Can A Goldendoodle Be Black and White?

Curious about the existence of black and white Goldendoodles?  Do they exist together in one Goldendoodle, and if so, in what variations or patterns?  Are they a common color pattern or more expensive than the other colors?

I bet you are curious about the colors and patterns of a Goldendoodle too.  Check out what I discovered.

Can a Goldendoodle be black and white?

Yes, you can get a black and white Goldendoodle, but they can be hard to come by if you are looking for a 50/50 color mix.  While there are many colors of a Goldendoodle, black and white is less common and even more rare if perfect symmetry is desired.

Goldendoodles come in a wide range of colors from their hybrid background that consists of two distinct purebred dogs.   The black and white Goldendoodle can be called a tuxedo Goldendoodle for the tuxedo Parti pattern their fur color has. 

It looks like the dog is wearing a tuxedo.   This color can be harder to come by.  This coloring can be hard to produce because it requires that one of the pure breed parents be bred with a Parti colored Poodle. 

These black and white Goldendoodles can be termed Parti, Merle, Phantom, and Brindle. 

They can also be known as abstract or mismarks to identify the irregularity of their coloring.  There is no guarantee that the coloring will pass through to the puppies with the black and white color. 

If it does, how it will pass through is unpredictable, but the hope is for a 50/50 black and white.  Those individuals looking for a black and white Goldendoodle can rest assured it is possible. 

As long as the potential human parents are open to the possibility that their adorable little furball isn’t black and white or doesn’t follow a specific pattern or scheme, all will be well. 

With a reputable breeder that is knowledgeable and skilled, the likelihood that a black and white doodle can be produced is favorable.  Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns with black and white together being just one of them. 

The Goldendoodle is a crossbred dog that comes from two distinct purebred dog breeds.  With that being said, they carry with them the possibility of many color variations from their parentage. 

With a wide range of colors to choose from, an incredible array of patterns can also be created.  The black and white Goldendoodle being one of them.

The black and white coloring of a Goldendoodle is less common than perhaps the other golden or cream colors. 

While it is possible to get a dog with this coloring, it is a bit harder to produce.  The type of breeding that is required can make the coloring unpredictable.  

Due to this unpredictability, it can cause the litter to vary. Each dog looking slightly different, but there is the possibility that the desired color won’t come through to any of the dogs.

If the coloring does come through, it can vary from dog to dog, having one black and white dog that only has a white paw.  Another dog of that same litter might have a different pattern, and yet another may have white spots on a mostly black coat.

When it comes to genetics and breeding, the more or less you want something in the next generation, the more prominent or weak it has to be in the parents.

Do all Goldendoodle breeders attempt to achieve black and white coloring for their clients?

Each breeder will be unique in what they will and will not breed.  Any reputable breeder will follow a set of standards that protect the health of the Goldendoodle breed and the puppies themselves, regardless of color or pattern.  In the end, the health of the puppies and the safety of breeding for each animal must be considered.

That being said, many breeders will attempt to produce a black and white Goldendoodle.  However, many hope that most clients will understand that there is the possibility of variances in coloring. 

Many breeders, like their clients, can believe it exciting to achieve a particular appearance on a Goldendoodle. In the end, however, they realize and hope their clients will understand that the black and white color of a Goldendoodle is secondary.

While adopting a black and white Goldendoodle in a family may be hoped for, other qualities like temperament, shedding, and health are more important.

What other colors are available besides the black and white Goldendoodle?

There are numerous colors and patterns for a Goldendoodle besides black and white.

One of the purebred parents produces a dog with a golden coloring, which can come in light, medium, or dark.  The other purebred parent has the possibility of several different colors.  These include silver, grey, blue, cream, brown, apricot, and café-au-lait.

Beyond that, there are also unique colorings in each of the two purebred dog parents that are possible, including the black and white and patterns, including the previously mentioned Parti patterns.

With this large number of colors, a breeder can create a wide variety of color possibilities in the Goldendoodle dog breed.  Not all breeders are the same so potential pet patents need to research well before choosing a breeder for the best outcome regardless of color.

If the black and white Goldendoodle coloring is unpredictable and rare, are they also more expensive?

Yes, a Goldendoodle of black and white or other patterns can be more expensive.  Many factors however, determine the price of a Goldendoodle.

The mixed colored dogs of Parti and other patterns will generally cost more.  How rare a color is, naturally increases the cost, and producing the black and white Goldendoodle tuxedo coloring isn’t easy.

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The location of the breeder and client can factor into pricing as well as the breeder.  Their experience, years of breeding, and knowledge play a part in how costly their puppies will be. 

A good reputation as a breeder may warrant a pricier puppy, but health and character should have no limits.  Most people looking at a Goldendoodle, regardless of their coloring, want their dog to be healthy, strong, pleasant, and happy.

Other factors that determine to price for a Goldendoodle, regardless of whether they are black and white, include their size and the supply and demand.  Smaller Goldendoodles may come with a smaller price.  Larger Goldendoodles can come with a bigger price tag.

Age, whether they are a rescue, adopted or purchased from a breeder, and health of the dog, litter size and timing can all factor into the price.  Whether the dog is golden, brown, and black or black and white will play into the final price tag.

Does the coloring of a black and white Goldendoodle affect their health due to their genetics?

Yes, it is possible for coloring to potentially be related to health issues but not in a direct way. This is true of the Merle black and white color pattern of a Goldendoodle.  The Merle color pattern, which is produced by a particular gene, can cause health issues.

These issues can include an increased risk of blindness, deafness, and certain forms of cancer.  Finding a skilled, knowledgeable, and the experienced breeder can prevent these issues from cropping up in Goldendoodle puppies.  Knowledge of parental background and safe breeding practices must be used.

Will the black and white coloring of the Goldendoodle affect personality and temperament?

Yes and no.  The black and white coloring of Goldendoodle should not affect their temperament. It can be a factor in their personality.

The color of the Goldendoodles’ coat of fur should not factor into their temperament.  Their breeding determines this unique part of the Goldendoodle.  Who they are genetically, the character of their purebred parents will determine the outcome.

Personality also is determined by genetics but is individual to the dog and can, of course, be affected by outside sources, including environment and lifestyle.  Many circumstances and situations can shape or change the dog’s personality, possibly including whether they are black and white or golden.

This can be similar to how a person might feel wearing a suit and tie versus wearing a Hawaiian shirt and khakis.  Is it possible to change the personality by the color they wear, yes?  Does it always alter the personality, no.

Does the generation affect how much black and white a Goldendoodle can have?

Yes, the generation of the Goldendoodle can affect coloring as it does everything else about the dog.  multigenerational Goldendoodles, as they are called, can be less predictable in all areas.

Certain qualities can be watered down, absent, or increased with each generation.

Final Thoughts

While a black and white Goldendoodle might be less common than other colors, all Goldendoodles share that adorable cuteness and wonderful companionable personality.

When deciding to welcome a Goldendoodle into a family, choosing the color might seem like the most important part.  Health, character, and connection, however, should be the final deciding factors!

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