What Can Goldendoodles Not Eat?

The diet that you feed your Goldendoodle is going to be important. It helps them to stay healthy and can prevent a lot of different health problems that could come up later on. 

Knowing what you can feed to the Goldendoodle is a good place to start, but it is also a good idea to know some of the foods that the Goldendoodle should not eat to ensure they can avoid those foods and stay safe. 

What Can Goldendoodles Not Eat?

There are many foods that a Goldendoodle should not eat, including grapes, raisins, prunes, and cherries. Sodas, coffee, onions, chocolate, dairy products, products full of sugar and salt are never good either. 

Understanding which foods your dog can eat and which ones they should avoid is an important part of the process of helping them to stay healthy. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different foods that you should avoid feeding your dog to make sure they stay as healthy as possible. 

What Can Goldendoodles Not Eat?

When you decide to bring home a Goldendoodle, it is important to not only know what foods they are able to eat, but you need to pay attention to which foods they need to stay far away from if you do not want them to get sick.

There is actually a list of foods that can make the Goldendoodle very sick and it is a good idea to keep these locked away and as far from the Goldendoodle as possible. 

Some of the examples of foods that the Goldendoodle should not eat include:

  • Grapes or raisins. These can cause some issues with choking and do not digest well. Prunes are also on this list. 
  • Dairy products; When these products are given in large amounts, they can really mess up the digestive system of the dog. Dogs are not originally meant to process the dairy so this can cause issues if they have quite a bit of it. Usually a very small amount is fine, but it’s best to avoid this as much as possible. 
  • Cherries: These may be healthy and good for humans, but they are toxic to Goldendoodles and other dogs so do not feed them. 
  • Anything that is raw or undercooked could potentially spread salmonella and other diseases to the Goldendoodle. This means that you need to avoid raw eggs and undercooked meat at all times. 
  • Soda: This is not the healthiest for humans to have and it is even worse for dogs. Dogs are not going to do well with the carbonation that is found in the soda and the sugars and other chemicals are not the best for them either. 
  • Chocolate is always toxic to dogs. It does not matter if it is dark chocolate or bakers’ chocolate, the dog does not seem to do well with it. 
  • Coffee, avocado, onions, and garlic do not sit well with the dog. Macadamia nuts tend to have some problems as well. 
  • Any food that is salty can cause some issues with the dog as well. They do not tolerate this well and can make them sick and dehydrated in the process. 
  • Any food that has a lot of sugar inside of it can be bad for the dog and can make them sick and cause diabetes if the owner continues to provide this food to the dog. 
What Can Goldendoodles Not Eat? 1

It may seem like this is a long list of items that your dog is not able to have and it can be discouraging when you are trying to find good food for the Goldendoodle to enjoy. 

The good news is there are quite a few good items that your dog will love and with a bit of planning and the help of a commercial dog food, you will still be able to feed a lot of different types of food to your dog. 

The severity of the issue with the food will depend on the food that they decide to eat. 

Some will just upset the stomach a little bit and that will be the end of the story. 

Others will be toxic to the dog and could cause some issues with the kidneys and liver. 

These could even be life-threatening to the dog if you are not careful about it and do not get them some of the help that they need. 

What Should I Do If My Goldendoodle Eats These Foods?

The best thing that you can do to help prevent your Goldendoodle from getting ahold of foods they should not eat and getting sick is to make sure the foods are never within their reach.

If you can, do not purchase some of these items so there is never a risk that your dog will get them and get sick.

Since that may be impractical and you may want to keep some of the items around, it is important to keep them in locations where it is harder for the dog to reach them at all for their safety. 

Keeping the food items up high so that the dog is not able to reach them is one of the best ways to keep the dog safe. 

Some of the items need to be kept in the fridge, which can make them a good hideaway food so the dog will not get to them. 

Another thing to consider is to leave all of those items in another room that the dog is not allowed to go in. 

Of course, accidents do happen on occasion and your Goldendoodle may get curious and then into something that they should not. 

They may get into some of the foods that will make them sick and it is hard to know what to do. 

What Can Goldendoodles Not Eat? 2

As soon as you notice that the dog has eaten something on the list above that they should not, it is time to call your vet to see what the next steps should be. 

Your vet will be able to help you decide what needs to be done. 

After hearing about the type of food and how much the dog ate, they will tell you whether this is a serious issue or something that the dog will just need to pass.

If the dog just needs to pass this issue, then you may be in for a long couple of days, but it will get better and your dog will not end up very sick. 

You should try to keep them hydrated to prevent any additional issues. 

When the issue is more serious, you may need to take the dog into the vet. 

They may be able to induce vomiting or look at other methods that will help the dog get some relief and feel better. 

This can add up to a large bill so it is best to be careful with your dog and just keep them away from those harmful foods. 

Are There Treats My Goldendoodle Should Not Eat?

It is important to pick out the right treats for your Goldendoodle to make sure that they stay safe and are not going to get hurt or have to deal with a bunch of different complications. 

There are a lot of fantastic treats on the market that are available for the Goldendoodle to enjoy.

Some of these even add in some more supplements and nutrients that provide a good deal of health benefits to the dog as well. 

You may want to consider getting special treats to help handle some of the special issues with your dog. These could be special treats that help with skin or joint issues. 

There are some that add in extra calories to help with the issues, but you do need to limit them a little bit to prevent obesity as well. 

These should only be about 10% of the daily food intake for the Goldendoodle to make sure they are not overeating. 

Always take a look at some of the ingredients that are placed inside of the treats. 

While most are healthy, you do need to worry about the filler content that is found inside of the treat. 

Sometimes this filler will have some of the ingredients that you need to avoid with your dog so reading through them can help you make a smart decision for your dog. 

Feeding Your Goldendoodle the Right Foods

Feeding your Goldendoodle the right foods can make all the difference in how healthy and happy they are. 

If you give them some of the foods that are on our list above that are bad for them, they are more likely to get sick and some can be toxic, requiring a visit to the vet. 

Sticking with a high-quality dog food option or discussing the list of foods that you can give the dog with your vet can help ensure that your Goldendoodle is in good hands and will stay safe for years to come.

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