Nom Nom Dog Food Delivery, Is It Worth It?

We are living in a brave new world where fresh food delivery is not only possible, it is growing ever more convenient and common, and dog food is no exception. There are a number of delivery services on the market for dog food and the Nom Nom brand ranks near the top. But is it worth it? Read all about this service and find out!

Is Nom Nom Dog Food Delivery Worth It?

Yes. Nom Nom is a top brand in the market – it is rated highly and has thousands of positive reviews. For dog owners who are in the market for or can afford fresh, prepared pet food, many aspects of the service make it worthwhile.

What Is Nom Nom?

What Is Nom Nom? Nom Nom is a pet food delivery service that caters to cats and dogs. Its focus is on a nutrition-first approach to pet health, and it aims to make feeding fresh, nutritious meals targeted to your pet’s needs more convenient than buying bulk dog food in the grocery store.

Beyond making pet food, Nom Nom is expanding into a pet health and wellness venture more generally. With their own team of veterinarians and scientists, they are conducting research and compiling data about dog and cat digestive health. They offer supplements as well as a gut microbiome test that you can give to your dog or cat, for which they will provide analysis and recommendations.

Where Is Nom Nom Dog Food Made?

Where Is Nom Nom Dog Food Made? All Nom Nom’s dog food is made in the USA and ships to all 48 contiguous united states. Nom Nom ensures that its core team oversees all steps of the process of making and shipping the food to you and your dog.

Nom Nom food is made by their own employees in specialized kitchens that are used exclusively for that purpose. All of its dog and cat food can be traced back to its two major facilities.

How to Prepare Nom Nom Dog Food?

How to Prepare Nom Nom Dog Food? No preparation needed! Your supply of dog food arrives refrigerated in an insulated box. Each portion is already pre-packaged and ready to be served. You need only store the portions in your refrigerator until use.

Nom Nom tailors portion size to your dog’s needs specifically, taking the guesswork out for the owner and preventing you from overfeeding or underfeeding your dog.

What Are the Nom Nom Dog Food Flavors?

What Are the Nom Nom Dog Food Flavors? There are four flavor options that Nom Nom provides, giving you and your dog some flexibility to find something that they like and/or is optimal for their health. The flavors are Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare.

The primary ingredients for each are as follows:

Beef Mash

  • Beef
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Fish Oil

Chicken Cuisine

  • Chicken
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Yellow Squash
  • Spinach
  • Fish Oil

Pork Potluck

  • Pork
  • Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Yellow Squash
  • Mushrooms
  • Kale
  • Fish Oil

Turkey Fare

  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Brown Rice
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Fish Oil

Vitamins and Other Ingredients

All recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist (only 100 or so such people exist in the USA), Dr. Justin Shmalberg, specifically for balanced nutrition for your dog.

You can see a full list of everything in each recipe on Nom Nom’s website, including added vitamins and minerals, as well as other ingredients. The company stresses that it is personal and welcoming to questions if you want to find out more about it.

They guarantee that no fillers or preservatives are used in their food as their focus is on whole, fresh, healthy pet food.

Can You Get Nom Nom Dog Food Samples?

Can You Get Nom Nom Dog Food Samples? Yes. Nom Nom offers a Variety Pack, which you can order without a subscription. This allows you to test out each of the four flavors of Nom Nom meals with your dog and find out which (if not all) they enjoy.

How Does Getting Nom Nom Work?

How Does Getting Nom Nom Work? Getting Nom Nom requires you to fill out pertinent information about your dog online, creating a profile for them, then enter your own information necessary to place your first order.

The first step is going to Nom Nom’s website and creating a profile for you and your dog. You will fill out a short questionnaire that will establish basic characteristics of your dog such as their breed, age, and weight. It will also ask whether or not they have any major health problems, behavioral issues surrounding food, dietary problems, and what your goals are concerning their weight (do they need to gain or lose or neither?).

Based on the information given, certain recipes will be suggested for you to choose as part of your dog’s regular plan. You may accept or alter these choices and may include one, two, three, or all four recipes. You can also change which recipes you want with each order at no additional cost.

If you are not sure which your dog will enjoy or which flavors you want to order regularly, you have the option of ordering a variety pack as well as completing a two-week trial prior to making a standard order. After that, you can receive your dog food in boxes with amounts for two or four weeks, depending on your preference.

Once all that is decided, you will be taken to the checkout page, where you will enter in your address and payment info, thus finishing the set-up of your account and the purchase process. Then your dog’s box of individual food portions will arrive in a few days! Place them in the refrigerator and use one per meal so there is no mess and no measurement necessary.

There is no obligation or contract with Nom Nom. You can cancel anytime by contacting the staff by phone or e-mail.

How Does Nom Nom Dog Food Compare to Other Pet Food Delivery Services?

How Does Nom Nom Dog Food Compare to Other Pet Food Delivery Services? Buyer’s places Nom Nom in the top five pet food delivery services, in close competition with the other top contenders.

Here are the highlighted reasons for its review of Nom Nom:

  • “Nutrition-focused, whole food recipes”
  • “Vet-formulated nutrient mix”
  • “Individually portioned meals for easy serving”
  • “Subscription and one-time purchase options”
  • “Made to order”
  • “Care grade guarantee”

What Do Customers Say About Nom Nom?

What Do Customers Say About Nom Nom? Also according to Buyer’s Guide, Nom Nom has thousands of positive reviews from customers. Some of the best ones, of course, are featured on Nom Nom’s website.

Here are some of the praises that customers repeatedly sing in their reviews:

-Results are “beyond expectations.”

-Dogs clean the bowl and always look for more.

-Nom Nom is the most “well-rounded and convenient” pet food delivery plan on the market.

-Customers notice an obvious difference in their dogs, whether they be visibly healthier, happier, or more active.

-Customers who have dogs with skin, fur, or digestive tract issues have seen these problems resolve and the conditions normalize.

  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs can eat and enjoy this food.
  • Soothing for dogs with digestive issues like colitis and IBS.

-Nom Nom helps normalize weight

  • Picky eaters will eat better and gain the weight that they need.
  • Nom Nom helps overweight dogs slim down.

Is Nom Nom Affordable?

Is Nom Nom Affordable? Nom Nom can be affordable; it just depends on your budget and your priorities when it comes to extra spending. Nom Nom’s exact price will depend on what is needed for your dog.

For example, did you want supplements or does your dog have any special dietary requirements beyond the basic product? Some estimates online put the cost for dog food from Nom Nom at about $27 per week or a little over $100 per month.

This is comparable to other similar delivery services. While it may be higher than the $20 to $60 per month dog owners usually spend on kibble, if you have discretionary cash to spend, you might find the jump well worth it. After all, you would be switching to fresh, personalized, pre-packaged meals for your pet optimized for their well-being that you do not have to figure out or cook yourself. Theoretically, that kind of service could be much more expensive.

Additionally, many of us spend this kind of money every month on other kinds of personal spending whether it be going out to eat or scratching that shopping itch. It may be easier than you think to carve out a chunk more every month for better food, especially if you believe your dog really needs it.

If you are struggling to find room in your budget, however, Nom Nom has stated that its team can work with you to figure out a plan that may fit within your limits.

What Is Unique About Nom Nom?

What Is Unique About Nom Nom?  For a pet food delivery company, Nom Nom goes above and beyond the minimum expected for its commercial purpose. Furthermore, it has expanded into a whole-system pet health company and research entity.


Nom Nom tailors each portion for the dog in question. They can do so thanks to a one-of-a-kind machine they had designed specifically for doling out adjustable pet food portions.

Led by Experts

As mentioned, veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg heads up product development for Nom Nom. He is joined by Dr. Hanaker and an entire research and development team composed of Ph.D.’s and other experts committed to advancing pet health through research, analysis, and, of course, making quality pet food.

Food Quality

Nom Nom uses only human-grade, restaurant-quality ingredients in its dog food. Yes, that’s right, you could eat it if you chose to. The ingredients are both sourced and prepared in the United States, and they come from only trusted suppliers.

Careful Cooking

The dog food from Nom Nom is cooked just enough to kill bacteria, but they are careful not to cook it so much that the food begins to lose any of its nutrients. They cook each ingredient individually and refrain from utilizing bulk methods like extrusions or cooking in high-temperature vats.

Integrated Management

Every part of the process, from the development to the cooking to the packaging, etc., is overseen by Nom Nom management and carried out by a relatively small number of employees. The staff are known to each other on a first-name basis, and they may even become familiar with your dog’s name fairly quickly too.


Part of the reason that you fill out a profile for your dog is so that Nom Nom can obtain a full health assessment and allow you to manage their overall well-being. You can speak with a nutrition specialist at any time to help determine how to best meet your pet’s needs.


One really special thing about Nom Nom is that, while they are all about pets, they also have an eye on sustainability. This is something that is really important to a lot of consumers today.

When possible, they try to sustainably source as many ingredients as they can. They also work to ensure that there is zero waste in the cooking and packaging process. Finally, and perhaps most impressively, Nom Nom’s packaging is fully compostable, and that includes the insulation.

Expanded Mission

Nom Nom is working on being more than just a pet food company. Rather, it aims to be a “pet health” company. Their website likes to say that they are not just listening to science, they are “pioneering” it as they study, publish, and work at the cutting edge of pet digestive health.

Nom Nom offers its own line of probiotic supplements in addition to food, including full-spectrum probiotics for dogs, GI-targeted probiotics for dogs, and full spectrum probiotics for cats.

Nom Nom also uniquely offers a microbiome testing kit. Because the gut microbiome can be an indicator of overall health, Nom Nom provides it as another way to gauge what care may be needed for your pet. It can be particularly useful for gaining insights if your dog has a health or weight issue, if something has suddenly changed apart from its usual status quo, or if you are merely curious about your dog’s gut health.

As a result of providing this kit, Nom Nom now holds the largest pet gut microbiome database to exist, which will almost certainly be indispensable in advancing the kind of science they are pursuing forward. The company aims to use this kind of data to prevent possible problems in customers’ individual animals before they develop, and symptoms arise.

Nom Nom keeps a resource library and a blog to help dog and cat owners learn more if they would like. Beyond the science, this company promotes adopting shelter animals by offering discounts to potential new pet parents who are considering adoption.

Care Guarantee

When it comes to getting your dog food, if you are not completely satisfied after 30 days and Nom Nom specialists have not been able to resolve any troubles you might have, they guarantee a full refund.


As you may have now realized, when you sign up for dog food delivered from Nom Nom, you are gaining access to a lot more than you would normally suspect. Not only is the food exceptional, Nom Nom demonstrates a high level of commitment to your pet’s health from the bowl and beyond. This pet food delivery service is arguably worth it on a number of levels – you just have to decide if it is right for you!

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