How Long Can a Mini Goldendoodle Hold its Bladder? (Solved!)

Mini Goldendoodles are perfect pets for just about anybody, thanks to their fun, energetic, friendly, and loyal personalities. They do suffer from separation anxiety from time to time, but they can also be remarkably self-sufficient when they need to be, even to the point where you can leave them at home for certain periods. However, like any other dog, mini doodles have their limits and will have to be let out, so the question is, where do those limits lie?

A mini Goldendoodle can generally be left alone for up to eight hours if properly trained and allowed to roam the house. If the mini doodle has separation anxiety, the time may have to be significantly shortened. The same is true for Goldendoodle puppies who have smaller, untrained bladders.

Mini Goldendoodles can be a suitable choice of pet no matter your circumstances because they are smart enough to be self-sufficient when needed. You can leave them at home and trust them not to pee everywhere, but you can also take them with you on trips if you so desire!

Here are a few tips on training your Goldendoodle correctly so you won’t face any problems when you have to leave them home for a time.

Leaving Your Mini Doodle at Home

As seen above, the length of time you leave your mini Goldendoodle at home should greatly depend on the dog’s age. If your Goldendoodle is well-trained and old enough, it will not likely have any problem with being left at home on its own for several hours. Some Goldendoodles are capable of handling up to twelve hours alone, but this is not often the case with mini doodles.

Not only are they on the smaller end of the spectrum, but they also, as mentioned earlier, do struggle with separation anxiety often. This means they have smaller bladders to contend with as well as that anxiety which can be pretty difficult to overcome. However, you can help with this issue through the aforementioned proper training.

How Long Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hold Its Bladder?

If your mini doodle is still a puppy, you will need to go about leaving them home alone differently. Mini Goldendoodles already have small bladders, but puppies have even smaller ones. Plus, when they are untrained, it makes it far easier for them to urinate wherever and whenever they please. It is usually not advised to leave a puppy home alone for more than two hours.

If you leave an untrained puppy at home often and they make a habit of peeing on the floor, it will prove extremely difficult to break them of that behavior in the future. If your circumstances necessitate you to leave your pup at home often, try to decrease the length or number of times you have to leave.

Potty Training Tips

As you have undoubtedly seen, training is one of the most important things you can do. Potty training and obedience training will help your doodle to understand what is acceptable and what is unmistakably not. It can be helpful to take your Goldendoodle to a professional trainer, but this training can also be completed by you! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

The first thing is to make sure that you are taking your pup outside for a good amount of time every single day (30 minutes is usually the recommended amount). This will help them to feel more comfortable going out and taking all of their bathroom needs outside rather than inside the house.

It is also recommended that you develop a strict feeding routine for your puppy. This will help to ensure that they have to relieve themselves around roughly the same times every day and will help them to establish a sense of routine and habit.

It will also help them to understand that when they need to use the bathroom, outside is the place to do it. You should try to get them outside as soon as they are done eating to prevent accidents from happening.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it when your puppy pees outside. The more praise you give, the more they will understand that they are doing the right thing. Plus, who wouldn’t want to obey when they received that much praise? You can also reward them with toys or treats when they go outside. This will only reinforce their good behavior!

Pros and Cons of Mini Goldendoodles

How Long Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hold Its Bladder?

Now that you know a little more about the bladder capacity and potty training requirements of mini Goldendoodles, you probably want to know a little more about them and what they have to offer. Here are a few pros and cons that every owner should know about before investing!


The nice thing about mini Goldendoodles is how extremely smart they are. Of course, raising any kind of puppy will bring its challenges and sleepless nights but if you have to train one, train a Goldendoodle.

Because they are so intelligent, training is a much easier and shorter process than it would be otherwise with any other dog. So, if nothing else, buy a mini doodle for its brainpower!

Mini doodles are great for families because they are surprisingly gentle and patient with younger children and they usually become very devoted to their owners. They do tend to get a bit defensive and even jealous if they see other dogs trying to bond with their families, but they are so loyal that this can almost become endearing.


Sadly, mini Goldendoodles have a few issues as well. As mentioned above, they often tend to suffer from separation anxiety. This is a common trait among most Goldendoodles, but it is most prominent in mini ones. This means that the space of time in which you can leave them alone will often become limited. It can be overcome sometimes, but it always takes a lot of time and effort to do so.

Additionally, mini Goldendoodles can be difficult to maintain. Not because they are ill-tempered or the grooming itself is that difficult, it’s just that their curly, shaggy coats often prove a challenge to work with.

If they become tangled and matted they can be a real nightmare to have to deal with, plus nail clipping is often a chore because their curls make it difficult to see exactly where the nails are. You don’t want to clip blindly; that could injure your pup!

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