What Is The Lifespan Of A Mini Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are great pets that are loving, kind, and fun. These designer dogs have been bred not just for looks but for health, too. It is sad to think about when they will die, but it is important to know what their life expectancy is. If you’re curious about the mini Goldendoodle lifespan, keep reading.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Mini Goldendoodle? 1

How long do mini Goldendoodles live?

Mini Goldendoodles have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. This dog is a mix of a miniature Poodle that has a life expectancy of 12-15 years and a Golden Retriever that has a life expectancy of 10-12 years. Because of its size, the Mini Goldendoodle can develop illnesses like hip dysplasia as it gets older.

After learning about a Goldendoodle’s life expectancy, there are a couple of questions you might have. What can cause a Mini Goldendoodle to live longer or shorter? What is a miniature Goldendoodle’s life expectancy? Do mini Goldendoodles have a lot of health issues? What is the best way to raise a Mini Goldendoodle so it can live its longest life?

Raising a Mini Goldendoodle to Live Its Maximum Lifespan

You can maximize a Goldendoodle’s lifespan by raising and treating them the right way. Feeding this breed good food, letting them get lots of exercise, and training them properly can help them live a long and healthy life.

You should know that there are three stages of life for a Mini Goldendoodle. The stages are:

  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Senior

In each phase of life, the dog will need specific food and exercise that will ensure they live for a long time. Each phase requires different needs, and some are easier to care for than others.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Mini Goldendoodle? 2

As a puppy, all dog breeds have a lot of needs that the owner must meet. Puppies can be easy to care for for the first few weeks. A dog will stay by its mother for nutrients and gain some weight and strength. The puppy will gain their eyesight and hearing in these first few weeks of life. (Source)

Once the puppy grows to 7 weeks old, the new owner can take them home from the breeder. Reputable breeders won’t separate puppies from their mothers earlier than this. This is around the time when the Mini Goldendoodle’s mother will wean them. Then, the owner has to begin training, feeding, and exercising them. The pup will gain weight and strength up to and through the 7-week mark.

After taking your Goldendoodle puppies home, you need to play with them and teach them where to go to sleep, use the bathroom, and eat. If you have a Mini Goldendoodle, then you may need to get a specific type of food. You should check in with your vet when it is time for your puppy to get its shots. Make sure to ask if the food you are using is giving your Mini Goldendoodle enough vitamins, proteins, and minerals for your pooch.

As the puppy approaches one year of age, continue to train and teach them. Keep up a schedule of walks, playtime, and exercise. Goldendoodles are great at learning routines and commands. If you continue teaching them right and wrong, they will learn and apply it to their daily life.

You should also get them used to regular grooming, either with professional groomers or at home. Getting them used to this early with help prevent problem behaviors later. Frequent brushing of both your dog’s teeth and hair will help prevent many issues down the road.

Getting your young dog used to being alone early on can help reduce issues caused by separation anxiety, like leg chewing, barking, and other problem behaviors.

When dogs enter their adult life, they will be stronger and more mature. If you’ve trained them, you won’t need to teach them commands anymore. They will know what to do and how to act and will be a little milder than before. When they are younger, they are more energetic. In their adult years, they have a mild temperament.

As dogs approach their senior years, they start to move slower and are likely to develop illnesses or conditions that impact their bones, muscles, and strength.

Illnesses that Affect A Goldendoodle’s Lifespan

Many conditions can cause a Mini Goldendoodle to live shorter than expected. They can experience knee injuries, hip injuries, and other conditions that will affect their health.

The fact that these dogs are a cross breed, they typically inherit the best genetics of both of their parent breeds and get what is often called hybrid vigor that purebred dogs just don’t get. However, they can still inherit any of the illnesses or problems either of their parents are prone to.

Here is a list of illnesses, conditions, and diseases that can change a Mini Goldendoodle’s life expectancy.

This is not a complete list. Make sure to discuss with a veterinarian the possible health problems your doodle could have.

Ear Infection

A Mini Goldendoodle can get ear infections. This is a minor problem if you treat it promptly. But, it can cause hearing issues for your Goldendoodle if it is not treated. There are over-the-counter medications and prescribed medications for ear infections for dogs. Check with your vet when you suspect something is off and see what your Mini Goldendoodle needs.


A Mini Goldendoodle can develop allergies to pollen or other outdoor smells. If you notice allergies becoming an issue for your Mini Goldendoodle, call your vet and ask them what to do. You may have to buy allergy medication depending on the severity of your Mini Goldendoodle’s allergies. It could also be a good idea to go on walks in neighborhoods that have little to no pollen in the air.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition can affect your Mini Goldendoodle long-term, but it shouldn’t become an issue for your dog until they are in their senior years. Because of rapid growth in the first year, Mini Goldendoodles can experience hip dysplasia as well as other joint and bone issues like arthritis. This kind of condition can be one reason why your Mini Goldendoodle gets tired and slow in their senior years and may shorten the average lifespan. (Source)

What Is The Lifespan Of A Mini Goldendoodle? 3

Patellar Luxation

This condition is a knee injury that is common among Mini Goldendoodles. It can occur by 8 weeks of age to the end of life for toy and miniature-sized dogs like the Mini Goldendoodle.

Patellar Luxation is when the knee cap pops out of place, and it can make it hard or painful to walk. If you notice that your Mini Goldendoodle has trouble walking, take them to the vet. (Source)

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This is an inherited blood disorder that causes excessive bleeding. It makes it hard for the body to form blood clots, and thus, when a dog is injured, it can make recovery difficult. Miniature Goldendoodles sometimes suffer from this condition, and it can be deadly. (Source)


Nobody wants to get attached to a dog, especially one as expensive as a Mini Goldendoodle, only to have them pass away after just a short time. Fortunately, Mini Goldendoodles can live for up to 15 years! Mini Goldendoodles, when cared for properly, will be a blessing in your home for many years to come.

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