5 EASY DIY Dog Treats Your Pup Is Sure To Love

In this article, I wanted to share five easy to make DIY Dog Treats that I’m confident your pup with love to eat.

Everybody knows that dogs love their treats. Our Goldendoodle Lexie will throw every trick in the book at us if there is the slightest chance of getting a taste of her favorite treats.

Want to know the best part?

These DIY Dog Treats are easy to make!

Before we get into these dog treat recipes, I’d love to tell you I am the worlds greatest dog chef, but that would be the biggest lie. I am capable of burning toast and often use the oven for storing extra pots and pans. It’s only after I start to warm up the oven I remember anything is in there.

Okay, either you can relate, or you are laughing at me. Either way, it goes to show, if I can make these treats work, so can you.

Oh, and there is no way I created these dog treat recipes on my own. I simply searched around on the internet looking for good treat ideas to make.

I will include a quick description and a direct link to the recipe for you to follow.

DIY Dog Treat #1


Okay, so maybe I did select the first dog treat on this list for a reason. Why?

Because this just might be one of the easiest dog treats you can make at home. It uses just two simple ingredients and you stick it in the over to bake for 20-25 minutes.

Super easy right?!?

Oh and she gives a bonus tip too. While the original recipe does use flour, she gives you a substitution option if you want to make the treats grain free.

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from Dog/Milk.


DIY Dog Treat #2

Baked Sweet Potato Fries For Dogs

Are you catching on the my theme yet? Maybe I should have titles this article Easy DIY Dog Treats because this one is almost fool proof.

I love baked sweet potato fries, my dog loves baked sweet potato fries, who doesn’t love baked sweet potato fries?

With this perfect treat for your fur baby, it is super easy. Cut up some sweet potatoes, season them to their liking and bake them. Super easy, right?

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from Beagles & Bargains


DIY Dog Treat #3

A 3-for-1 Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Okay, I am going to up the recipe game on you a little bit here. The first two treats were almost impossible to mess up. With tasty treat #3, I am giving you three recipes in one.

You can bake Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats, Sweet Potato Treats, or Apple Carrot Treats!

That’s right, 3 different treats in one post. I guess that is cheating a little bit because it is supposed to be 5 treats, and #3 gives out three, but in the end, your pooch is worth the extra treats. Am I right?

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from My Baking Addiction.

(why do you think she gave us 3! It’s an addiction)


DIY Dog Treat #4

Banana-Almond Puppy Treats Recipe

Okay puppy owners, this is the recipe just for you. You know you want to bake something special for your new puppy and this is just the right treat.

These banana-almond puppy treats only use 4 ingredients and are quite easy to make.

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from Pretty Fluffy.


DIY Dog Treat #5

Diabetic Dog Treats

We can’t leave our our diabetic furry friends! We have to find just the right treat for their special needs.

Thankfully, this tasty dog treat offers diabetic dogs a treat that is as special as they are. Am I right?

Oh and if your dog is not diabetic, I’m pretty sure they will love them too once you see how tasty the ingredients list looks.

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from All Recipes.



Birthday Bones

As soon as you saw the name, you just knew I had to add these as a bonus treat. I mean come on!

When your fur baby’s Birthday rolls around, go for these excellent Birthday Bones to provide the perfect DIY Dog Treat to celebrate their special day. There are four ingredients and within 35 minutes the treats will be out of your hands an into his mouth to celebrate his special day.

Although I have to admit, I take Lexie to our local ice cream shop for her birthday because they offer dog ice cream cones and then I get to select some ice cream for myself to celebrate with her.

Anyone else do this? If so, let me know in the comments down below.

The source of this easy to follow recipe is from All Recipes.


Closing Thoughts

So maybe I’m not the worlds best dog chef, but Lexie doesn’t care. When you pull the baked sweet potato or banana-almond puppy treats out of the over her tail is wagging just the same.

What do you think?

Will you be able to fix any of these easy DIY dog treats?

If you give them a try, please let me know by posting a comment down below.

Hopefully, your pup will thank you with a big cuddle and a kiss after you fix them one of these tasty treats.

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