Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture?

If you are looking to adopt a dog, it wouldn’t be surprising if a Goldendoodle caught your eye. Goldendoodles are popular dogs for several reasons, but you might be concerned about the possibility of furniture chewing.

Goldendoodles might chew furniture if they are lonely, bored, anxious, or extremely stressed. This behavior can be avoided by lowering their stress levels and ensuring that they have things to do to occupy their time. If they are happy and healthy, they will stick to chew toys.

This occasionally destructive behavior deserves something of an explanation. Why do Goldendoodles chew furniture, and how can you prevent it?

Goldendoodle Personality

Goldendoodles are delightful pets to have for many reasons. Though they first started gaining popularity as pet dogs in the 1990s, they have become one of the favorite breeds to own because of all of the advantages that this animal has.

Goldendoodles come in a variety of sizes, colors, and temperaments depending on their parentage, so you can find exactly the type of Goldendoodle that you are looking for.

Goldendoodles are the cross between a poodle and a golden retriever- both of which are favorite breeds because of their attitudes and disposition. Both breeds are intelligent and friendly, attributes which the Goldendoodles inherited.

Because poodles come in all sizes, Goldendoodles exist in many of the same sizes, though most are considered standard-sized dogs, weighing about 50 pounds and having a height of about 20 inches.

One of the most attractive things about a Goldendoodle is its coat. It varies in color from cream to brown, but some Goldendoodles are a beautiful auburn color.

In addition to its beauty, a Goldendoodle’s coat is hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t shed and trigger the allergies of most people who have problems with fur. In addition to their valuable physical characteristics, Goldendoodles have great behavioral attributes.

When it comes to personality, Goldendoodles have a lot to offer. These dogs are energetic and usually playful – perfect for kids even if they can be considered a handful.

Goldendoodles are extremely people-oriented as well, which makes them great dogs to use as therapy dogs or guide dogs. They are always watching out for opportunities to interact with others and to satisfy their need to be social.

In addition to their focus on people, Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent. They are great at learning tricks and can interact well with their owners. However, intelligence in a dog is always something of a trade-off, as smarter dogs need more attention and can also have more disobedience problems. Because of their intelligence and their reliance on their owners, they have more problems with stress than your average dog.

Stressed-Out Goldendoodles

When your Goldendoodle is having some problems with their emotional health, you can run into all sorts of behavioral problems. Your Goldendoodle can deal with stress in a variety of ways, depending on their personality. Some Goldendoodles will become extremely clingy or distant, while others will have problems with disobedience.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture?

One of the most common ways that a Goldendoodle will deal with stress is by chewing on things that they aren’t supposed to chew on, like furniture.

Even if they know that they aren’t supposed to chew on furniture and even if they have their chew toys, they still might put teeth marks in your wood and tears in your cloth. They can also be more hyperactive or despondent.

In the worst cases, if your dog is extremely stressed and unhappy, he or she can become aggressive. Though nipping is a common practice for dogs (who do it to interact with their friends), a stressed-out and aggressive dog can become a real problem, jumping on people and even biting them.

Though not every Goldendoodle will react to high levels of stress this way, some will. If you want to do whatever you can to avoid damage to your chairs and tables, you can do a lot of things to keep your Goldendoodle at the highest levels of emotional health.

Lowering your Goldendoodle’s Stress

The biggest causes of stress in your Goldendoodle are usually going to be loneliness or large changes in their lives. If your family has moved homes, if they are living with someone new, or if they have lost someone close to them your Goldendoodle won’t know how to deal with their levels of stress and will need to find a way to solve their problem.

The best way to help your Goldendoodle through their stress is to avoid letting them get stressed in the first place. Make sure that you spend an appropriate amount of time with your Goldendoodle, help them to stay well-fed and well-rested, and avoid shaking up their world too much.

However, some things will stress out your dog which are simply unavoidable. When your dog is stressed, there are lots of healthy solutions for them.

One of the best ways to help your dog to get through their stress is exercise. Goldendoodles (and most other dogs) love to run, chase, jump and swim. Go on runs with your dog or find a way that they can healthily exert themselves. As long as they get enough exercise, Goldendoodles should be able to handle their stress healthily.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture?

In addition to helping your Goldendoodle get enough exercise, you can consider finding a way for them to feel like they are working and contributing.

Lots of dogs have a strong desire to work and do something valuable. You can help them satisfy this need by giving them a job to do, whether it is acting as a guard dog, a therapy dog, or even by learning tricks and playing dog sports.

As long as your Goldendoodle gets enough attention and opportunities to exercise and work, their stress levels should be low enough that you can have a rich and rewarding relationship without paying the costs of stressed-out dogs. Your furniture should stay safe and your dog should stay healthy for the length of your companionship.

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