The Importance of Crate Training

The Importance of Crate Training

There are numerous benefits to crate training your dog. All dogs should have space where they can feel safe, rest, and have shelter. A crate is perfect for this!

Your puppy’s crate will act as their bedroom. It gives them somewhere to escape to and relax in that is entirely their own.

Besides, a crate has multiple purposes that can help better serve both you and your dog.

Helps With Potty Training A Puppy

One way that crate training is beneficial is because it can assist with housetraining by teaching your Goldendoodle to control their bladder and bowels. By nature, dogs will generally do their best to not soil the space that they sleep in. Because of this, they will want to keep their crate as clean as possible.

Of course, puppies are bound to have an accident here and there. So, make sure that you stay around as often as possible when your puppy is in the crate to clean up after them.

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A Puppy Safe Space

A crate can also provide your puppy with his or her own “safe space.” Once dogs become accustomed to their crate, they will often wander into it on their own to take a nap or just relax. This is similar to what dogs do out in the wild, looking for a dugout or den.

Finally, a crate can help keep your Doodle’s teething at bay. Puppies tend to chew on various objects as their teeth are growing in. By teaching them to only chew on toys while they are in the crate, you can help teach them that it’s not okay to chew on your personal items, such as shoes.

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