How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow? 3 Poodle Hair Growth Stages Explained!

The Poodle is a famous dog breed known for its hair, not fur. What’s more, Poodles grow their hair quickly. So how fast does Poodle hair grow?

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow? 3 Poodle Hair Growth Stages Explained! 1

How quickly does a Poodle’s hair grow?

Poodle hair grows at a rate of half an inch to one inch every month. There are several factors affecting a Poodle’s hair growth. These are their health, age, and genetics. Before buying a Poodle, you should know how quickly its hair grows, so you know how much shedding you’ll have to deal with.

Poodle dogs are a popular breed of dog and come in three different sizes: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. Poodles are known for their fluffy coats, which can be curly or corded. Poodles are also considered one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. 

They are often used in agility and obedience competitions. Poodles require regular grooming to maintain their coat, and they also need plenty of exercise. Poodles make great family pets and can do well in a suburban or urban environment.

The best way to care for Poodle fur is to brush it daily with a dog-specific brush. This will help remove any tangles or mats and will also distribute the dog’s natural oils throughout the coat. It’s also important to trim the Poodle’s fur regularly, as it can become quite matted if left untamed. 

When trimming, be sure to avoid the dog’s sensitive skin and only cut the fur that is actually matted. With proper care, Poodle dogs can have healthy, lustrous fur that is easy to maintain.

As expert dog groomers, we’ve dealt with a number of Poodles over the years. As such, we’re in a great position to tell you about a Poodle’s hair growth and what you should expect.

Growth Stage of a Poodle’s Hair

Here are the three phases of a Poodle’s hair growth.


The Anagen stage is the growth phase of the hair cycle. This is the stage when the hair follicle produces new cells, and the hair shaft grows longer.

For Poodles, this stage typically lasts for 6-8 weeks. During this time, the hair follicle will produce new cells at a rate of around 1 cm per day. The length of the Anagen stage can vary depending on the dog’s age, health, and genetics.

Puppies and young dogs typically have a longer Anagen phase than older dogs. Unhealthy dogs may have a shorter Anagen phase, and some breeds (such as Poodles) are genetically predisposed to having a longer Anagen phase than others. 

Regardless of the length of the Anagen phase, it eventually comes to an end and is followed by the Catagen and Telogen phases.


The Catagen stage is the second stage of the Poodle’s hair growth cycle. It usually lasts for 2-3 weeks and is characterized by the cessation of hair growth and the detachment of the hair follicle from the dermal papilla. 

During this stage, the Poodle’s hair will gradually become thinner and finer as the follicles shrink.

The Catagen stage is followed by the Telogen stage, during which the Poodle’s hair will fall out. Although it may seem like a shedding phase, it is actually a normal and necessary part of the Poodle’s hair growth cycle. Without the Catagen stage, the Poodle’s hair will never grow back properly.

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow? 3 Poodle Hair Growth Stages Explained! 2


The Telogen stage is the final stage of hair growth. It’s when the hair follicle rests and the Poodle sheds its coat

The hair follicle is then replaced with a new one, and the cycle starts all over again. The Telogen stage usually lasts around three months but can vary depending on the Poodle. Poodles typically shed their coats twice a year, in the spring and fall.

However, some Poodles may shed more often if they’re stressed or have an underlying health condition. If you think your Poodle is shedding too much, talk to your vet. They can help determine whether there’s an underlying cause and recommend treatment options.

Factors Affecting a Poodle’s Hair Growth

Poodle hair growth is determined by a variety of factors, including age, diet, health, and genetics. Poodles generally have two types of hair: the outer coat, which is dense and curly, and the undercoat, which is softer and finer. The amount of hair a Poodle has can also vary depending on the individual dog. Some Poodles may have a thick coat of hair, while others may have only a thin layer.

Poodles typically shed their hair twice a year, in the spring and fall. However, some Poodles may shed more frequently if they are experiencing health problems or if their diet is lacking in certain nutrients. Genetics also plays a role in Poodle hair growth. Some Poodles are simply born with more hair than others. Regardless of the reason, all Poodles need regular grooming to maintain a healthy coat of fur.

Factors Affecting a Poodle’s Hair Quality

Poodles inherit their coat type from their parents, so it’s important to do your research if you’re looking for a Poodle with a certain coat type. The quality of Poodle hair can also be affected by diet; for example, a Poodle who is not getting enough protein in their diet is likely to have thinner, weaker hair.

Finally, Poodles need to be groomed regularly to maintain their coat quality. Without proper grooming, Poodles can develop mats and tangles that damage the hair and make it more difficult to style. By taking these factors into account, you can help ensure that your Poodle has a lustrous, healthy coat.

How to Groom a Poodle’s Hair

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds, thanks in part to their intelligence and loyalty. Poodles also have a unique coat of hair that can come in a variety of colors and styles. 

While Poodles don’t require as much grooming as some other dog breeds, their hair does need to be brushed and trimmed on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to groom your Poodle’s hair:

  • brush your Poodle’s hair every day to prevent tangles and mats. A wire slicker brush is a good option for Poodles with long hair.
  • Trim your Poodle’s hair every 6-8 weeks. This will help to prevent the hair from getting too long and unruly.
  • Clip your Poodle’s nails every 2-4 weeks. Long nails can be uncomfortable for your dog and can also cause damage to your floors and furniture.
  • Give your Poodle a bath every 4-6 weeks. This will help to keep their coat clean and healthy.

By following these grooming tips, you can help keep your Poodle’s hair looking its best.

Nutrients Needed By Poodles for a Healthy Fur Coat

Like all mammals, Poodles require a diet that contains certain nutrients in order to stay healthy. One of the most important nutrients for a Poodle’s fur coat is protein. This essential nutrient helps to build and repair tissues, including the hair shafts.

Poodles also need adequate amounts of essential fatty acids, which help to maintain the moisture balance in the skin and coat. In addition, vitamins A and E are important nutrients for maintaining healthy skin and fur.

By ensuring that your Poodle gets a balanced diet that includes these essential nutrients, you can help to keep their coat looking its best.

So, how fast does Poodle hair grow? It’s hard to say for sure since different dogs will grow their hair at different rates, but on average, it seems to grow about half an inch a month. 

This means that if you have a completely shaved Poodle, it will take around six months for the dog’s fur to reach its full length.

Of course, this also depends on how well you care for your pup and how healthy their coat is overall. By providing your Poodle with regular baths and brushing, you can help ensure that their hair grows strong and healthy!

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