Do Goldendoodles Like Snow

Do Goldendoodles Like Snow 1

Many people who live in areas where it snows have a Goldendoodle as a pet. But do Goldendoodles like being in the snow and cold weather?

Goldendoodles like being in the snow, although some don’t because they don’t like the cold. If a Goldendoodle starts playing in the snow or stays out in the snow for a long time, they enjoy being in the snow. Adult Goldendoodles typically enjoy being in the snow more than puppy Goldendoodles.

Now that you know that Goldendoodles do tend to enjoy being in snowy weather, you are likely wondering if you need to put a coat or shoes on your Goldendoodle and when you should bring them inside. Keep reading to find out.

Do Goldendoodles Enjoy the Snow?

Most Goldendoodles do enjoy being in the snow, especially if they have grown up in an area where it snows frequently during the winter because they are used to the snow. However, each dog is different, and some dogs don’t like being out in the cold. Your Goldendoodle will play and try to stay outside in the snow if it enjoys being out in the snow. If they want to play while there is snow outside, then they like the snow, and you should use the snow to play with them.

The fluffy fur coat that Goldendoodles have helps them stay comfortable in the snow so they can enjoy it, but they aren’t a breed of dog that is made for snow. The following dogs, mostly poodle mixes, are made to be in the snow and will be able to stay out in the snow longer than a Goldendoodle can. (Source)

A Few Cold-weather Dog Breeds

  • Husky
  • Huskydoodles
  • Saint Berdoodles
  • Nefypoos

Toy and Miniature Goldendoodles likely won’t enjoy being in the snow because of how small they are, especially if the snow is deep. Smaller dogs tend to be more easily affected by cold weather than larger dogs. Old dogs that have health issues such as arthritis will not enjoy being in the snow, even if they have enjoyed it in the past because the cold weather bothers their joints.

However, if your dog starts running around, burrowing their face in the snow, or generally seems like they want to play when they are outside in the snow, then they like being outside in it, and you should allow them to play in it.

Should Goldendoodles Wear Protective Gear in the Snow?

Do Goldendoodles Like Snow 2

Goldendoodles get a fur undercoat during the winter that helps keep them warm during the winter, but if it gets too cold they will need to wear a dog coat and protective gear for their paws. Most dogs get cold, but they can’t necessarily tell when they are cold and need to go inside to warm up.

You can determine whether or not you need to put your Goldendoodle in a coat and put the protective gear on its paws by figuring out how cold it is outside and remembering that the ground is typically colder than the air outside. (Source)

Temperature Guide for Putting Dog in Cold Protective Gear

  • 45 degrees Fahrenheit is comfortable, no protective gear necessary
  • 32-45 degrees Fahrenheit may be uncomfortable for cold-sensitive dogs
  • Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit cold gear likely needed
  • Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit cold gear needed, minimize dog’s time outside

If you notice that your dog seems to be getting cold in certain temperatures, get them a coat or a sweater, as well as other protective gear. You can use paw wax, dog snow boots, and a dog jacket to help protect your Goldendoodle from the cold. You can find them at any pet store or online.

When Should I Bring My Goldendoodle Inside from the Snow?

You should bring your Goldendoodle inside when they start getting tired from playing or when they start showing slight signs that they are getting cold. If the temperature outside is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, try to limit the amount of time that your Goldendoodle spends outside.

Dogs, even Goldendoodles, can develop hypothermia if they are outside in the cold for too long. If you see your dog showing any signs that they are developing hypothermia or that they are cold, bring them inside immediately and help them get warm quickly. Dry off your Goldendoodle’s fur and wrap them in blankets. Cuddle with them on the couch until they want to start playing again.

Signs of Hypothermia in Dogs:

  • Shivering
  • Curl up for warmth
  • Slow heat rate
  • Fast heart rate
  • Slow breaths
  • Slower movements than usual

How to Take Care of Goldendoodle After Playing in the Snow

Do Goldendoodles Like Snow 3

When Goldendoodles play or spend time in the snow, the snow tends to clump on their hair. When you bring them inside, the snow clumps come with them and melt all over your house if you don’t take care of them when you bring your Goldendoodle inside after they are done playing in the snow.

When you bring your snowy Goldendoodle inside, use lukewarm water to loosen the snowballs and remove them from your Goldendoodle’s fur. After all of the snowballs that are on their fur and paws are removed, take a dry towel and rub your Goldendoodle to dry them off until they are mostly dry. Then you can let them play or get some sleep inside of your house without worrying about finding puddles of water from leftover snowballs that were brought in by your Goldendoodle.

Overall, medium and standard-sized Goldendoodles enjoy being in the snow and often play in it, but smaller Goldendoodles like Toy or Miniature Goldendoodles don’t enjoy it as much. If it starts snowing where you live, take your Goldendoodle with you to the dog park or go to your backyard so you can play with your dog in the snow and help them enjoy it, especially if they have never seen snow before. If you play with your dog in the snow, they will be more likely to enjoy it than if you don’t play with them when there is snow on the ground.

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