4 Factors That Influence Whether Or Not A Cavapoo Sheds

The Cavapoo is a mixed breed that has gained popularity over the past several decades. But do Cavapoo puppies shed? Inherited from the poodle parent, Cavapoos are probably most known for their low-shedding tendencies and allergy-free coats. Like most other Poodle-mixes, cavapoos are implicated in the dispute around excessive shedding. Let’s find out if Cavapoo puppies shed fur.

4 Factors That Influence Whether Or Not A Cavapoo Sheds 1

Do Cavapoos shed?

Despite their reputation as a hypoallergenic breed with low shedding, the Cavapoo is still a dog and occasionally sheds. The primary determinant of the amount of shedding is which of their parent’s genes is most evident. So consider the parent if you are allergic to dog fur.

Although Cavapoos are considered intelligent, obedient, laid-back, and playful at the same time, their hypoallergenic features entice many individuals to pick the breed as their best friend. Whether the Cavapoo puppy sheds or doesn’t is a never-ending dilemma since breeders and vets have different opinions.

This guide was produced under the leadership of the on-site veterinarian following significant research. By the end of this article, you will be able to tell whether Cavapoos shed, what factors influence how much they shed, and what type of coat they develop after shedding their puppy coat.

Are Cavapoo Puppies Shedders?

Despite the Cavapoo’s reputation as a low-shedding breed with hypoallergenic characteristics, they will shed to some extent. The primary predictor of the amount of shedding is which of their parent’s genes is most dominant. You can only determine whether the Cavapoo puppy will be a highly shedding puppy after they are born.

Although Cavalier King Charles are naturally shedders, when crossed with Poodles, the offspring have little shedding. The ability of a Cavapoo to have little shedding is acquired from the Poodle parent. If you are prone to allergies, consider getting a Cavapoo with a dominant Poodle gene.

Factors That Influence Cavapoo Puppies’ Shedding

The degree of shedding in Cavapoo puppies is dependent on:

Coat Type

Finding the Cavapoo with the least amount of shedding significantly depends on the pup’s coat. Since some Cavapoos shed far more than others, the puppy coat will give you a hint on what to expect when the pup starts to shed.

If you do not want your Cavapoo to shed, you should select one with a curlier coat. The curly coat is due to the poodle predominant gene.

The puppy coat of a Cavapoo will also determine whether or not the dog will shed as an adult.


Typically, when the Poodle genes are more dominant, the pup’s coat will be curlier and shed less. If your puppy has inherited more goat DNA from a Spaniel, they will have a longer, softer coat and shed more.


Cavapoo pups shed more during summer than winter due to summer’s longer days and more significant daylight hours. You may need to brush and groom your puppy more during summer since they are shedding more.

Cavapoo Generation

F1B Cavapoo, the progeny of an F1 Cavapoo and a purebred Poodle, with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel comprising 25% and Poodle comprising 75%, will shed less. This case also justifies why the F1B Cavapoos are in high demand since they contain more Poodles, renowned for their hypoallergenic and minimal shedding fur.

How to Take Care of a Dog That Sheds

4 Factors That Influence Whether Or Not A Cavapoo Sheds 2

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a low-shedding Cavapoo, you’ll still need to spend time grooming your pet, just like any dog owner. Without the proper grooming, the Cavapoo is likely to form mats and shed more regularly.

As more mats grow, the discomfort a dog experiences during brushing or thorough grooming rises.

If you want to prevent shedding, you should brush your Cavapoo’s fur at home at least once a week. If the Cavapoo has a curlier coat and more Poodle DNA, they will require more regular brushing. 

Combing and investing in a dematting comb to detangle the pup’s fur will also come in handy. Remember, if you fail to groom your pup, they may end up developing conditions that may be fatal.

Once in a while, it is crucial to take your pup to a professional groomer. Professional groomers can properly get in there, brush your puppy, and check for any underlying illnesses in the dog’s skin.

Your dog will feel a lot lighter after the session, which is evident in how jumpy and excited they get. You can visit a professional groomer monthly or every other month.

Do Cavapoo Puppies Lose Their Coats?

Most people appreciate the silky coat of puppies, and the Cavapoo is no exception. Adult cavapoos have a much different coat than Cavapoo puppies. You will notice the puppy coat shedding from approximately six to eight months.

Your Cavapoo will require 20 to 30 minutes of daily grooming as their puppy coat begins to fall off. Because the light, fluffy fur is shedding and being replaced with a coarser, denser coat, they will likely shed more than usual.

Types of Coats Cavapoo Will Have Once They Shed Their Puppy Coat

While Cavapoos usually are the same size and have comparable traits, the generation of this dog will considerably affect the type of coat they develop once their puppy coat sheds.

F1 Cavapoo

The F1 Cavapoos are among the most prevalent gene combinations.  This generation’s Cavapoos comprise fifty percent Poodle and fifty percent CKCS. Due to the equality of all genes, it is impossible to foresee the outcome. Their fur may be mildly wavy or highly curly; they may cease shedding or become hypoallergenic.

F1B Cavapoo

F1B Cavapoos are more Poodles than CKCS. Because 75 percent of this hybrid’s DNA is derived from Poodles, they will often be hypoallergenic and non-shedding once they lose their puppy coat. The F1B Cavapoo, like poodles, will have curly fur.

F1BB Cavapoo

F1BB Cavapoos, composed of 87.5% Poodle, shed less and are more hypoallergenic than any other first-generation Cavapoos. Due to the pups being more poodle-like, the F1BB Cavapoo will have curly fur.

F2 Cavapoo

Crossing two F1 Cavapoos produces F2 Cavapoos. These puppies are virtually half CKCS  and half Poodle, so that they will have the same genetic makeup as F1 Cavapoos. Similar to F1 Cavapoos, F2 Cavapoos are unpredictable in terms of coat type, shedding, and hypoallergenicity.

F2B Cavapoo

F1 and F1B Cavapoo are the parents of F2B Cavapoo. This generation will look like Poodles due to their 62.5% Poodle ancestry. The F2B Cavapoo is often hypoallergenic and non-shedding, but not always and will have curly fur.

Most of their shedding occurs when they lose their puppy coat and infrequently shed after.

F2B Cavapoo

The parents of the Cavapoo generation are both F1 and F1B Cavapoos. This generation is almost always hypoallergenic and non-shedding. This Cavapoo is likely to have a coat that requires frequent grooming. After shedding their puppy coat, the F2BB Cavoodle often stops shedding.

F3 or Multi-generation Cavapoo

Most of the time, breeders will cross two F1B Cavapoos with this generation of Cavapoos. However, other parent-offspring combinations from the above generations are considered F3 Cavapoos.

Multigenerational Cavapoos might be a puzzle regarding shedding and coat type. However, they often have curled hypoallergenic coats. Depending on the DNA of their parents, most puppies will not shed their coats again after they have done so.

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