What Is A Toy Goldendoodle?

When searching for a new pet to adopt, it is vital to pick one that suits your needs and home dynamics. 

Whether you are living alone, with your family, or with roommates, you should consider these factors before getting a dog.

Toy Goldendoodles are a popular option, but are they the right dog for you?

What Is A Toy Goldendoodle?

A toy or petite Goldendoodle is a small dog breed with a teddy bear-like appearance resulting from their toy/miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever lineage that was popularized in the 2000s in the United States and Australia. Some Toy Goldendoodles may have Cocker Spaniel in them as well. 

These adorable canines are larger than teacup Goldendoodles as they have a maximum weight of 20 pounds. 

When it comes to their height, it is about 14 – 15 inches, which is the average size of an external monitor screen.

Generally, toy Goldendoodles are good dogs that can adapt well to any lifestyle. 

Read on to find out more about these adorable little dogs and to determine whether they are the right choice for you.

Toy Goldendoodles have a wide range of physical traits since they are a mixed dog breed. 

For instance, you may find that one has the face of a poodle, while another has the ears of a Golden Retriever. 

As such, it is critical to seek the guidance of a reliable and reputable dog breeder when looking for a toy Goldendoodle

They will help you get an ideal dog with the characteristics you prefer.

Toy Goldendoodle Size

As aforementioned, a toy Goldendoodle may grow to be as tall as an external monitor screen. 

It is among the smallest Goldendoodles as follows closely after the micro-mini Goldendoodle and the teacup Goldendoodle.

When fully grown, you may anticipate the petite Goldendoodle to reach a height of 15 inches and a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

To this end, these dogs are an excellent choice if you live in a small space, such as an RV, apartment, or condo.

Also, if you are searching for a cute little Goldendoodle that looks like a teddy bear, this may be the dog for you.

It is important to remember that all Goldendoodles mature between one and two years. 

By the end of the first year, they have reached adult height and are beginning to fill out in the next couple of months. 

Their lifespan ranges from 10 -15 years on average.

Toy Goldendoodle Personality

Toy Goldendoodles are little canines that resemble teddy bears and have huge personalities. 

Many people consider them as the go-to choice when looking for faithful, social, and intelligent pets. 

They are extremely gentle and develop a unique and particular relationship with their owners. 

These dogs gain a special understanding of their human family as a result of their incredible intellect. 

In the case of elders, this dog also serves as a wonderful emotional support animal.

Strangers, other dogs, and children in the house get along nicely with them. 

They are ideal apartment dogs due to their petite height. 

They are wonderful watchdogs since they keep silent unless they notice any unusual activity within their home.

These puppies’ intellect and loving nature may be traced back to their Poodle and Golden Retriever families. 

They can be mischievous as a result, and if left alone for long periods, they may develop behavioral issues.

Toy Goldendoodle Health Concerns

Petite Goldendoodles are generally a healthy dog breed. 

However, they tend to inherit several health issues from their parent dogs, the Golden Retrievers, and Toy Poodle. 

As such, this is why it is critical to get your dog from a skilled and reliable dog breeder as they will help in reducing the health risks. 

Among their most common health problems include:

  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Ear infections
  • Dental diseases, like canine periodontal disease and gum gingivitis
  • Allergies
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart disease
  • Low blood sugar
  • Liver shunts

Toy Goldendoodle: Dietary Requirements

Like any other dog, the diet of the toy Goldendoodle plays a vital role in determining its health and lifespan. 

As a general rule of thumb, these dogs only require about 1-4 cups of high-quality dry dog food. 

The quantity you offer is determined by the dog’s age, size, and body type, frequency of doing physical activity, dog food brand, and metabolism.

Since Goldendoodles are prone to obesity, it is critical to measure the amount of food they consume per meal. 

Often, it is best to split a standard package of commercial dog food into two meals each day to keep them in shape.

This is due to its Golden Retriever ancestry, which is prone to digestive disorders including bloat and stomach torsion.

Such problems may be passed down to your toy Goldendoodle.

Petite Goldendoodles are allowed to eat the following foods:

  • puppy food: This little dog’s joints and muscles are supported by lean protein. DHA The growth of this puppy’s brain and vision is aided by Omega 3 fish oil. For a dog that is in danger of developing PRA, this is critical. Antioxidants aid in the maintenance of a healthy metabolism. Fat is critical for providing the energy these lively puppies require to get through their busy days. Calcium is beneficial to the bones and teeth of this hybrid puppy.
  • Adult dog food: Adult dogs’ muscles and joints require lean protein to be healthy. Only a minimal amount of fat should be present in the diet of a Petite Goldendoodle. This gives the dog energy without causing him to gain weight, which might lead to Patellar luxation. 

Vitamin A is required for a healthy dog’s vision. 

Vitamins C and E will help this dog’s immune system. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the healthy operation of the nervous system.

Toy Goldendoodle Grooming

One of the most impressive features of the petite Goldendoodle is its low-shedding hypoallergenic coats. 

But, even though they do not shed much, they still require regular grooming to maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

If you do not want your pet’s hair to grow matted, you must groom it regularly. 

If you want to keep its hair long, brush it every day, and if you want its coat short, brush it every day. 

When it comes to bathing, it is only necessary to bathe this dog if it stinks or is filthy. 

Regular bathing often depletes natural oils and dries the skin.

brush your dog’s teeth twice or three times a week to avoid dental problems, especially because it is likely to inherit them from its Poodle parent. 

Finally, if the dog cannot wear its nails down naturally, clip them at least once a month or twice a month.

Due to their tendency of developing ear infections, it is essential to check for filth and odor every week. 

In this case, gently clean them off with a wet soft cloth.

Toy Goldendoodle: Exercise and Training

A toy Goldendoodle will need to play and exercise regularly, whether it is an evening walk, a morning backyard fetch activity or both! But, due to the breed’s laid-back demeanor, your pup will thrive with more playmates (dogs and humans alike).

Take note that these dogs enjoy being in the water. 

In turn, swimming will provide them with another way to exercise and burn off excess energy. 

Petite Goldendoodles are often lively and happy while they are moving about. 

Thus, they require at least half an hour of daily physical activity.

To make the activity easier, you should fence your backyard.

Toy Goldendoodles that do not receive adequate physical and emotional activity may use their energy on excessive barking and destructive behavior.

When it comes to training, these dogs are highly intelligent and eager to please, thanks to the Golden Retriever bloodline.

In turn, a training session with a toy Goldendoodle should be easy and easygoing for both new and experienced dog owners.

Positive reinforcement and praise your dog’s excellent behavior with goodies, like with other dog breeds, will go a long way to reinforce the training. 

If you employ severe reprimand, you risk destroying your dog’s confidence and trust. 

Early training and socialization may help even a newborn toy Goldendoodle puppy learn obedience, instructions, and special tricks.

Choosing a Toy Goldendoodle

Whether or not this dog is the ideal fit for you and your family depends on how much time, love, care, and attention you can devote to it. 

Of course, you have the freedom to choose the sort of dog you want as a pet. 

But, toy Goldendoodles are a superb option and complement to any family and lifestyle. 

Who does not want an adorable little pet running around their home?

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