How Long You Should Let Your Puppy Chew On A Bully Stick

Finding suitable chews for your dog is essential. Try the bully sticks for your puppies as long as you regulate them. Knowing how long a puppy should chew on a bully stick can help control a dog’s chewing habits and prevent stomach upsets or teeth damage. A bully stick is a dried beef muscle that is great for dogs to chew on. It is often referred to as the pizzle and makes an excellent chewing stick instead of toys or other valuables. Since dogs are chewers, it is only reasonable that dog owners find appropriate chew items.

How Long You Should Let Your Puppy Chew On A Bully Stick 1

How long should I let my puppy chew a bully stick?

Your puppy should not chew a bully stick for more than ten minutes. Just because these are safe and convenient does not mean they should be at their disposal. Regulating is essential as it ensures that the puppy does not develop any upset stomach issues or lead to damaged teeth.

Bully sticks are also known as steer sticks, bull sticks, bull pizzles, and pizzles. These dog chew treats are considered safe and better than most other alternatives. They are available in all shapes, styles, and sizes, even though they are made from the same part of the cow.

They are a favorite for many dogs because of how delicious they are. In addition, since dogs love to chew, these sticks are also an excellent option for them whenever they want to exercise their teeth. Learn more about bully sticks below.

Why Should You Give Your Puppy a Bully Stick?

There are various reasons why treating your dog to a bully stick is an excellent idea. First, they are safe chews for dogs, like nylon bones and potato starch bones. Besides, they are made of meat only makes them healthier and better than other chews.

Below are reasons why bully sticks are an excellent pick for puppies.

  • They aren’t toxic or harmful, thanks to the raw material used to make them
  • They are safe and free form chemicals since they are preserved by drying
  • They are protein based hence will support your puppy’s healthy coat growth
  • Are splinter free because they are not made of bone which disintegrates over time
  • Support a healthy mouth. As the dogs chew on it, it helps to scrap[ plaque and keep the dog’s mouth healthy
  • The protein comes loaded with amino acids which support excellent brain growth
  • They are perfect for developing power chewers
  • Support positive chewing traits since dogs are known to chew as an instinct
  • They are available in different sizes, which is great since all dogs benefit from them.

Does the Duration of Your Dog Chew a Bully Stick MAtter?

It may not seem like much until it becomes a significant problem. Everything must be done in moderation to avoid destroying even the good traits. At the same time, a bully dog is a perfect way to help your puppy/ dog deal with anxiety and other related traits; it must be regulated.

The question, however, remains on how long you should let your dog chew on the stick. It is even more vital that you pay attention to puppies. These young ones are naturally troublesome, and a bit of carelessness can lead to trouble.

When dealing with puppies, ensure that the chewing period does not exceed ten minutes/. Failure to do so will lead to trouble with their stomachs and teeth. However, older dogs can chew on it for a little longer but not as much as they want to.

When to Step in and Take the Stick Away

There is a good reason why these sticks are made to be chewed and should be maintained. At the same time, they are p[erfectly safe and made of meat; hence generally safe, they should not be swallowed whole. Dogs risk developing gastrointestinal issues if they swallow big chunks of bully sticks.

Make sure to time the duration when the dog or puppy is chewing. Also, monitor closely to respond immediately in case of unexpected emergencies. Besides that, it is also an act of caution for you to purchase the appropriate size of bully stick depending on your dog’s size, as this ensures that the dog never gets overwhelmed.

Is there a Predetermined Length of Bully Stick that is Appropriate?

Bully sticks vary in size, and what works for one dog may not be ideal for another. Therefore, it helps to get your dog the size of a stick that works for them and not opt for a bigger size than it can handle. However, if unsure, always opt for a bigger chew stick instead of a smaller one that is easily likely to be a choking hazard.

You cannot go wrong with bigger chew sticks. But, unless you are sure about the siz3 of the chew stick your dog can comfortably handle, stick to sizes more significant than the dog’s capacity.

How Long You Should Let Your Puppy Chew On A Bully Stick 2

Is it okay to Give your Dog their Bully Stick Daily?

While dogs will enjoy this, it is not appropriate. Usually, dogs will thrive on chewing because this is an instinct. However, just like you won’t give your child candy or sweets every day despite them loving it, you also need to take care not to give your dogs their chew sticks daily.

Make it a treat they will look forward to as a reward every time they behave well. Experts recommend giving your dog the chew stick at least once a week. This gives you room to monitor the wear of the chew stick and ensure it is always safe for them.

How to Respond when the Dog Swallows a Whole Bully Stick?

There is no problem with the dog swallowing their bully stick. However, the size matters. You do not want your dog swallowing a whole chunk of the bully stick, as this can cause serious issues.

Your first response should always be to call the vet as soon as possible. Once done, watch out for symptoms that could indicate issues. Unfortunately even under very close monitoring, it is sometimes inevitable;e to prevent your dog from swallowing its bully stick.

Common symptoms indicating that the dog may have swallowed their bully stick include a disinterest in food, rapid, increased, and heavy breathing, too much hacking, and vomiting or behaviors resembling the same.

If your dog swallowed a bully stick, respond urgently by calling the vet. Different treatment options may help restore the dog to its original status. However, the dog may need emergency services or, in severe cases, require life-saving surgical operations.

You will not know how severe the issue is unless you call the vet. In some minor cases, you may only have to monitor the dog’s health overnight. However, only a qualified vet can diagnose and recommend the approp[aite course of action, so you need to get in touch as soon as the problem occurs.

How Safe are Bully Sticks for Puppies?

Generally, bully sticks are a safer option for puppies. They offer a more natural chew alternative which is great for puppies since they are young. Just be sure to choose the correct-sized chews to prevent any choking hazards from happening.

Choosing a bully stick is not rocket science. Choosing the right one depends on factors, including the dog’s size. You don’t want the dog to choke while chewing.

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