Why Do Goldendoodles Like to Be Carried?

You will quickly notice that the Goldendoodle is a dog who likes to get a lot of love and attention from their owners

They seem to take it in as soon as it is given. 

Many owners find that this is a dog who will spend all day with them and never get tired. 

But as the owner, you may wonder why your Goldendoodle likes to be carried and whether it is a good idea to carry them or not. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Like to Be Carried?

Goldendoodles like to be carried because it’s fun and provides them with a way to be close to their owners. When they are being carried, they do not need to worry about a thing. All of this attention and affection may make them want you to carry them all the time. 

Goldendoodles like to be carried because it can be a lot of fun. 

They do not have to do any of the work to get from Point A to Point B and they get to spend some time with their owners too. 

Just like small children who will always try to get their parents to pick them up and carry them, you will find that your Goldendoodle will want the same thing as well. 

Not only is it easier to get carried around by your owners, but many Goldendoodles see it as a time to snuggle in and spend time with their owners as well. 

They get to be held nice and close to their owners when they are carried and they get all of the attention at the same time as well. 

This is a big game and a lot of fun for the Goldendoodle when they get to spend all that time being carried around and it is likely that they will want to do it all the time. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Carried? 1

Why Is It Bad to Carry My Goldendoodle?

It is usually not a good idea to carry your Goldendoodle around too often. 

Doing it on occasion is not a big deal, but once you get started with this habit, your Goldendoodle will become fond of it and will request that you do it all the time. 

It is easy to get into the habit of carrying a puppy around because they are so small and cuddly, but it will not take long before that small puppy turns into a full-grown Goldendoodle. 

You may have enjoyed carrying the puppy around when they were ten to twenty pounds, but are you likely to feel the same when it comes to the dog gaining more weight and getting to the weight they will be as an adult. 

This is a lot heavier, but if the Goldendoodle is used to you carrying them all the time, it could be hard to convince them to stop. 

You will need to set the boundaries for what you will allow the Goldendoodle to do and what is not allowed. 

If you do not want to carry the Goldendoodle around all the time, especially when they get older and heavier, then you will need to come up with a strategy as early as possible. 

Limit how often you decide to pick the dog up and reserve it for special occasions to make it easier to not need to carry them all the time. 

Should I Carry My Goldendoodle?

It is usually not a good idea to carry your dog. These Goldendoodles can get to be more than 50 pounds and carrying them too often can cause some injuries if you are not used to this amount of weight. 

And when the Goldendoodle gets used to the idea of their owners carrying them, they are more likely to want it again and again, risking more injury and back pain as well. 

Carrying around a 55+ pound Goldendoodle can get heavy pretty quickly. Unless you are used to carrying a lot of weight, you should not do this. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Carried? 2

Improper lifting can cause a number of problems as well such as a sore back, or straining the muscles in your arms and legs as you try to do it. 

Even if you lift the dog up well, carrying that much weight for a long time is not always fun. 

There are a few exceptions to this that you may want to consider. 

If the Goldendoodle is a puppy and seems worn out after a walk, you may be able to safely lift up the lower weight limit and carry them the rest of the way home. 

Do not get them used to this though because they will quickly gain weight and reach their adult weight in no time. 

Learn what the endurance level is for your dog and then stick with that until they get bigger and stronger. 

This helps to wear the Goldendoodle out and will prevent them from getting used to the idea of you carrying them. 

In some cases, your Goldendoodle may get injured when they are out on a walk with you. 

If you worry that the injury is severe enough or that any walking on the injury can make it worse, then it is a good idea to carry them.

You can carry them back home and then make sure that they go to the vet right away to check out the injury and make sure that it does not get worse. 

Once they feel better, allow them to run around and play again to get that energy out. 

When the Goldendoodle is sick, you will find that you are carrying them a little bit. 

This can show them that you want to provide them with care and is a great way to show affection as well. 

Carrying them over to the couch to take care of them or up on a counter to take a look at them is not as big of a deal. 

You can do the same thing, carrying them over to your couch, when it is time to cuddle and spend time together as well. 

While there are some instances where carrying the Goldendoodle is not going to be a big deal, you do need to be careful about how often you do this. 

It isn’t the end of the world to do it on occasion, but you do not want the Goldendoodle to get used to you carrying them or they will want it done all the time. 

Does My Goldendoodle Like to Be Carried Because They Have Low Energy?

It is possible that your Goldendoodle is going to get worn out and would like to have you carry them. 

If they are still a puppy and took a long walk or run with you, their small legs will need you to help out so they can get home. 

Even carrying them for a few blocks or so can help them to relax before finishing up the trek back home. 

However, most of the time you would have to go quite a distance in order to get the dog worn out enough to be carried. 

The Goldendoodle comes from two active parents and they will continue to have this active lifestyle as well. 

This means that they are used to running around, playing, and moving most of the day. 

It takes quite a bit to wear the Goldendoodle worn out. 

This means that it is unlikely that your Goldendoodle wants you to carry them because they are tired. 

They like to run around and seem to have endless stores of energy that you will have to deal with over time. 

When they are a puppy and you go out for a long time you may have to take care of walking them and being careful, but most Goldendoodles are perfectly capable of walking and keeping their energy levels up. 

Carrying Your Goldendoodle

There are likely many times when your Goldendoodle is going to want your love and attention. 

They can try to show this in a variety of different ways, with some trying to get you to carry them around. 

If you are at home and ready to sit down and cuddle, carrying them for a small distance can be a good way to get the bonding time started with your dog. 

In most cases, your Goldendoodle is going to want to be held and carried because they are looking for attention. 

They find that this is a good way to be close to their owners and this allows them to feel affection and comfort. 

Since most Goldendoodles do not have an injury or a problem with too little energy, it is likely they do not need to be carried and you can make them walk instead.

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