10 Ways To Make Your Puppy Love You Forever

Feeling loved by a puppy can be a very heartwarming experience. If you have a puppy, you’ll probably want to do all you can to make your pup love you. The puppy period of a dog’s life is a key time to establish a loving bond with them. There are several steps you can take to build a close relationship with your puppy and get them to love you.

10 Ways To Make Your Puppy Love You Forever 1

How can you get a puppy to love you?

You can make your puppy love you by spending time with them, feeding them well, using efficient training methods, doing fun activities together, and simply showing them affection. Everything you do with them should be as comfortable as possible for you and your puppy.

One of the keys to making a puppy love you is to not force them to love you. You should give your puppy enough time and space to allow them to learn and do things in a free and fun way.

Adding too much stress to your puppy’s life may bring up negative feelings when they’re around you, so you should always try to stay positive and loving regardless of what they do or what happens around them.

10 Ways To Make Your Puppy Love You

Getting your puppy to love you should be a fun and relaxed process that is not rushed.

Though there is no definitive way to make your puppy love you, you will know you’re on the right track if you feel good while you’re with your puppy.

If you are stressed, annoyed, or harbor significantly negative feelings at any time, you should adjust your approach until everything has a more pleasant feel.

A puppy can detect general feelings you have and harbor similar feelings within itself, so if you can project a loving and caring aura, they may return the favor with love of their own.

Some methods to make your puppy love you are more open-ended than others.

We’ll first focus on general approaches that reinforce positive experiences that can lead to them loving you.

We’ll then go over more specific activities you can do with your puppy that should help you build trust and bond with your puppy.

Even if you can’t do certain things below, doing at least one thing with a caring attitude can help to foster a loving relationship with your puppy.

Spend Time With Your Puppy

One of the most fundamental things you can do to make your puppy love you is to spend as much time as you can with it.

Regardless of what you do with your puppy, it should appreciate your company and develop affection for you just for being there.

Activities you may take for granted may be much more valuable to your puppy.

There may be times when you think your puppy doesn’t need to be around you, but taking them along on seemingly boring trips to the mailbox might actually be quite adventurous for them.

All of the large and small activities you experience with your puppy will help you build a strong connection that can lead to them loving you.

Be Attentive To Your Puppy

Spending time with your puppy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being attentive enough to them.

A puppy can sense when you are paying attention to them and actually understand their needs and how they feel.

Though a puppy obviously can’t talk, they may try to communicate feelings and desires through bodily gestures, barks, groans, and other sounds.

Understanding what your puppy wants might be difficult at first, but if you practice trial and error and persistently pay attention to your puppy, you should be able to read them better over time.

Once you can figure out what your puppy wants and abide by their wishes, they may feel a deeper connection to you that ultimately makes them love you.

Be Playful With Your Puppy

You don’t have to follow strict guidelines when trying to make your puppy love.

The love your puppy has for you largely comes from the general vibe you establish with them.

Since puppies really like having fun and playing games, you can make your puppy love you by playing with them as much as you can.

Even when you’re not actually playing a game, making your puppy feel as if they are playing a game will allow them to have fun with you. Use loose body language and make lots of eye contact to get your new dog comfortable around you from a young age.

Over time, your puppy may develop the understanding that you’re a fun and playful person that brings them continual enjoyment.

A puppy should appreciate the enjoyment that you provide for them and send you lots of love for doing so.

Give Space To Your Puppy

Living in a house designed for humans might be the most comfortable environment for you, but your puppy might naturally be more inclined to fit in other spaces.

Rather than forcing your puppy to do things a certain way in a certain area, you should give your puppy physical and figurative space to figure things out on their own.

A puppy not only needs space to get used to its new life with humans, it needs to figure out how to function in the world as a dog.

If there are no other dogs around to guide your puppy, they may need more space to learn and do things intuitively.

The more space you give your puppy, the less stressed they might be when trying to learn, play, and adapt to their new life with you.

Providing your puppy with space may make them more comfortable around you.

They may have less pressure to figure things out and do things they might not enjoy or be ready to do.

If you don’t make your puppy feel too restricted, you will enforce positive feelings in them when they are around you.

Be Patient With Your Puppy

10 Ways To Make Your Puppy Love You Forever 2

Like human babies, puppies may take some time to figure things out in the world.

Though doing the right thing might seem obvious to use, a puppy’s limited experience in the world may restrict them from knowing what they should and shouldn’t.

Rather than pushing your puppy too quickly to do one thing or another, you should give them time to learn things at their own pace.

Even if other dogs have been known to learn skills and do other things at a certain pace, your puppy might need more time to understand things.

You shouldn’t feel like you’ve failed your puppy if you’re unable to teach them things within a certain time period.

Once you and your puppy get more acquainted with each other, you may develop an understanding that makes learning easier for both of you.

Though your puppy may be limited in how it expresses itself, it could be appreciative of your patience and may show you love for it.

Establish Clear Boundaries With Your Puppy

A puppy that’s new to the world will be excited to do everything it possibly can that looks enjoyable.

When a puppy is part of your household, they should act in a way that is respectful of people and items around them.

If you let your puppy get away with doing anything it wants, it can be angry with you when they are not allowed to continue doing those things.

Since a puppy can adapt to situations and standards much more easily than an adult dog, you should establish your boundaries as clearly and soon as you can.

Waiting too long to set boundaries could make it harder for your puppy to give in to your wishes.

Even if a puppy loves you on a certain level, they might display more negative feelings for you if you prevent them from crossing boundaries that aren’t well-established.

Your puppy might feel they deserve to cross certain boundaries if they weren’t aware there were boundaries in the first place.

So if you don’t want your puppy to bite on furniture, walk on stairs, or jump on your lap whenever they want, you should make sure your puppy knows that as quickly as possible.

Set A Well-Defined Schedule For Your Puppy

Though a puppy might want to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, doing things so erratically can be bad for a puppy’s development.

If a puppy believes it can keep doing as it likes at any time, it may become agitated and hard to control when told it can’t keep doing things their way.

Like humans, a puppy’s health can benefit from following an orderly routine that lets them nap, eat, and sleep at optimal times.

To get your puppy in the habit of doing things on a consistent basis and maximize their ability to be happy and love you, you should encourage them to do certain things at certain times.

You might get some blowback from your puppy at first, but they will likely become more balanced, happy, and loving over time.

Train Your Puppy With Proven Techniques

Though showing love and affection to your dog goes a long way to making them love you, you should practice proven techniques to train them properly. Enlist the help of a dog trainer if you want to ensure good behavior.

When I have a puppy that’s so new to the world, I sometimes feel like I know the puppy the best and can make the right decisions for it based on instinct.

However, puppies can often be trained more efficiently when they follow set tasks established by dog training professionals.

Whatever training methods you use, you should try to stick with them as consistently as possible.

If you are able to have your puppy trained by a specialist, you should attend training sessions as often as possible.

Training your puppy properly may keep them from doing things that might be harmful to them and others.

It will also help them to be happy while being obedient and doing things that are positive for their development and livelihood.

Feed Your Puppy Well

Developing a loving relationship with your puppy will be difficult to do if they don’t receive proper nutrition.

A big part of making a puppy love you is to provide high-quality daily nourishment that will keep them happy.

If a puppy doesn’t feel satisfied with what they eat, it could be difficult for them to focus on anything other than food.

Though loving an owner might be important to a puppy, it’s far more important to their health and well-being to be adequately fed.

Simply getting your puppy full shouldn’t be your main focus when you feed them.

Just like humans, dogs need to eat a balanced diet to receive all the nutrients required to grow and develop healthily.

Providing enough fiber in your puppy’s diet could help to prevent constipation and keep them happy.

Even if your puppy prefers loving you more than being fed well, feeding your puppy a nutritious and satisfying diet will help them develop and grow into healthy and loving dogs.

Do What Your Puppy Likes To Do

Earning the affection of a puppy involves steps that aren’t much different than earning the affection of a child.

When I was a child, I would usually be fond of people that did things I liked with me.

Of course, you should probably avoid allowing your puppy to do anything that might be harmful or destructive.

Almost all of the puppies I’ve owned have liked biting on shoes and rolling around in mud.

Though there will certainly be things your puppy likes to do that they shouldn’t do, you should focus on activities that are as harmless as possible.

Puppies aren’t complicated creatures, so there likely won’t be a ton of options when it comes to doing things they like.

Common things a puppy might like to do include running on grass, playing with a toy, fetching a ball, searching for treats, sitting out in the sun, or brushing your puppy’s hair.

It doesn’t really take much for a puppy to have a good time with you.

You don’t necessarily have to do anything that costs money or will get you both super tired.

Anything pleasant you do together should be enough for your puppy to attach loving feelings towards you.

Just sitting around the house and gently massaging or petting your puppy might be all it takes.

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