Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts?

Goldendoodles and haircuts go together like peas and carrots to use a 1990’s movie reference! Can you name that movie? After several years of living with a Goldendoodle, let’s dive deep into the topic of Goldendoodles and their need for haircuts.

Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts?

Yes, Goldendoodles do need haircuts.  Their coat of hair is considered high maintenance and requires regular grooming and haircuts.  They will need a haircut every six to eight weeks, which can be more often depending on the season and individual dog

Goldendoodles need haircuts to keep them clean, looking, and healthy.  Their hair tends to collect dirt, outdoor debris and get easily tangled and matted.  Goldendoodles’ first haircuts should happen after six months old, which is when they get their adult coat of hair. 

Until this age, they can get their hair trimmed by a groomer or at home to keep them looking clean and healthy while teaching them to accept the grooming process.  Goldendoodles need haircuts regularly, which means numerous trips to the groomer

Those pet parents wanting to cut expenses for this hair maintenance can learn to give their Goldendoodles haircuts themselves.  Goldendoodles haircuts are needed to keep them and their hair clean, healthy, and looking good.

Suppose their hair isn’t cared for with regular grooming and the haircuts they need. In that case, they can end up suffering discomfort from severe tangles, mats, and knots, particularly on the underside of their body, which is closest to the ground and where their double coat of hair is located.

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Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog that takes on their purebred parents’ physical qualities, the Golden Retriever and Poodle.  While each of these dogs has unique and different coats of hair, they each require regular grooming and haircuts to look their best.

Goldendoodles also need haircuts like their purebred parents to keep them looking their best, healthy, clean, and beautiful.  These haircuts that Goldendoodles will always need should happen around every six to eight weeks.

Each Goldendoodle will be different about how fast their hair grows and when the haircuts need to happen.  Some might need regular haircuts every six weeks, while others might be able to wait until every eight weeks for these needed haircuts.

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Seasons, weather, diet, and health will also factor into when a Goldendoodle needs their haircuts.  Goldendoodles will likely need haircuts more often in the summer or warmer months than in the winter or colder months.

If their diet is less than perfect, their coat of hair might grow a little slower, and Goldendoodles will need their haircuts less often.

The same can be said for their health, stress level, and lifestyle.  If they are in poor health or under stress, or their lifestyle and home life are less than it should be, Goldendoodles might need haircuts less often than expected.

These haircuts that Goldendoodles need are to keep them looking good and keep their coat of hair clean.  These haircuts are combined with regular grooming sessions at home to minimize issues that these dogs can suffer from, like matting, knotting, and tangling of their hair.

Before reaching the age of six months, Goldendoodles don’t need haircuts.

They should, however, get their hair trimmed.  When these puppies are exposed to hair trimming sessions, whether at home or in the professional grooming setting, they learn to accept being cared for in this way.  These trimming sessions also keep their young puppy coat of hair looking beautiful and clean.

Once Goldendoodles are older than six months, they have their adult Goldendoodle coat of hair.  At this point, haircuts are necessary every six to eight weeks.

With this large amount of haircuts, they can become a bit costly for new pet parents.  Working with a groomer who can give Goldendoodles their needed haircuts at a reasonable price can help in the long run.  If, however, this isn’t possible, pet parents can learn the art of giving their Goldendoodles the haircuts they need without the added expense.

This can be an excellent adventure for pet parents to take, learning a new skill while caring for their Goldendoodles’ hair.  If Goldendoodles don’t get the haircuts they need, they can potentially suffer discomfort from knots, tangles, and mats in their hair.

This is particularly true on their bodies’ underside, which is where their double coat of hair is located.  It is also where they are more likely to pick up dirt and debris from the ground.

What type of haircuts do Goldendoodles need to get?

There are no particular types of haircuts that Goldendoodles need to get.  Whatever works for the dog and their pet parents’ lifestyle is best.  While shaving is never recommended, short haircuts that keep them looking and feeling clean are beneficial.

These haircuts that Goldendoodles need can vary with how they are cut around the face, paws, tail and how their pet parents want their coat of hair to look.

Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts?

Goldendoodles can have wavy, curly, or straight hair to determine how they need their haircuts done.  These different styles of hair come from their purebred parents, the Golden Retriever and Poodle.

What if I don’t want to give my Goldendoodle a haircut?

If you don’t want to give your Goldendoodle a haircut, this is a personal preference.

It is highly recommended to regularly give these dogs their haircuts to keep the tangles, knots, and mats out of their coat and keep them looking clean and healthy.

Some people will prefer their Goldendoodles to have longer hair than others, with some wanting their Goldendoodles to have shorter hair.  Personal preferences make our dogs and us who they and we are.

As long as we are always considering the safety and health of the Goldendoodle first, that is all that matters.  If pet parents are willing to put in the maintenance and care of their Goldendoodles’ hair, then giving haircuts may not always be needed.

However, each dog is unique, and should the hair around the face, paws, or tails become a problem for the dog that is related to safety and health. They may need a haircut.

What type of grooming do I need to do between Goldendoodles’ needed haircuts?

In between Goldendoodles needed haircuts, pet parents can care for their Goldendoodles’ hair by brushing them daily.

These daily brushing sessions reduce the amount of tangle, mats, knots, and dirt or debris that get in their hair.

Scheduling a daily routine to brush Goldendoodles will also keep pet parents informed of how healthy their dogs’ coat of hair is regularly.  Whether or not Goldendoodles need haircuts at any given time, their toenails, ear, and other body parts can be examined for issues.

When is the best time to give Goldendoodles the haircuts they need?

The best time to give Goldendoodles the haircuts they need is when their hair gets long.

How long is too long varies from family to family.   A basic rule of thumb would be that if the dog’s hair affects their overall health and safety, it is time for a haircut.

If the hair on their face prevents them from seeing correctly, Goldendoodles need haircuts.

If the hair on the hindside is getting dirty often from when they use the bathroom, Goldendoodles need haircuts.

Daily grooming will help keep pet parents informed of when it is time to give Goldendoodles haircuts, regardless of how many weeks it has been since their last one.

Does the style of hair Goldendoodles affect how often they need haircuts?

Yes, the hair Goldendoodles’ style can affect how often they need haircuts.

Those Goldendoodles that tend to take after their Golden Retriever parent with more straight hair may need to have their haircuts more often.  Goldendoodles that take after their Poodle parent may be able to get away with haircuts that occur less often due to the curly or wavy hairstyle.

Does the age of Goldendoodles determine when they need haircuts?

Yes, a Goldendoodles age determines when they need haircuts because hair growth changes with age.

While puppies and younger dogs will need haircuts more often, Goldendoodles that are older or senior may not need haircuts as often.  Health can affect how fast a dog’s hair grows, and older or senior dogs can suffer from health issues that will affect this growth.

Adult Goldendoodles that are not senior will need haircuts every six to eight weeks.  Puppies may need haircuts more often, and seniors might need them a little less often.  Each dog is unique, and these are just guidelines, not hard and fast rules that must be followed.

Final Thoughts

When Goldendoodles need haircuts varies on many factors, the type of coat they have and who they are as a dog.  It is also determined by the personal preferences of the pet parents.

Whether or not all Goldendoodles need haircuts simultaneously, each one should get their haircut at some point for health and wellness.  With so many adorable dogs to love, we all want them to look their best with or without a haircut!

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