Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs?

When looking to adopt a new pet into your home, whether you live alone, with roommates, or with your family, it is important to find a pet that will fit into your home dynamic. When it comes to dogs, mini Goldendoodles are chosen because of their temperament and compact size that is perfect for small apartments.

Mini Goldendoodles are good dogs because they have a very social, friendly temperament and are incredibly smart. Intelligent dogs are obedient dogs, and mini Goldendoodles are eager to learn and follow commands. They also love being around people and are happy to cuddle up at the end of the day. 

Mini Goldendoodles are great dogs and fit in well with so many different lifestyles. Keep reading to learn more about their temperament and if a mini Goldendoodle is right for you!

Mini Goldendoodle: Temperament

The first indicator of a “good” dog is usually their temperament. When dogs with pleasing personalities are well-behaved and obey commands quickly and accurately. Mini Goldendoodles are a mixed breed of a poodle and a golden retriever. Both of these parent dogs are known for their good temperament and that is transferred into Goldendoodles. There are two main parts of a good temperament, and those are being social and being friendly.


When a dog is social, they are immediately seen as a good dog. You do not really want a dog that dislikes other people or dogs because they can get aggressive which is dangerous to everyone involved. Mini Goldendoodles are very social dogs and they love people especially. They are happy to go up to new people whether they are guests in your home or strangers on the street. They are not aggressive and just want to swing by each person and say hello!

When it comes to other dogs, Goldendoodles are less prone to being social with them. Goldendoodles definitely prefer people, but as long as your mini Goldendoodle interacts with other dogs relatively often, they will have no trouble socializing. Goldendoodles are not usually aggressive toward other dogs, but rather, they are indifferent. Goldendoodles are good social dogs.


The other part of a good temperament in a dog is whether they are friendly or not. While it is important to be social, it is more important that a dog is friendly rather than aggressive. When your dog is easily aggravated, it can be very difficult to integrate them into a family atmosphere with kids or even into a place with other dogs. Both kids and other dogs do not understand what will make an aggressive dog react, and that can be very dangerous.

Luckily, mini Goldendoodles are friendly dogs and they are excellent around kids and other dogs. They are not easily bothered, and even if they are, they rarely have negative reactions. Mini Goldendoodles are so friendly that they like pretty much any, and all attention that they can get, and from whoever they can get it from.

Mini Goldendoodle: Intelligence

Temperament is a huge part of what makes a good dog a good dog, but there is one more huge aspect of a good dog. An intelligent dog is more often going to be a good dog than one that is not so bright. Intelligence in a dog means that they learn commands and tricks quickly and retain that knowledge. Intelligent dogs are more obedient which makes them easier to cohabitate with.

Mini Goldendoodles are incredibly smart dogs. As mentioned earlier, the parents of the Goldendoodle are a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The Golden Retriever is known for learning and following commands; meanwhile, the Poodle is known as the second most intelligent dog breed, therefore, the mini Goldendoodle is bound to be intelligent as well. Because mini Goldendoodles are so smart, they pick up on new tricks and commands quickly. Their ability to learn commands easily results in Goldendoodles obeying quickly and eagerly.

Being so smart and learning commands so quickly makes mini Goldendoodles very obedient dogs. Mini Goldendoodles are easy to call back when they run too far, they are able to stay where you tell them to, and they will learn proper manners very quickly. An obedient dog is a good dog, and mini Goldendoodles are definitely obedient.

Other Benefits of Mini Goldendoodles

While temperament and intelligence are two parts of a mini Goldendoodle being a good dog, this breed has so many other traits that make it the perfect choice for all sorts of lifestyles. When it comes to living spaces, allergies, and lifestyles, mini Goldendoodles are an excellent match.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs? 1

If you want a dog but your living space is quite small, you do not have to wait until you get more space. The solution to this issue is in their name, as mini Goldendoodles are quite small and do not get very big, even as adults. Such a small dog will fit perfectly in an apartment or small home.

If you or someone you live with has pet allergies, mini Goldendoodles might be the perfect solution to getting a dog. Mini Goldendoodles shed very little if at all, which makes them relatively hypoallergenic; however, they are not classified as a hypoallergenic breed. If you or someone you live with is allergic to dogs, it is unlikely that they will have an allergic reaction to a mini Goldendoodle. The tight curls in the Goldendoodle’s hair prevent dandruff and loose hairs from falling out. Because they barely or rarely shed, you can stop cleaning pet hair off of your furniture multiple times a week.

Finally, mini Goldendoodles are great dogs for so many different lifestyles. If you have a family, they make great family dogs as they are loving, patient with kids, and are relatively low maintenance. If you live by yourself, mini Goldendoodles make great companions who will love you unconditionally. If you live with roommates, they will quickly fall in love with your dog because of their sweet nature and low interference in their living space. Is there really a better choice for a pet than a mini Goldendoodle?

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