Are Goldendoodles Good with Rabbits?

If you are a current rabbit owner, getting a dog can be a bit daunting. Making sure you get a breed that has low prey drive is critical to ensure the safety of your rabbit and the health of your dog. 

Are Goldendoodles Good with Rabbits?

Are goldendoodles good with rabbits? Most breeds will learn to adjust to life with a rabbit if you get them as a puppy and they are always exposed to rabbits. However, goldendoodles are not among the recommended breeds to get if you also own a rabbit as they are known to chase. They are unlikely to kill your rabbit, but are likely to chase it which may make for an unsafe environment. 

Choosing a dog that will be good with your rabbits is highly dependent on the individual dog you end up getting.

In this article, we will talk about some recommended breeds that will be good with rabbits, as well as the kinds of breeds to avoid intermixing with rabbits.

If you already have a Goldendoodle and are getting a rabbit, we’ll talk about how to go about the introduction. 

Goldendoodles and Rabbits

Goldendoodles are often well-tempered but high energy dogs who are very good with children and adults.

While they are not the worst breed to have around small mammals such as rabbits, they are also not one of the recommended breeds.

Keep in mind that the right dog for rabbits is not always about the breed, but about the individual and the training you provide. 

When you adopt a dog, disclose to the breeder that you are hoping to have the dog comingle with a rabbit.

Then they will be aware that you need a dog with low prey drive and may recommend a specific individual.

If you are adopting from a shelter, ask the staff if they know of an individual that may be calm with smaller mammals. 

It is important to remember that the way any dog interacts with a rabbit is about how old they were when first introduced to the rabbit, and the training you provide to the dog.

If you get your dog as a puppy and immediately bring them into a home with other species, they are likely to adjust better than an older dog who has established reactions to smaller critters. 

However, the way you train your dog is going to be critical in ensuring your rabbit is safe and that your dog is stress-free in an environment with a prey species.

Allowing for interactions in a safe and supervised environment to ensure both animals are comfortable is going to be beneficial when first introducing. 

Introducing them to one another with a protective barrier between them at first may be the best way to go to maximize safety.

Once they seem calm in each other’s presence, try allowing an interaction without a barrier but maybe hold either the bunny or the dog to have more control over the situation. 

Once you feel comfortable with the way your dog and rabbit interact, you can be sure that both are safe around one another and will not have to worry much about compromising the safety of your rabbit.

If you already have your Goldendoodle and are preparing to introduce them to a rabbit, take it slow and provide each animal with its own place to avoid any confrontation. 

Are Goldendoodles Good With Rabbits?

Best Breeds with Rabbits

Both large and small dogs can be good with rabbits as the most important personality trait to consider is the prey drive the breed generally has.

This cannot confirm that they will not chase a rabbit as it is highly individual dependent, but here are some breeds that are known to interact well with rabbits: 

  • Maltese
  • Japanese Chin
  • Bichon Frisé
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
  • Golden retriever 
  • Great Pyrenees

Since golden retrievers are generally calm and loving by nature, they are good dogs to expose to rabbits.

If your Goldendoodle has a good temperament similar to a golden retriever, your introduction to a rabbit is likely to go smoothly.

These other breeds are recommended for interaction with your rabbit because they are lower energy or less motivated to hunt. 

Worst Breeds with Rabbits 

The biggest mistake owners can make with their rabbits and dogs is choosing a dog breed that is generally well-tempered with children and adults.

This does not mean they will do well with other animals, and by putting them together, you may lose your rabbit. Here are a few categories of dog breeds that may not mix well with your rabbits:

  • Sled dogs, such as the Siberian Husky
  • Sighthounds, such as the Greyhound, Whippet, and Russian Wolfhound
  • Scent hounds, such as the Beagle 
  • Terriers, such as the Airedale
  • Hunters, such as the Dachshund 
  • Guard dogs that have high prey drives, such as the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois

These are all dogs who historically have been used for work involving hunting or spotting prey.

Because of this, these are dogs who will have slightly more aggression toward prey species and be likely to chase or hunt them. These are going to be the top breeds to avoid putting around any smaller mammals you may have in your home. 

These are not the only breeds that may not interact well with a rabbit, and there are more breeds that may need to be avoided.

However, the age and personality of your dog are going to be a huge determining factor for if you should allow them around a rabbit. 

What if Your Dog and Rabbit Do Not Get Along?

If by chance you have both your animals and they are not getting along well, you do not need to worry or give up one of your animals. There are plenty of ways to work around this issue.

Providing each animal with their own space is a great way to avoid any potential conflict between them. 

Allowing your rabbit to have free roam of a room or area of your house will ensure they have good welfare and are safe.

Maximize the amount of time your animals are seeing each other with a safe barrier between them, or try holding your rabbit and carrying it around the house so that your dog realizes the rabbit is not prey. 

By providing areas of your house that each of your animals can have space, both of your animals will feel safe and secure regardless of if they get along well.

Are Goldendoodles Good With Rabbits?

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles are by no means the worst breed you can introduce to a rabbit because they are not known to be an aggressive breed and have not been historically bred for hunting or chasing down prey.

Goldendoodles often have the calm and kind temperament of golden retrievers which makes them good companions for other species. 

The most important thing to remember when introducing two individuals of different species is that it likely will not be friendship at first sight.

Generally, there will be an adjustment period that will take some supervision to ensure while the two are familiarizing themselves they are safe. This is especially important for the more vulnerable, which is likely to be your rabbit.

By introducing them slowly and in a controlled environment, you will have success in getting your pets to interact well together.

Ensure you are training your dog properly, this will guarantee that your dog will not only be gentle with your rabbit but also that if there is a situation where your dog is chasing your rabbit you will be able to regain control. 

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