Can Puppies Eat Tortillas? The Important Truth!

Can puppies eat tortillas? This may sound like an off question until you have to struggle not to share your tortilla chips. Tortillas are tasty, and you may not resist the cute puppy eyes once your pup starts looking at you. But should you give your pups some tortillas, or will this be detrimental to their health? As a caring pet parent, you want to do what is suitable for your best furry friend. Finding the perfect foods for your puppy is one of the responsibilities you have.

Can Puppies Eat Tortillas? The Important Truth! 1

Can Puppies Eat Tortillas? 

Puppies should not be given tortillas under any circumstances. But, as tempting as this seems, you should understand that your puppy needs more than just great flavors. Unfortunately, tortillas do not have much benefit to them nutritionally and can cause more damage than good.

Therefore, you need to resist the urge to share the chips. They may contain ingredients that are not very friendly for your puppies. After all, you do not want to be the one running around trying to fix the damage you could have avoided.

It starts by understanding the potential damage feeding tortillas to your dog can cause. Then, analyze the pros and cons before you decide what is best for your dog. Finally, keep reading to uncover why tortillas may not be an excellent fit for your dogs.

Tortillas Can Be Choking Hazards

One of the major reasons why you should not feed your puppy with tortillas is because they can check the dogs. Sadly, like many other pets, dogs have little patience when they want something. 

Consequently, the possibility of your pup being choked by tortilla chips is higher as they struggle to swallow them.

It is even worse when there are several dogs and competition is high. Many do not take time to chew but will swallow the food as a whole. While this is not an issue with whole raw foods such as meats, it can be an issue with tortillas. They can cause the dogs to choke, causing even more serious side effects.

Even in cases where dogs do not necessarily chock, the tortilla chips could hurt them. This applies especially to small pups. So as you are tempted to feed the dog some of these chips, make sure to have this in mind more so if safety is something you prioritize.

Can Puppies Eat Tortillas? The Important Truth! 2

The Ingredients May is Not Friendly

Most of these fast foods, tortilla chips included, are not pet-friendly. The flavoring and colorings added to them to make them enticing are harmful to the dogs and other pets you may have. While many people may not think of this since it doesn’t seem like a big deal, you want to be careful about it.

Some unfriendly ingredients include corn, wheat, vegetable, and salts. While they are not problematic to humans, they can be serious hazards to dogs. Most of these ingredients lead to allergies and, in severe cases, can cause food poisoning.

Usually, vets and pet experts recommend specific ingredients in dog foods. The healthiest options are raw diets primarily made of raw meats and whole foods. In addition, particular fruits and vegetables and some herbs can be included.

However, these are often recommended in tiny amounts. In addition, some of the ingredients considered healthy by humans can be distasteful to dogs. 

Therefore, pet owners and parents need to be cautious not to risk their dogs’ lives by not paying attention to the ingredients in the foods they give their pets.

Generally, grains are not advisable for dogs and cats. Some of the ingredients found in these chips, such as sodium, are good but, when taken in excess amounts, can cause damage. Unfortunately, the added ingredients in most tortilla chips exceed the threshold that most dogs or pets can tolerate.

Dogs who much on corn tortillas or flour tortillas are much more likely to be overweight or experience obesity. Remember, human foods like tortillas contain a lot of empty calories filled with carbohydrates without offering many nutrients or much nutritional value at all.

Unless you risk struggling with different wheat allergies, you should consider staying away from tortilla wraps, chips, and other fast foods. Instead, find healthier snacks that your dog can enjoy. After all, better alternatives do not cause food poisoning or allergies.

These Chips Have Flavors

Naturally, pets should not be exposed to flavors. What’s more, some of these flavors are dangerous to them. For example, most tortilla-flavored snacks have garlic and onion as ingredients.

These are some of the most toxic ingredients cats and dogs should not consume. In addition, some of the chips have lactose additives that have a serious effect on the dogs. In most cases, dogs may suffer from GI distress.

Even if the tortilla did not have all these harmful ingredients, most of the accompaniments do. For example, most salsas that go with the tortillas have many onions. Many also come with guacamole which contains avocado, a fruit considered very toxic for dogs.

With everything negative about chips regarding ingredients, it is best not to feed them to the dogs. To avoid feeling guilty when enjoying them, make sure to have a pack of healthy and tasty dog snacks and treats. 

This way, you can snack on your tortilla chips without feeling guilty that your dog is left out.

What Can You Do If Your Dog Eats Tortilla Chips?

Dogs can sometimes be cunning and crafty, no matter how careful you are. This means that they will sometimes find a way of getting the hidden chips no matter how hard you try to hide them. Therefore, you should be ready to help when they consume the chips.

It is advisable to respond immediately by taking the dog to the vet. They will probably vomit several times after eating tortilla chips. You should call the vet in advance to explain what happened.

It is also good to leave the dog without food for some time. Allow the stomach to rest and recover. When describing what happened to the vet, make sure to capture the dog’s breed, the amount they ate, and how the dog is behaving, as this information will help the vet know how best to deal with this situation.

Are Any Forms of Chips Safe For Dogs?

Besides tortilla chips, you also want to avoid any other types of chips, such as corn chips. This is because the ingredients in all chips are almost similar and often not friendly to pets, more dogs and cats. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to avoid it altogether.

Dogs will want to snack and try it out as this is an animal instinct. However, you know better and are in a position to determine what is good and bad for them. Therefore, resist the temptation and, if possible, snack on your tortillas away from the dogs.

Also, make sure to store the snacks away from the dog’s reach, especially if they are pretty smart. Have the snacks locked away? Another way is to keep the dog disinterested in what you have by ensuring they have snacks and treats.

Some people have this notion that tortilla chips are okay for dogs. However, this is not true. The dangers of feeding your dog with these chips are numerous, and dog owners should be careful not to make this mistake.

Take care of your dogs, which means watching what they eat above everything else. The nice-smelling foods attract dogs, so keep what is not safe for them away.

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