Do Goldendoodles Jump Fences?

Do Goldendoodles Jump Fences? 1

It is important to consider the actions that a Goldendoodle may be prone to doing before adopting one. Even the most behaved animals can misbehave. For example, some dogs can jump fences, but what about a Goldendoodle?

A full-grown standard Goldendoodle can jump a height exceeding 5 feet. Depending on the height of the fence and how tall the Goldendoodle is, it may be able to jump over a fence. To prevent a Goldendoodle from jumping over a fence, install a taller fence or use a chain.

How tall can Goldendoodles jump? Continue reading to learn more about jumping Goldendoodles and how to prevent this from happening in your backyard.

How Tall Can Goldendoodles Jump?

It is tricky to give an accurate answer to this question. While Standard Goldendoodles have an average jumping range of four to five feet, each dog is very different. On a forum discussing the different heights that Goldendoodles can hit while jumping, one dog mom shared how her dog can jump about six or seven feet into the air!

There was another comment where someone shared their experience with their Goldendoodle who is only 13 inches tall. She shared how her tiny little dog can jump over a 2-foot gate! She also talked about how this small dog can easily jump off of the couch and the bed and was completely fine.

Throughout the forum, Goldendoodle owners share their experiences with their pup jumping. Many share how their dog’s jumping abilities regularly shocked them. Others share that while playing with their dog, they hold the toy above their head (a 5’6″ adult) and the dog can jump to reach the toy.

To view the forum and read through the other comments and experiences shared, click here.

With all that said, the height that a Goldendoodle can jump depends on the dog, its height, and its personal athletism.

How Tall Are Goldendoodles?

Of course, when comparing the different Goldendoodles and how high they can jump, it is important to understand that there are four different breeds (and sizes) of Goldendoodles. Each of these breeds has its own limits and abilities, which will likely vary greatly depending on their height. Refer to the chart below to compare the different breeds of Goldendoodles and their mature height.

Toy Goldendoodle Miniature Goldendoodle Medium Goldendoodle Standard Goldendoodle
15 inches (or less)15-17 inches17-20 inches20-26 inches

Can Your Goldendoodle Jump Over Your Backyard Fence?

When looking at if your Goldendoodle can jump over your backyard fence, consider how tall the fence is as well as how high the dog regularly jumps. If your dog is a frequent jumper, you will be able to gauge how tall your fence needs to be to keep them inside. If your dog does not normally jump, but you still want to ensure your precious pet cannot jump out of your backyard, try and get them to jump in a safe place so you can adjust your backyard if needed.

Do Goldendoodles Jump Fences? 2

One way that you can try to get your dog to jump high is by holding one of their favorite toys or treats higher up. In the previous section, we discussed a forum of Goldendoodle owners and how high their dogs can jump. One person had talked about they play games with their Goldendoodle to see how high they can jump. These games include holding toys/treats high above their head and having them jump over their owner to retrieve the toy. Of course, not all dogs can jump over their owners’ heads. Yet, use this technique to encourage your dog to start jumping.

You could adapt the game to find the jumping height of your unique dog. Do this by holding the toy or treat above the height of your dog and seeing how high they will jump. Raise the prize higher after each successful jump. Not only is this an easy way to gauge how high your Goldendoodle can jump, but you can use it as a training exercise as well.

After discovering how high your Goldendoodle can jump, it’s important to take measures to ensure that they won’t be able to jump over your fence. Whether that means making your fence taller, leashing the dog while it’s outside, or training the dog not to jump the fence, it depends on the dog.

How To Get Your Goldendoodle To Stop Jumping

It can be difficult to train a Goldendoodle to stop jumping. Whether the issue is them jumping on furniture, people, or over fences, it can be hard to train them to keep all four legs on the ground. Solving the problem becomes more difficult when your Goldendoodle can jump five feet or more! That can cause some serious damage.

There are a lot of different things you can try to help train your dog not to jump. On a forum of people sharing their advice to stop dogs from jumping, one person mentioned how while training dogs (both to stop jumping and other general commands) they do not use traditional training commands like “no” or “stop”. They do not want to use the training word in regular language, as it may confuse the dog. Instead, they choose words specifically for their family to use to control the dog. They also mentioned how they use this same principle for other training commands such as “down”, “sit”, or “heel”. This is to prevent other people from having control over their dogs.

On the same forum, another person mentioned how they train their dog in various manners and tricks without touching them. She trains her dog not to jump on people by ignoring the dog when she walk in the room until they have all four legs on the ground. She then turns around and praises the dog and gives them attention. She says the trick for this method is the instant one of the legs leaves the floor (the dog is prepping to jump) she turns around and ignores the dog. To view the forum, click here.

Ultimately, practice and consistency make for a well-trained Goldendoodle. In general, praising a dog works better than reprimanding them. So be patient and keep trying!

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