How to Get Rid of a Goldendoodles’ Smell

Having a Goldendoodle as a furry family member is one of the most rewarding experiences a pet parent can ever experience. Goldendoodles are lovable, friendly, social, and have fantastic personalities. That being said, there are some things about having a Goldendoodle that are not so great, like their occasional stink.

In this article, we will highlight the many ways to get rid of your Goldendoodles’ smell. These tips can be used for a Goldendoodle puppy, adult, or senior.

How to get rid of Goldendoodle smell

The best way to get rid of a Goldendoodle’s smell is to establish and maintain a regular bathing and grooming schedule, monitor them closely for exposure to stinky contagions, and by ensuring that they are getting a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

This article will also cover some reasons why your Goldendoodle smells, as each odor might be treated differently than another.

Regular Bathing and Grooming

The easiest way to ensure that your Goldendoodle stays clean and smelling fresh is to make sure that they are cleaned regularly. 

Regular bathing, brushing, and grooming, including teeth, brushing and trimming nails, and cleaning in their ears are an important part of keeping your dog healthy.

Having healthy grooming habits or a routine for your Goldendoodle will ensure that they are always clean and don’t smell bad.

These healthy grooming habits or routines should include daily or every other day brushing and regular bathing and cleaning other areas of their body as needed, this includes inspecting their body during grooming sessions for visible problems that need to be addressed immediately like knotted and matted fur. 

How often this is done will depend upon the season, the climate that the pet parent and Goldendoodle live in, and the dogs’ lifestyle.

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A Watchful Eye

Ensuring that your Goldendoodle doesn’t spend too much time rolling around in the mud or anything stinky outside weather in the backyard or out on a hike can ensure that your Goldendoodle doesn’t become smelly.

This can be time-consuming depending on the pet parents’ lifestyle and where the family lives and their yard.

It should be noted that it may be more daily work for the pet parent, but this can be thought of as preventative maintenance care. 

Another way to keep a watchful eye on their activities includes walking them on a leash versus letting the Goldendoodle run free.

This prevents them from running wild and encountering a skunk or something in nature that can cause them to smell bad.

Well Checkups and Healthcare

Taking your Goldendoodle to the veterinarian and making sure that they’re healthy can reduce the chance that your Goldendoodle will smell. 

Some health issues can cause any dog to smell, including ear infections or an anal gland that needs to be expressed. 

Regular veterinary visits as well as consulting their veterinarian when an issue arises will minimize smell that comes from poor health and wellness care.

The reason why your Goldendoodle smells will determine what action is needed and how best to remove the stink.

What causes a Goldendoodle to smell?

What causes a Goldendoodle to smell can most commonly be infections.

Infections of the teeth, skin, and ears can easily go overlooked or unnoticed and cause an odor.

A simple discharge from their eyes or anal glands that need to be expressed can also cause a stink that is easily fixed with a simple veterinary visit and some medication.

Other common causes of stinkiness include flatulence and a dirty fur coat.

If an infection is the suspected reason for your Goldendoodle being stinky, they should see their veterinarian. 

Infections, whether of the skin, ears, or teeth, often need antibiotics and an evaluation by their veterinarian to evaluate how severe the infection is at the time.

The veterinarian will evaluate the Goldendoodle, offer medication if necessary and tips on preventing the health issue in the future as well as ways to remove the stink.

Along with this they might recommend a special shampoo for bathing them or special toothpaste for brushing. 

Whatever the veterinarian recommends will have them smelling clean again but also keep them healthy and well.

After the medication and other things that the veterinarian recommends are done, it will be necessary for the pet parents to regularly evaluate their dog during grooming sessions to make sure that the infection or health issue has been resolved.

They also want to keep a close eye for a return of symptoms in the future.

Suppose the reason why the Goldendoodle is stinky is because of an eye discharge caused by infection. 

In that case, this issue is easily remedied by treating the infection, and then cleaning their eyes regularly and inspecting for any ongoing issues.

Problems with Goldendoodles anal glands should also be addressed with their veterinarian.

Some dogs need their anal glands expressed, and this can be done at the vet visit. 

While some groomers can perform this task, it is always better to have this done at the veterinarian for comfort and health.

Goldendoodles that smell because they have excessive flatulence can benefit from making changes to their diet. 

Your Goldendoodle should always be eating a nutrient-dense diet that has lots of protein and is free of chemicals, preservatives, and any additives.

It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding your Goldendoodle dry dog food, wet dog food, or even treats, the first ingredient should always be protein. 

The dog food should have limited amounts of grains or preferably none at all. 

This type of diet will provide them with the nutrients that they need while keeping them healthy and hopefully stop your Goldendoodle from smelling like severe gas or flatulence issues.

Some pet parents like to feed their dogs lots of table scraps and share from their plate. While this can be fun, and a great way to reduce waste it is not advisable. 

There is a large selection of human food that dogs can eat, but if not chosen wisely some human foods can give dogs excess flatulence.

Sometimes excessive flatulence is due to a health issue like tiny tummy troubles.

If this is the suspected cause of the flatulence and a stinky, changing their diet to a bland diet for a few days and removing all human treats for a short period of time, can put their digestive system back in balance.

Good choices include lamb and rice and chicken and rice and these can be gentle to the digestive system, allowing it to recover from what ails.

For those Goldendoodles that have a dirty fur coat, regular bathing and grooming can reduce their smell.

Regular grooming sessions allows the pet parents to ensure that their dog is healthy and that their fur coat is clean; by brushing them regularly, you can see if there’s any debris or foreign objects that are tangled in their fur, as well as take notice of other issues like infections or discharge from their eyes or anything else that could cause smelliness.

Reducing any dogs’ smelliness and keeping them healthy starts with annual veterinary visits for their checkup and during moments where they might have health issues for wellness. 

When this is combined with regular brushing and grooming, a Goldendoodles’ smelliness should be minimal.

In Conclusion

Having a Goldendoodle as part of your family can be an enriching experience, but it can also take much work.

When it comes to how your Goldendoodle smells, regular brushing is critical. Having a daily or weekly schedule that includes this activity can ensure that the job gets done.

Doing so will ensure that your dog smells as clean and fresh as possible while being healthy and happy. Health and wellness are the most important part of life, even for your Goldendoodle!

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