When Do Goldendoodles Shed Their Puppy Fur?

Everybody knows puppies are the cutest, right? Well, part of what makes cuddling with a puppy is their super soft puppy fur. To run your fingers through the fur of a puppy is a unique feeling and one that makes all dog owners fondly remember the puppy stage.

However, puppy fur does not last forever. Goldendoodles fur will change as they age from a puppy to adolescent dog and then ultimately have their full adult fur.

This raises the question…

When Do Goldendoodles Shed Their Puppy Fur?

So, when do Goldendoodles shed their puppy fur? In general, Goldendoodle puppies shed their puppy fur between six months old and ten months old.

The puppy fur coat is a uniform soft fur but as it grows older the coat is shed and it has an adult coat which is stiffer and thicker.

After shedding the puppy coat the color patterns can also change. Adult coats of the Goldendoodle is typically lighter than the puppy fur. 

Most of the Goldendoodles begin to shed their puppy fur when they are at the age of six and a half months to 10 months. After shedding their puppy fur, mature adult fur starts to grow in.

Some Doodles can be late shedders of puppy fur, so do not be too discouraged if puppy fur stays around until 12 months of age.

As for mature adult fur, it can take up to two years for some Goldendoodles to have a full adult mature fur coat established.

The puppy fur of Goldendoodle is soft and uniform, but when the puppy grows, it sheds this coat and grows adult fur which is thicker and stiffer. The color and pattern of the fur also change after shedding the puppy coat. The adult fur of Goldendoodles has a lighter color as compared to puppyfur.

The shedding of puppy fur for Goldendoodles starts at six to 10 months old. It would be best if you start cleaning the puppy’s fur at five months as you prepare it for shedding of fur. You can do the grooming by bathing your puppy using shampoo and conditioner, and this will bring a significant change to the coat’s softness after the transition. Some Goldendoodles delay shedding puppy-fur.

Therefore, there is no reason for alarm when your Goldendoodle starts shedding its puppy coat at twelve months. When the puppy-fur is completely gone, adult fur starts growing. It might take approximately two years for the adult fur to grow completely, and this varies with the breed of your Goldendoodle.

How Fast Does The Goldendoodles Fur Grow?

When grooming your puppy, you trim its hair then brush it for the puppy to look neat. It takes some time for the hair to grow back and the rate of growth of the Goldendoodles’ hair depends on a variety of factors.

The average length of Goldendoodles fur is about eight inches. When you shave your Goldendoodle puppy, it might take around two to three months for the fur to grow back to full length. That is why it would be best to do the maintenance of your puppy every six weeks.

Types of Goldendoodle Fur

There are three types of Goldendoodles coat, that is, wavy, curly, and straight coat.

Wavy fur coat

This is the commonest type of coat, and it is often referred to as “teddy bear” coat or fleece coat. For this type of coat, regular brushing is essential, at least once per week. The brushing helps to prevent deep knots, hair clamping and keep it free from tangles.

When brushing, you should focus on high friction areas, including behind the ear, underarms, and hindquarters. Wavy fur has low shedding, and at times, it is non-shedding. Thus, it is less allergic. The wavy fur is approximately 4-7 inches when untrimmed, but it is shorter around the face. Compared to a curly coat, a wavy fur coat has low density.

Curly fur coat

A curly coat resembles a poodle’s coat, and it is the densest coat type of the Goldendoodle. Depending on the parent’s coat, the curls’ tightness and length vary from one puppy to another. The curls can be wobbly barrel or skintight kinky.

Out of all the types of coats, the curly coat is the type that sheds the least. The curly coat is odorless and the most allergic-free kind of coat. To identify a straight coat, you check if your puppy has a gathering of fur around its forehead. The curly coat is most common in F1B litters, typically 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.

Straight fur coat

The straight fur coat is a rare type of coat, it resembles a golden retriever, and it requires minimal maintenance. If you do not have time to keep brushing your Goldendoodle puppy’s fur, then the one with a straight coat is the best for you. With a straight fur coat, there is a lot of shedding, causing many allergic reactions.

Goldendoodles Fur Color

Goldendoodles have various colors, ranging from the silver phantom, silver with golden hues, chocolate phantom, black, dark apricot, and white light. The color of the puppy is determined by the color of the parents, especially poodle parents. Litter breed from black poodle gives birth to black puppies, whereas white poodle gives birth to cream puppies. However, this rule is not constant. Other times, there are exceptions.

For instance, there are high chances that a red parent will give birth to an apricot puppy in color. We get some variations whereby in the same litter, there are cream and black puppies. Other times the color of the puppies born comes as a surprise, but the parent’s color gives the best probability of the color of the puppy born.

How To Tell The Type Of Coat A Goldendoodle Puppy Is Going To Have After It Grows

It is difficult to tell what coat your Goldendoodle will have when it grows. The kind of coat keeps changing from birth until when the puppy will be fully-grown. However, when you pay attention to the areas around the nose when your puppy is still young, you can know what type of coat it will have when it grows up.

For the curly coat, the puppy will have excess hair around the nose muzzle, forming curly mustaches on the side of the nose. For a wavy coat, the puppy will have straight hair around the muzzle, whereas, in a straight coat, the Goldendoodle puppy will have tidy short hair around the muzzle.

When Do Goldendoodles Shed Their Puppy Fur

However, this is not guaranteed because Goldendoodle puppies vary from one another. Also, you can tell how your puppy will look like when it grows up by looking at the parent’s coat, and they tend to inherit the looks from their parents in most cases. At times you might even fail to notice the coat change, more so when your Goldendoodle puppy swims. This is because the hair that has been removed is cleaned during swimming.

When to Start Grooming a Goldendoodle Puppy

The reasoning here is directly linked to the question of when do Goldendoodles start shedding their fur. The appropriate time to perform the first grooming to your puppy is a month before shedding begins at five months old.

This will make your puppy get used to grooming early enough, which will make the shedding period an easy time for it. There are specific puppy shampoo recommended for cleaning your puppy, and once the growth has taken place, your dog will be ready to use adult Goldendoodle shampoo.

However, you can use a natural, excellent-smelling shampoo for bathing both puppies and adult Goldendoodles.

Are Goldendoodles Hypoallergic?

Most people are affected by the dog’s dander and not hair or fur. Yes, some breeds of Goldendoodles are hypo-allergic while others are allergic. The hypo-allergic dogs don’t shed, or instead, they she-d less than other dog breeds. That makes Goldendoodles puppies’ friendly allergic people. They are fantastic pets since they shed less, close to non-shedding.

Goldendoodles are a special type of dog, and they vary in size, coat type, color, and size. There is a lot to learn about Goldendoodle’s fur. Among them is the type of fur, how to maintain it, the type of brushes to use for grooming, and the time to start grooming.

The brushes you use should be soft to avoid hurting your Goldendoodle puppy. Also, ensure you have the proper tools when you want to cut the puppy’s fur. At first cutting, the puppy’s hair might be challenging, but you will eventually give your Goldendoodle puppy a perfect haircut with practice. To perfect your skills, you can watch YouTube training videos on cutting your Goldendoodle puppy’s hair.

Caring for Puppy Fur and Adult Goldendoodle Fur  

Unlike a Golden Retriever, which requires minimal fur maintenance, the coat of a Goldendoodle requires frequent grooming.

Typically Doodle owners will need to routinely brush their Goldendoodles daily to keep their fur from matting.

It is also recommended to have your Doodle groomed every five weeks.

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