Goldendoodles are beloved for their sweet temperaments and adorable appearances. However, pet owners quickly discover that they have a lot of energy to them. By compiling various sources of research, we finally locked down the age you can expect ta hyper Goldendoodle to calm down.

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When do Goldendoodles calm down?

Goldendoodles will naturally calm down a bit around 12-18 months of age. This is when they transition from puppies to adults. However, they may not really seem calm until they are around three years of age.

Does your Goldendoodle have problems like excess barking, manic behavior, or a general lack of concentration? Doodles are high-energy dogs, but don’t worry, there’s an end in sight. Here’s what you need to know about Goldendoodle energy levels.

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Why Are Goldendoodles So Hyper?

Wondering whether you have a hyperactive Goldendoodle or if it’s normal for your companion to have so much energy? How has your cute little guy turned into a general nuisance? Here’s why you might see hyperactive behavior in your dog.

Golden Retrievers and Poodles are Hyper

Part of the reason Goldendoodles are hyper is because of their parents. A Goldendoodle is a crossing between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. According to the American Kennel Club, the Poodle is part of the Non-Sporting Group while the Golden Retriever is part of the Sporting Group.

These are important distinctions because it demonstrates what the dogs were originally bred for. Poodles were primarily used for waterfowl hunting before they became more popular with sedentary pet owners. They would run after ducks, geese, and other fowl that fell in the water. Then they’d return the quarry to their owner.

Golden Retrievers have a similar history. They were also used in hunting. They would retrieve whatever quarry their owner was hunting that day.

Both breeds required speed that could be unleashed in a moment. They needed to be able to spring after the quarry as soon as it fell out of the sky before other animals could get to it. Breeders, thus, required energetic dogs to handle the task.

The Goldendoodle has two active parents. No matter which parent it tends to favor, it’s likely going to be active.

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Manic Behavior can be Controlled with Mental Stimulation

The real distinction is how much mental stimulation the breeds require. Golden Retrievers are clever. They’re able to be trained relatively quickly and remember their training well. However, they don’t require constant mental stimulation to keep themselves entertained. They’re not opposed to relaxing or simply chewing a toy in order to keep themselves happy.

Poodles, on the other hand, do require a lot of mental stimulation in order to stay happy. This is because Poodles are among the most intelligent dog breeds. They learn quickly and can pick up on human traits well. Unfortunately, because they’re more intelligent, they also grow bored more easily.

When a dog is bored, it can lead to destructive behavior. Some pet owners may consider this behavior to be hyperactivity. The dog is simply trying to find a way to stave off boredom. They don’t have the various entertainments and outlets that humans do in order to occupy themselves.

To keep Poodles entertained, you’ll need puzzle toys, chew toys, or you need to train them tricks or to have a job to keep them engaged.

Nose work and scent training with something desirable like chicken, cheese, or liver snacks is a great way to engage your pup and keep them occupied. Just hide the food around the house or in empty cardboard boxes and let your pup find them.

This is important to know because your Goldendoodle may favor its Poodle side. While this means your dog may be more intelligent, it also means you’re going to need to work harder to keep them entertained. To not do so is to invite a hyper, and potentially destructive, dog into your household.

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Why Puppyhood Affects Hyperactivity

Puppies are similar to toddlers. They seem to have endless bouts of energy until they suddenly burn out and collapse into a nap right in their food. All puppies, regardless of breed, will have more energy than their adult counterparts. It’s just a fact of life.

Puppies have better metabolisms. They’re fresh and new. Their metabolisms are able to quickly process food into energy. It’s also why puppies tend to have more accidents. They may not even realize their bladders are full until it’s too late.

With the enhanced metabolisms, puppies can quickly dart around the house. Goldendoodles may seem more destructive because they’re large. A sudden burst of energy from them might mean an overturned table or papers being scattered everywhere.

The good news is that puppies eventually become adults. As they age, their metabolism starts to become less efficient. It’s harder for the body to unleash sudden bursts of energy. They require it for more meaningful tasks like required exercise.

When do Goldendoodles Calm Down?

The average age range when they hit adolescence is 12-18 months. The reason behind the range has to do with which side the puppy favors the most. Poodles mature faster. Although this depends on which type of Poodle was used in the breeding process. Toy and Miniature Poodles will become adults faster because they have less mass that needs to be grown.

Standard Poodles are more similar to Golden Retrievers in the time it takes to be fully grown.

If you’re curious about when your puppy will become an adult, then you need to ask your breeder about what type of Poodle was used in its breeding. For Toy and Miniature Poodles, the average age of adulthood is 12-18 months.

For Standard Poodles and Golden Retrievers, the average age of adulthood is 18 months-2 years.

Puppies with a smaller Poodle parent will likely reach adulthood faster. Those with a Standard Poodle parent will take longer to reach maturity. The influence of the parents’ genetics is also important. If the dog favors the Golden Retriever, for example, then its size will be similar to that of the Retriever. That means it will also take longer to reach adulthood.

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Keep Training and Engaging to Prevent an Energy Spike

However, don’t expect your dog’s behavior to suddenly improve as they enter their adult stage. Age doesn’t automatically create a calm dog. Goldendoodle owners still have an energetic dog on their hand who needs to get out excess energy.

While a doodle puppy get can get out pent up energy playing with other dogs, play biting and running around, older dogs may need more engagement. Get plenty of dog toys, including a puzzle toy for food. Provide lots of exercise and training to reduce negative behavior.

If your bored Goldendoodle still has too much energy, you may want to seek advice from a professional dog trainer. Issues like separation anxiety can look like excess energy but be very difficult to train away.

More exercise could help, but it may not. Some dogs relieve stress with problem chewing, ao offering a good chew toy is a great way to help them remain calm. Put a tasty treat in a puzzle chew toy and you can be sure your dog’s over excitement will faid.

Your older Goldendoodle may also go through an adolescent stage, during which even good dogs have a burst of self assuredness that can make them over excited and even cause tehm to do things they haven’t done since they were puppies, like start destroying furniture.

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How Mental Stimulation Affects Hyperactivity

You may have a hyper Goldendoodle on your hands because it’s bored. Just like humans, dogs can become bored when they don’t receive the kind of mental stimulation that they need. They’re similar to toddlers in this case.

If a young child becomes bored, then they may throw a tantrum. They want attention and they want something to do. They may also seek ways to entertain themselves. That might involve drawing on the walls, getting into makeup, or finding trouble in some other way.

Goldendoodles will act similarly. They may investigate something that they need to stay out of. They might chew and destroy your furniture. Or they might zip through the house, leaving destruction in their wake.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help keep them mentally stimulated.

One of those ways is with puzzle toys. There are several different toys for dogs to enjoy that strive to get their mind working. Some of them use levers where you can put treats beneath them. Dogs have to use their paws, mouths, and noses to push the levers in order to access the treats beneath them.

This can keep your dog entertained for some time since there are usually different levels of difficulty. As soon as your dog figures out one level of difficulty, you can increase it to the next. This type of puzzle toy is also ideal because it allows the dog to play on its own. You don’t have to directly supervise them.

Another great puzzle toy is the Kong or toys similar to the Kong. This is a rubber container with a hollow center. It enables you to place treats inside of the toy. The dog has to work hard in order to get the treats to fall to their mouth. It can be difficult for larger treats to be accessed.

This toy is ideal for pet owners that want to make sure their Goldendoodles are occupied for a long time. It may even be impossible for a dog to access the treat if it becomes stuck. However, it won’t stop them from trying to get it. The Kong can keep your dog occupied for several hours without your supervision.

Besides puzzle toys, your dog can also benefit from learning tricks and commands. Goldendoodles that favor their Poodle heritage are quite intelligent. Even Goldendoodles that favor their Golden Retriever side will love learning new things with you.

You can teach the dog commands like sit, stay, speak, shake, and other similar commands. You may find that your Goldendoodle needs something more advanced. In this instance, you can give them a job.

Their job may be to bring the mail to you. Perhaps it’s to drag their water and food bowl to you for cleaning. When you give your dog a task, they feel accomplished. Your praise of their work makes them happy and feel as though they have a purpose.

Even though you may ever intend to show your dog, especially since most Goldendoodles can’t take part in dog shows, you can still train them for it. There are tons of dog obstacles that you can buy and place in your yard. Teaching your dog how to pass through each obstacle can work both their minds and bodies.

You can always change the obstacles up or invent new problems for the dog to solve, too. This ensures your Goldendoodle constantly has a new way to keep themselves mentally stimulated.

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How to Reduce Your Puppy’s Energy Through Exercise

Besides keeping your Goldendoodle mentally stimulated, you also need to keep them exercised. Both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever are considered active dogs. They’re not the most active dogs, but they still require a good amount of time outside to be happy.

At the very least, you should let your dog have 50 minutes of exercise outside each day. Goldendoodles that favor their Golden Retriever side will love playing fetch with you. It’s an easy way to keep them healthy and fit while relaxing yourself. Teaching the game of fetch can also keep them mentally stimulated.

Goldendoodles that favorite their Poodle side may also enjoy playing fetch. You may find that they enjoy playing tug-of-war as well.

All dogs have unique personalities. Some may take to certain outdoor activities over others. The important thing is to find an activity that helps your dog burn out their energy. Even puppies will grow tired eventually.

Once they’re exhausted, you’ll notice they’re less energetic when inside. All of their excess stores of energy have been depleted.

The best time to exercise your Goldendoodle is after they’ve eaten. This is when the energy in their system is at its highest. It can also encourage a healthy digestive system.

Calm Your Goldendoodle Dog with These Activities

Your Goldendoodle may seem like it’s a firework when it’s a puppy. However, you’ll find that after 12-18 months, it will be calmer. Until then, try the steps above to keep your Goldendoodle worn out and happy.

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