Is Nom Nom a Good Dog Food?

You are what you eat. It’s something we have all heard but how does it apply to dog food and how do we know if we are feeding our dog good dog food? In this article we will discuss Nom Nom brand dog food and if it is a good dog food.

 Yes! Nom Nom is good dog food. Nom Nom has a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff members that create, cook, and package their dog food intentionally with the mentality that food matters! They believe that your pets are more than pets; They are family. Their website is full of useful information, so let’s break it down to see exactly what makes Nom Nom a great dog food!  

 About Nom Nom

Their dog food is both prepared and packaged in the same facility, so they know exactly what they are sending straight to your doorstep! They ensure that each ingredient is cooked separately, so the goodness within is never burned away.

They use restaurant quality ingredients that are fit for human consumption! I would only eat doggie kibble on a double-dog dare, but Nom Nom creates a meal for your dog that treats them like family. Their team tastes the recipes before adding them to the menu, and with human grade ingredients used, it’s not a surprise that the food actually tastes great to them, as well.

The quality ingredients that they use are all sourced from trusted and reliable U.S. growers and suppliers, prepped right here in the USA, also. They have two shops, one in Nashville, Tennessee and the other in the San Francisco Bay area. Nom Nom has never outsourced their products or have used outside party venders to ensure that nothing is ever changed in their recipe, down to the smallest ingredient.

Meals are cooked in small batches to ensure that the easily digestible food gets to your pet as if you cooked it in the kitchen yourself. Those meals are portioned out perfectly, down to the calorie by their custom-made machine!

Even the box they ship the food in is designed specifically to keep the food fresh and cold. Every part of the dog food making process is broken down to get you the best possible outcome for your pet.

 This isn’t just a business to them, it’s a purpose and a mission to feed pets the best food possible.  

Nom Nom states on their website that “We’re creating the largest library of pet microbiome data and research in the world. We’re supporting our community by hiring from diverse and marginalized populations. We’re setting new pet parents up for success through our adoption program and with our articles and guides.”

They are not just a pet food company; they are a group of people trying to make a better life for pets!

 Good for the Environment

It is not common to find large companies that are also environmentalists. At Nom Nom, they are working towards zero-waste food production and have already made packaging that can be curbside recycled (even the thin plastic food chillers can be curbside)!

We only have one earth, so we need to love and care for it in every way we can. Nom Nom does not greenwash like other companies, they are actually making changes to the dog food industry to provide you with a great product that is not at the cost of the environment. What a win-win!

 What Ingredients are in Nom Nom Dog Food?

Each recipe is created to provide your pet the best meal. Here is a list of their top used ingredients:

  •  Real meat! Beef, chicken, pork, or turkey will always be the first ingredient.
  •  Potatoes
  •  Eggs
  •  Carrots
  •  Peas
  •  Fish oil
  •  Sweet Potatoes
  •  Yellow Squash
  •  Spinach
  •  Mushrooms
  •  Kale
  •  Green Beans
  • Brown rice
  •  “Each recipe includes a custom mixture of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Choline, and Taurine to work hand-in-hand with each whole food ingredient.” -Nom Nom

This set up of human grade food is bound to fulfill your pet, coming in both half servings and full servings.

When dogs don’t feel full after eating, they are more prone to digging around the house trying to find other things to snack on. Having a destructive dog can cause stress for both the pup and the owner, check out our article to see how to help your furry friend.

 Is Nom Nom Now AAFCO approved?

 All four recipes have a AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) rating of “A” with no recalls since their founding in 2014.

AAFCO is a non-profit organization that sets standards for pet food, allowing them to call approved food “complete and balanced.” Though Nom Nom diets have not gone through the feeding trials, they exceed the requirements for AAFCO.

Nom Nom’s ingredients are USDA approved and are even made in a FDA approved kitchen!

 Is Nom Nom Dog Food Grain Free?

The first three recipes: beef, chicken, and pork, are all grain free. The last recipe, Turkey, does contain brown rice.

Though grain free dog food is a popular label for some brands, having grains in your pets diet is actually beneficial for them. The FDA released a  post in 2018  about opening an investigation about the long term impacts of feeding your dog solely grain free food.

Nom Nom does recommend for your dog, especially large dogs, to use their food in addition to the current dry kibble your dog is already eating, at least in the beginning for an easy transition. Grains in your dog’s food is not a bad thing, and it can offer a variety of carbohydrates which help provide energy for your dog.

A common trick for a dog with an upset stomach is to feed them broiled chicken and cooked rice. This is super easy for them to digest and can often help their tummies get back on track while still giving them energy from the grains in the rice. I’ve done this a few times with my Border Collie when she doesn’t feel good, and it helps a lot.

 What are the Nom Nom Dog Food Flavors?

 Nom Nom offers these four flavors for your dog:

  •  Chicken Cuisine
  •  Turkey Flare
  •  Pork Putlock
  •  Beef Mash

You can also get the variety pack and let your pet try all four to see which one is their favorite. Check out the breakdown of each recipe here.

 The Doctor on the Team

Nom Nom’s meals are designed by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of less than a hundred board certified veterinary nutritionists in the United States. He believes that good food is the best way to help prevent chronic diseases in pets, so each of his recipes revolve around providing only the best nutrients in each meal.

His qualifications and certifications include:

  •  DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008
  •  BA, African Studies, Highest Distinction and Honors, University of Kansas, 2004
  •  Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2015
  •  Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Nutrition, 2012

Dr. Shmalberg has also received numerous awards including Superior Accomplishment Award, Health Science Center, University of Florida, 2016

Elective Clinician of the Year, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, 2016

Bloomberg Lecturer, International Sports Medicine Symposium, 2015

His work has brought him a long way, but he remembers that it was his Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Liberty, who suffered from intractable seizures that inspired him to help Nom Nom on their path to becoming one of the top fresh pet foods that they are today.

Each team member, that is out of the 177-person, 106-dog and 83-cat team at Nom Nom, is dedicated to helping pets in every household eat the best food!

 What are Other People Saying about Nom Nom?

It’s not enough to know what the company thinks of themselves, it’s important to know what their customers are saying as well!

 Hear what real people are saying about Nom Nom!  

 @skayegram  says “Jones is a rescue and he came to us with a *very* sensitive stomach. Since starting Nom Nom, his stomach has been doing well, and I didn’t think his fur could get any softer.”

 @llpnut94 ’s dog, Tula “gets so excited when it’s mealtime. She no longer has skin issues, her coat looks wonderful and her stools are the best they’ve ever been. I can’t imagine ever feeding her anything but Nom Nom!

 @denton_kristen  says her dog is a chow chow and “suffered from colitis & IBS for many years, and she’s also the pickiest with food. Since being on Nom Nom she is eating much better & has perfect poop!!!”

Check out more reviews on Nom Nom’s site  here.  

 Nom Nom is also recommended by tons of online review and ranking website!  

 K9 of Mine  breaks down the pros and cons of Nom Nom food, overall staying that Nom Noms recipes are unquestionably healthy fresh dog food choice.

 Dog Food Advisor  gives Nom Nom 5 out of 5 stars, with an average of 4.75 stars for individual recipes.

 Canine Journal  gives Nom Nom a 4.6 out of 5 stars, only taking points off for the cost and the lack of shipment preference.

 Feeding Tips

Nom Nom knows they are offering great food, but they want to make sure that the food is also being served up in the best way possible. Here are some tips to make sure your pup is being fed in the best way specifically for them.

  •  Food bowl material. Plastic food bowls should be avoided; They are prone to carry bacteria which can cause stomach issues overtime. Opt for a stainless steel bowl, which are bacteria resistant and are easy to clean
  •  Raise it up. A raised bowl as been proven to reduce strain on their upper body and create a better digestive alignment. It doesn’t have to be a fancy set up! Just something to raise the bowls up to about chest level.
  •  Bowl size matters. Picking bowl that gives your pet plenty of space allows them to eat at a slower pace and not worry about knocking their muzzle around on the side of the bowl.
  •  Make sure your pet isn’t eating too fast. Eating their food fast limits the amount of chewing time as well as putting stress on their digestive tract. If they eat too fast, they might benefit from a slow eater bowl or ball!
  •  Feed your pup on a schedule. Having consistent feeding times lowers stress levels in dogs and makes their life much more predictable.
  •  Make sure you note any changes in dog food with your veterinarian. It is beneficial for them to know if you shift to a fresh food diet or move them back to kibble.

 Other Products Offered

Nom Nom offers more than just pet food!

 Microbiome Testing Kit  

They state that “Our at-home testing kit allows you to gauge your pet’s microbiome, empowering you with real insights on their unique needs” and all you need to do is send in two cotton swabs of your pet’s stool (not fun but we’ll do anything for our pets). The more you know about your pet, the better you are able to care for them!

 Probiotic Support Full Spectrum for Dogs  

Some dogs, such as Golden Retrievers are at risk for stomach issues. Adding a probiotic to your pup’s diet can help them with digestion. I just added a calming probiotic to my Border Collie’s food and she’s having fewer upset tummies, which is something that puts me at ease, too!

 Triple Active Blend Joint & Mobility Chews for Dogs  

These chews are great for old and young dogs alike! Perfect for active dogs that put a lot of pressure on their joints (such as running, swimming, playing with other dogs a lot, etc.) and old dogs that just need a little bit more care for their aging bodies.


Cody, my Golden Retriever, perks up his head when I start saying the word “treat”. His mouth is already watering by the time I say the final ’t’ in treat.

The chicken jerky from Nom Nom is just what is sounds like, chicken jerky and that’s it. 100% USDA certified chicken breast that contains absolutely no preservatives or additives. The beef jerky is 100% USDA-certified top sirloin beef and also has zero preservatives or additives. Both choices are great for your pet so you can’t go wrong picking one (or both!)

Treats should only account for 5-10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. Make sure you pay attention to the severing sizes on all treats you give your pets!

Feed them great food all around, including treats!

 Our Pets are Our Family

Your pup deserves the best, so feed it the best food. Check out Nom Nom Dog Food to see if it is the right food for your family member! They have a 30 day trial period, so if you don’t see a positive change in your pet, you can get a full refund. They even package the food in serving sizes that are perfect for the transition meals when going from your current kibble to Nom Nom.

1% of sales go towards the research of pet nutrition, keeping Nom Nom and their product offerings improving every purchase!

Have more questions? The Nom Nom site has great articles and a veterinarian on their contact team if you want to reach out to learn more!

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