Do Goldendoodles Shed More in Summer? [Answered!]

Goldendoodles are known for having beautiful curly to wavy hair and for being a breed that sheds very little. But do Goldendoodles shed more during the summer?

Goldendoodles don’t shed more hair in the summer than in other seasons. Although, they may lose more hair than normal when the weather becomes warmer. Goldendoodles shed more when they are stressed, have allergies, poor nutrition, bathe too often, or have various health issues.

Now that you know that Goldendoodles don’t shed more in the summer than they do during the fall or winter, you are likely wondering what causes them to shed more than normal. Keep reading to find out.

Goldendoodles and Shedding

Goldendoodles do shed, but they don’t shed as much as other dogs that have fur rather than hair. Goldendoodles have hair rather than traditional dog fur, and according to a dog groomer who has more than 3 years of grooming experience they are not double-coated, so they don’t lose their winter coat when the weather gets warmer.

However, if your Goldendoodle has smooth hair they will shed more in the summer than any other season because their hair is very similar to a Golden Retriever’s, and Golden Retrievers shed often.

Your Goldendoodle will shed a little more than normal when spring turns to summer and the weather gets warmer, but you likely won’t notice the difference because it will be slight. It happens because of the changes in the weather in temperature, and the hair that they lose will soon grow back.

Goldendoodles with curly fur/hair shed it in a similar way to humans: slowly over time. You may find your hair alongside your Goldendoodle’s hair on your couch, although the hair is, and will look, very different.

Goldendoodles are often hypoallergenic, but they are not no-shed dogs. When a dog is hypoallergenic it means that they are more compatible with people who have allergies to dander, dust, and fur because they don’t have a lot of dander and they don’t shed a lot of fur. (Source)

Although Goldendoodles don’t shed much and will shed slightly more than usual when the weather changes, there are things in a Goldendoodle’s life that can cause them to shed more often than normal.

Causes of Excess Goldendoodle Shedding

The following factors can lead to your Goldendoodle shedding more often than they normally do.

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Stress can cause your Goldendoodle to lose more hair than normal. That is just how their body reacts, and it will likely stop soon. Try to remove what is causing your Goldendoodle unnecessary stress as soon as possible.

Once their system regulates again, they will stop shedding as much. If a new pet is causing your Goldendoodle to be stressed, wait for a while until they get used to the new animal, and they will stop shedding as much.

  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Nutrition
  • Frequent Bathing
  • Health

Allergies can cause your Goldendoodle to shed more than usual because allergies sometimes affect the skin, and if the skin is somehow compromised your Goldendoodle will lose more hair than normal. Identify the allergen and remove it from your dog’s environment. After their skin recovers, they will stop shedding so much.

Your Goldendoodle’s nutrition can influence how much it sheds. If they aren’t getting enough nutrients, they will shed more because their body doesn’t want to put energy into keeping the hair alive and healthy, so it gets rid of it.

If your Goldendoodle is losing massive amounts of their hair, take them to the vet and see if they are getting enough nutrients. If they aren’t, changing their diet so that they are will quickly prevent future hair loss.

If your Goldendoodle is being bathed too frequently they will shed more than they should. If a Goldendoodle is bathed too often their skin will dry out and they can get sores. When their skin dries out, their hair becomes more fragile and they lose more of it than normal. Only bathe your Goldendoodle about once a week.

The health of your Goldendoodle will influence how much hair they shed. If they develop an illness or get sick, their body will put everything it can into making your dog healthy again and the hair will be neglected.

As soon as your Goldendoodle’s health improves, they will shed less. Some medications can also cause excess shedding.

Grooming Your Goldendoodle

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If you want to avoid finding your Goldendoodle’s hair in your home when the weather becomes warmer, brush them more often than normal as the seasons change. If you brush them, you will collect all of their loose hair that they will shed soon and collect it in one place, and you won’t find it on your couch later.

brush them multiple times per week when shedding season begins. The extra brushing will help you bond with your dog and prevent any knots or matted sections from getting in your Goldendoodle’s fur.

Goldendoodles need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. You may want to give your Goldendoodle a shorter hairstyle than normal in the summer so they can keep cool when the temperatures rise as their hair will keep heat in, especially if it is really curly. This isn’t necessary, but you may want to depending on where you live and how warm it gets in the summer season.

If your Goldendoodle is shedding excessively and you have not been able to identify the cause of it, take your dog to the veterinarian. They will likely be able to identify what is causing your Goldendoodle to shed so much and tell you how to reduce the amount of shedding that is occurring.

Overall, Goldendoodles don’t shed excessively more when the weather changes and becomes warmer, but they will lose slightly more hair because their body is preparing for the warmer weather, and it doesn’t want your dog to overheat. Simply brush them more often, as in more than once a week, and take them to be groomed if you don’t want your Goldendoodle to shed all over your house.

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