle since it was still young, and the human clipper required little effort to trim the nails successfully. 

I managed to trim the puppy’s entire nails within a short period, and I only did this to ensure that I relaxed the puppy by providing snacks and patting it.

Using Human Nail Clippers To Trim Puppy Nails: How To Do It Safely 2

Why is it Easier to use Human Clippers on Puppies?

Nail trimming is an important part of dog maintenance that should begin when the dog is young. Older dogs are active and play much more outdoors than puppies. As a result, their nails trim themselves through scratching and running. 

However, since most puppies stay indoors, their nails grow and become long since they are limited to playing in the house. 

Additionally, puppies are easy to handle and pat while you are trimming their nails, but when it comes to older dogs, you will require assistance from other people to keep them relaxed while you are trimming.

When should you Stop using Human Clippers on Puppies?

Using Human Nail Clippers To Trim Puppy Nails: How To Do It Safely 3

Use of force beyond what is necessary to get the nail to fit neatly into the human clippers should be the first indication that you should not use human clippers.

Therefore, when deciding whether or not to use human nail clippers, it is crucial to determine the length of the nails. 

The clipper slot should accommodate the entire nail with no problem. However, if the nails are long and thick, it is a sign that you will no longer use human clippers to trim the puppy’s nails. 

Additionally, even though you can use a human clipper to cut the edges of your dog’s nails, the closer the nails are to the paws, the thicker they will likely be. 

Therefore, even if you trim the tips, you won’t have removed sufficiently of the pointed nails for the trimming to be even remotely useful. At this stage, you will require other special dog clippers that can handle the entire nail.

Understanding the Anatomy of Dog’s Nail

Understanding the anatomy of the dog’s nail is key to learning how to trim a puppy’s nail. 

It is because keratin is not the only substance found in a puppy’s nails; a little quick or bundle of nerves and blood vessels is concealed behind the hard nail shell.

The quick is extremely delicate and bleeds when cut, and the most crucial step in trimming your dog’s nails is to stay away from the quick. Interfering with the quick might lead to bleeding and infection if it is not disinfected.

Using Human Nail Clippers To Trim Puppy Nails: How To Do It Safely 4

Precautions to consider when trimming a Puppy

The following are some of the precautions you should take while using a human clipper to clip your puppy’s nails:

  • You should be cautious not to trim near the paw because your puppy may get uncomfortable if the skin nearby starts to feel raw.
  • In case the puppy bleeds while you are trimming, it would also be helpful to have some styptic powder available. The powder is a valuable item to keep to halt the bleeding. Attend to this problem as soon as you can.
  • The most crucial thing is to keep the puppy relaxed while you trim its nails so that when you compress the blade against the nail, it will not Jump or panic. Ask a family member or a friend to hold the puppy and pamper it so it can relax if you need further assistance.

So, can you Clip Puppy Nails with Human Clippers?

 Yes, it is possible to use human clippers to clip a puppy’s nails. 

Even though human nail clippers are designed to service human beings only, there are instances when they come in handy for you and your new puppy. 

Puppies’ nails are smaller and thinner than older dogs, and when your dog leaps up to greet you, they can feel like little pins on your skin. Additionally, the optimal method for trimming the puppy’s nails may vary depending on the puppy’s size.

Key Takeaways

  • Human clippers provide an effective and convenient way to clip a puppy’s nails
  • Puppies are easy to handle and will not require the use of other special dog clippers
  • The dog’s nails are made up of a delicate part of the nail known as a quick that contains blood vessels and nerves
  • It is vital to understand where the quick is located to avoid creating accidents while clipping your puppy’s nails

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