How Much is a Mini English Goldendoodle?

Miniature English Goldendoodles are known for being friendly and hyper dogs that don’t often shed, and for those reasons, they are very popular. If you are considering getting a Mini English Goldendoodle you may be wondering:

Miniature English Goldendoodles cost just below $4,000, although they can cost more. Mini English Goldendoodles are expensive because they are in high demand and breeders have to plan in order to produce them. Standard-sized English Goldendoodles cost between $3,000-$3,500.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about Miniature English Goldendoodles or wondered about their hefty price tag, you have come to the right place! In this article we will go into the reasons why Goldendoodles are so beloved, and why their mini English varieties have gathered popularity as well. We will also discuss why Mini English Goldendoodles are so expensive, and help you decide if a Mini English Goldendoodle is the right pet for you.

The Goldendoodle: A Perfect Pet

Golden retrievers are some of the most popular dogs worldwide, including the English and American Golden Retriever. The two are very similar, with the former having that classic golden brown color and the latter characterized by its light color and stockier build.

English Golden Retrievers have a fun, laid-back temperament and are known for being great with children as a result. As “retriever” dogs, they are playful and flawless fetchers. But there are some major drawbacks to retrievers, including their prevalence of hip problems and their high-shedding coats.

Enter the Goldendoodle. By crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle, breeders were able to diminish or eliminate the shedding coat and create a dog that is prone to far fewer diseases and health issues than its purebred poodle or golden retriever parents. This is not to mention the Goldendoodle’s perfect personality, which is a reflection of both dogs.

Poodles, like golden retrievers, have long been human companions with faithful and intelligent personalities. Golden retrievers, as we have mentioned, are easy-going and good with company. Both dogs are also highly trainable and sociable with other pets. The result of crossing the two is a dog that is loyal, intelligent, friendly, and eager to please: the ideal human companion.

The only difference between English Goldendoodles and their American counterparts is the breed of the golden retriever parent: English Golden Retrievers bred with Poodles create English Golden Retriever pups.

Why English Goldendoodles?

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It may be surprising that the only difference between English and American Goldendoodles is their appearance. English Goldendoodles come in light colors, ranging from cream to light gold, while American Goldendoodles can be black, white, apricot, or golden brown. English Goldendoodles are heavier set, with more muscular arms and a boxier head. They typically weigh more than American Goldendoodles. English Goldendoodles also have the coveted “teddy bear” face that many pet owners desire.

If you desire a Goldendoodle that is light in color and has this “teddy bear” look, it may be a reason to opt for an English Goldendoodle over its American cousin. Overall, the dogs have similar personalities and both offer plenty of love and companionship to their owners.

Why Mini?

English Goldendoodles come in all sizes, from petite to super large. So what qualifies a Goldendoodle as mini? Most breeders consider English Goldendoodles under thirty pounds to be in the “miniature” variety, with Goldendoodles between seven and ten pounds falling under the “petite” variety. Some breeders even consider doodles under the standard fifty pounds to be miniature.

Mini English Goldendoodles, like their regular counterparts, are not cheap, with golden doodle minis averaging well over $3500 and some petite varieties costing over $4000 per pup. This is standard for “designer breeds” that are specifically bred to be social and friendly and to have ideal looks, and will likely be the price you pay unless you have a personal connection to the breeder.

Mini English Goldendoodles typically have to be bred multi-generationally to achieve consistently small puppies. This contributes to a more stable, predictable temperament that is prized in this mini variety. Mini English Goldendoodles also have a low prey drive, making them great with other pets and humans alike.

These gentle creatures are prized for their ability to be service dogs as well, having more of the highly intuitive nature of a poodle that helps them sense danger. In addition, because this mini variety has a great deal more poodle in it than retriever, it won’t leave hair around the house. This is ideal for people with allergies or who, let’s face it, don’t want to spend hours vacuuming dog hair out of their rugs and couches.

For people that like dogs who are friendly and gentle, who do not shed, and who are able service dogs, buying an English Goldendoodle in its miniature variety could be a great option.

Factors Affecting Price

How Much Is A Mini English Goldendoodle? 2

Typically, the smaller the dog, the higher the price and Mini English Goldendoodles are no exception. One reason for this is the high demand. English Goldendoodles in general are less common than their American cousins, and this scarcity causes the price to rise. Mini Goldendoodles are also highly prized because their smaller size is more comfortable for many owners, especially those with small children.

Miniature English Goldendoodles also take years to breed, and even longer to create the perfect pup. We have spoken with long-time breeders of Mini Goldendoodles, who have told us that in order to achieve the perfect mini doodle, they have to cross a Mini Goldendoodle with another Mini Goldendoodle; just a regular Poodle and Golden Retriever won’t work.

This process is expensive for breeders, who need to make consistent vet visits to keep the health of their pups in check, not to mention the actual cost of breeding. All these things contribute to the steep price of the final product.

When you begin considering getting a Mini English Goldendoodle, consider how rare they are and how much they cost before deciding. All dogs cost money because of food, toys, and medical expenses, but a Mini English Goldendoodle will cost more than the average dog.

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