How Much Do Labradoodles Cost? And Why!

Labradoodles are an incredible dog breed, with so many shining qualities and they are more popular than ever right now, but how much do they cost? When people hear about the joyful and playful personality traits that Labradoodles are known for, they are immediately sold on the idea of buying one. However, you may find that the cost of a Labradoodle varies based on a number of different factors. 

How Much Do Labradoodles Cost? And Why! 1

How Much Do Labradoodles Cost?

Labradoodles generally cost between $1,500 to $3,000. This breed is more expensive when it’s purchased from a reputable breeder and in miniature or toy size. However, Labradoodles from shelters are usually priced between $50 to $500. 

Mixed-breed dogs are all the hype these days and Labradoodles are particularly popular.

These amazing canines are regarded for their upbeat personalities and their cleverness, which is attributed to the breed’s ancestral history. The Labradoodle comes from the Labrador Retriever, known for its playful attitude, and the Poodle, which is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. By breeding these two together, you get one amazing pup – the Labradoodle. 

So many people want to bring a Labradoodle into their lives, which is why this is currently one of the most popular breeds and it is in high demand. With that being said, this is not the most affordable dog that you can introduce to your home, as they are quite expensive compared to other options. 

However, their price does vary depending on the type of Labradoodle that you get and how it was bred. To help you understand this better, we are going to take a closer look at how much a Labradoodle costs in more detail.

After extensively researching Labradoodles, I have been able to determine how much these dogs usually cost. My research has shown me that the price of a Labradoodle is greatly determined by its size, ancestral history, and breeding process. 

Factors that Determine the Cost of Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is a dynamic breed and there are a number of different factors that need to be evaluated when establishing the cost of one of these pups. 

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 for a Labradoodle – with some costing considerably more or less than this. 

A Labradoodle from a shelter, for example, will be affordable by comparison. Depending on the shelter that you go to, as well as the age of the dog, you can buy a Labradoodle for as little as $50 to $500. On the other hand, a Labradoodle that has received special training to become a therapy or rescue dog can easily cost anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 (or more). 

Let’s break down each variable cost that determines the price of a Labradoodle. 

Reputable Breeder

How Much Do Labradoodles Cost? And Why! 2

When you buy a dog, you ideally want to be dealing with a reputable breeder. Someone who is experienced in the industry and works with Labradoodles specifically will have integrity for their work and will also give you the assurance that your pup is happy and healthy from day one. 

The cost of a Labradoodle puppy from a reputable breeder will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 (or more). If you see Labradoodle puppies being sold at a cheap price, it is probably an indication that the breeder is an amateur or that the dog is coming from a puppy mill.

Labradoodles are a special breed and they need to be approached with care and consideration. A reputable breeder will understand exactly how to mix the right kind of genes together from a Poodle and Labrador Retriever to deliver the best possible Labradoodle. This not only affects the authenticity of buying a true Labradoodle but also mitigates the potential health risks that your dog might develop later in life.

Labradoodles are known for developing hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, this is a hereditary disease that is quite common with Labradoodles. 

However, a reputable breeder will know how to prevent the likelihood of its development by breeding dogs that have had their hips tested beforehand. Labradoodles that have average or above-average hip health will be bred together, which will greatly mitigate the chances of the disease. 


When it comes to Labradoodle costs, size matters. When you research Labradoodles, you will find that they are available in a variety of different sizes. 

The reason for this is that this breed comes from the Poodle, which can be found in standard, miniature, and toy forms. Depending on how the Labradoodle was bred, it can also be bought in these different size variations, which ultimately affects the price of the pup. 

Smaller dogs are more desirable to some owners and they can also be more challenging to breed, which is why the miniature and toy-sized Labradoodles fetch a higher price compared to a standard version. 

This is how Labradoodles from reputable breeders are priced based on size.

  • Standard Labradoodle – $1,500 to $2,500
  • Miniature Labradoodle – $2,500 to $3,000
  • Toy Labradoodle – $3,000+

If you want a Labradoodle that is more affordable, you are going to be much better off getting a standard size. 

Australian vs American Labrador 

Another important factor that needs to be considered when weighing out the cost of a Labradoodle is its breeding history. There are two different types of Labrador Retrievers used to breed the Labradoodle – Australian and American. 

The American Labrador is a hybrid variation and it is often priced lower when bred into a Labradoodle – with most costing around $1,500. However, a Labradoodle that was bred with an Australian Labrador will be more expensive – roughly $2,000 to $2,500. 

The Australian Labrador is considered to be a purebred variation and it has more predictable personality traits, which can at times be a toss-up with American Labradors. A lot of people buy their Labradoodles based on these characteristics, which is why they are willing to pay extra for a sure thing. 

Coat Type

One of the defining qualities of a Labradoodle is its unique coat. Unlike a lot of dogs that have furry coats, Labradoodles have hair.

This is a very important characteristic for a lot of aspiring pet owners as it implies that this breed has the potential to be hypoallergenic.

With that being said, the breeding process for each Labradoodle is different and this will affect the type of coat that they have. These are the common hair/coat types that Labradoodles are known for.

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Flat

Each of these coats has hypoallergenic qualities and will hardly shed. However, a curly coat is particularly known for minimal shedding, which makes this a more attractive quality for a lot of buyers – especially those with allergies.

A non-shedding coat also means that owners will have less cleaning to do around the house. Professional breeders will often intentionally aim to achieve this kind of coat because it’s more desirable to buyers, which results in an increased price.

In addition to the type of coat that a Labradoodle has, we also need to consider its color. The hair color of a Labradoodle can vary greatly depending on how it was bred. Although this is rarely the most important factor that people assess when picking out a pup, a unique or elaborate coat color can equate to a higher cost.

Labradoodle Lifetime Expenses 

When you buy a labradoodle, you need to consider that the money you pay for the pup is just a small amount of what you will spend over the lifetime that you own the dog. Labradoodles can easily live for over a decade.

Dogs are in many ways like children – they need to be fed, entertained, and nurtured. The only difference is that this one does move out of the house when it becomes of age. 

There are a lot of expenses that come with owning a Labradoodle and if you want to truly understand how much one of these dogs costs, you need to weigh out all of them. All in all, over the course of your Labradoodle’s life, you should be ready to spend anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000. Let’s take a look at some Laradoodle expenses. 


Feeding your dog is going to add up over the years and this is especially the case if you want to give your Labradoodle quality nutrition. Depending on how you feed your pup, you will end up spending anywhere from $30 to $60 per month on food alone. 


Labradoodles need plenty of entertainment – especially during their puppy years. Although the cost of toys can vary, you will likely spend around $50 per year on toys. 

Spayed or Neutered

If you are buying a Labradoodle puppy, you will probably need to get it spayed or neutered. This is a one-time expense but it still amounts to around $500.


Your Labradoodle has a unique and beautiful coat that needs to be maintained routinely. To ensure that the job is done right, most owners rely on a professional grooming service, which costs roughly $60 to $100 per session. You can expect to have to do this every 6 to 8 weeks.

Flee Medication

The last thing you want is your Labradoodle tracking in a bunch of flees into your house, which can be particularly problematic if you live out in the countryside. Flee medication costs around $50 for a 3-month supply.

Dog Shampoo

Maintaining your Labradoodle’s coat is going to be a routine procedure. Although you can rely on your groomer for some of this work, keeping the hair clean is going to come from your end. You need to buy dog shampoo that is designed for hair specifically, which can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 depending on what you get.

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