Gift Ideas For A New Goldendoodle Puppy!

Congratulations! You are a dog parent to a new Goldendoodle puppy. This loving breed is a specially designed cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. A Goldendoodle puppy is a great addition to a family with children of all ages, and an excellent companion for senior owners or first-time dog parents. These pups have sweet temperaments and are loyal to their families. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train and their energetic playfulness will bring lots of joy to your life.

All new puppies need awesome gifts to get them started with their families. This article will highlight Amazon’s bestselling products that you will need to train your Goldendoodle pup and to maintain their hygiene and health.

Training Supplies

You should begin training your Goldendoodle puppy the minute you get them home. The most important supplies you will need are a crate, pee pads, a collar/harness and leash, and training treats. Despite some controversy, crate training your puppy can be beneficial for the both of you.

Crates give your dog a sense of comfort; it is a space just for them and should be considered a safe place where they can rest and relax safely whether you are home or not. Knowing they are safe when you are away will give you peace of mind. They should never be used as a form of punishment, only safety.

Crates now come in various shapes and sizes. Aesthetically pleasing ones are trending so that your Goldendoodle’s haven can match your home décor. There are playpen versions and travel crates widely available, too.

Pee pads are essential for puppies because they have very little control over their bladders and bowels. Using pee pads to start potty training your pup helps to make cleaning up accidents easier and save your floor from destruction.

Collars, harnesses, and leashes are necessary in order not to lose your Goldendoodle puppy. They also keep your dog safe from injuries and other canines who may not be as friendly.

Training treats help your Goldendoodle puppy learn appropriate behaviors in a positive way. You can also use them to teach commands and fun tricks.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

This Amazon bestseller comes in a variety of sizes with a divider included so your puppy can grow into the same crate. The 42-inch crate is suggested for a Goldendoodle. There are two entrances and a removeable tray to easily clean accidents your pup may have. The crate folds flat to make storage or portability easier. A warranty of one year is included.

Elitefield 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

A travel dog crate can come in handy, and this one comes in a wide array of colors to choose from. It has three mesh doors which allows for easy access and ventilation either indoors or outdoors.

The cover and fleece bed are removeable and machine washable. You can fold it flat and use three different handles to carry it comfortably. This crate comes with a two-year warranty.

PetMaker Artificial Grass Portable Training Pad System

The fake grass on this product helps your puppy associate the outdoors with potty training, making the transition to relieving themselves outside easier. The three layers of the system are easy to take apart and clean. Simply rinse with soapy water and dry with a paper towel.

GLAD Activated Carbon Charcoal Pads

The carbon infused in the pee pads absorb urine and feces odors, so your home always smells fresh. They have five layers to protect against leaks and the polymer turns liquids into gel form to make clean ups easy.

The pheromones in this product attract your pup to the pads so they know to relieve themselves there. This product comes in different sizes for any stage of your Goldendoodle’s life.

Rabbitgo No-Pull Dog Harness

This product is an Amazon’s choice and comes in 12 color choices. It has two leash rings, one on the chest and one on the back. The leash attachment on the chest trains your Goldendoodle not to pull while the one on the back makes daily walks and exercise activities more comfortable.

You can easily pull the harness on over your pup’s head and adjust the two fast-release buckles to fit perfectly. The breathable nylon oxford material a soft cushion guarantee your dog’s comfort while wearing it.

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

This heavy-duty leash is an Amazon #1 bestseller. It is made from rock climbing rope and has reflective threads for night visibility. The padded handle allows you to grip comfortably. This leash comes in a variety of colors.

Wellness Natural Grain-Free Puppy Training Treats

These miniature soft chews are made with all-natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and two types of fresh meat to guarantee your pup a delicious treat when they have behaved well.

Wellness Natural products contain no soy, grains, corn, or artificial flavors or colors. They offer a variety of flavors so you are bound to find a few that your pup will love.

Nylabone Healthy Edible Long-Lasting Dog Chew

This chew treat is ideal for teething puppies. The all-natural ingredients (wheat starch, vegetable glycerin, pea protein, and dried chicken) in this product are easy to digest.

It comes in a yummy lamb and apple flavor that your puppy will love. It is long-lasting so your pup can gnaw at it for as long as it wants.

Hygiene Supplies

Goldendoodles have three types of hair: curly, straight, and wavy. Your pup will need a regular grooming routine to prevent matting no matter which type of fur they have. Investing in a good shampoo and grooming kit will ensure your dog’s good health and hygiene.

Dental care is also crucial. Good oral hygiene reduces the risk of many health issues and makes receiving kisses from your pup fun.

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Tearless 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

This Amazon # bestseller cleanses and soothes your puppy’s skin and conditions their coat to make brushing easier. The all-natural ingredients of buttermilk and linseed oil are pH-balanced, making this product mild enough to use for young puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.

Ceenwes Low-Noise Pet Clippers

This cordless grooming device is quiet and vibrates softly so it won’t scare of hurt your Goldendoodle. It comes with 4 trimming heads of different lengths, a professional groomer’s metal detangling comb, and a nail clipper and nail file to meet all of your grooming needs.

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

This oral care kit comes with a vet-formulated toothpaste and three-headed toothbrush to ensure a clean mouth and fresh breath.

Natural ingredients and flavors guarantee safety and promotes a positive association with this important hygiene routine. The toothbrush brushes all the sides of your dog’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Whimzees Puppy Natural Grain-Free Dental Chews

This daily dog treat cleans teeth, reduces tartar and plaque, and freshens your pup’s breath. The vegetarian chews come in two fun shapes and contain no GMO, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, gluten, or meat.

Puppies three months and older will love this yummy dental treat.

Health Supplies

Maintaining your dog’s health allows them to be their happiest selves. It is important to feed them a high-quality dog food that is age and breed appropriate. And, just like humans, taking a daily multivitamin can promote your Goldendoodle’s health to the maximum.

Sometimes, if your pet is an enthusiastic eater, a slow-feeding bowl can be useful. Eating food too fast can result in an upset stomach or worse, the medical emergency bloat.

Zesty Paws 8-in-1 Bites

This product has crucial nutrients that target all the most problematic health issues for Goldendoodles. The chicken flavored soft chews are grain, corn, and soy free. You can put this in your pup’s food during mealtimes or feed it to them directly.

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Dry Dog Food

This dog food brand is #1 recommended by veterinarians and is an Amazon’s choice product. The ingredients support a Goldendoodle puppy’s developmental needs and is high in protein and calcium to promote healthy bone and muscle growth. The small kibble is easy to digest and comes in a delicious chicken flavor.

AsFrost Dog Food Bowls with No-Skid Mat

The bowls are a high-quality stainless steel and are anti-rust, heat-resistant, and dishwasher safe. The no-spill, no-skid silicone mat is adorably bone-shaped and comes in three colors to make mealtimes fun.

Wangstar Slow Feeder Bowl

This puzzle bowl makes your dog eat slower, thus intaking less air while eating to prevent bloating. The silicone material makes the dish anti-skid and is dishwasher safe. It comes in four different colors.

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