Why Do Goldendoodles Hug?

As you get to know your Goldendoodle, you will quickly notice that they have a lot of different characteristics and unique personality traits. 

This dog can be a lot of fun and shows quite a bit of affection to their owners. 

One of the traits that you may notice with the Goldendoodle is that they like to hug their owners. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Hug?

Goldendoodles hug because they are affectionate dogs bred to be companions. They may find it as a way to stay connected and close to their owners and family, for security, or for praise. Learning more about your Goldendoodle will help you understand why they are hugging you.

You may notice that your Goldendoodle will want to give you hugs often during the day. 

Your dog may hug for a variety of different reasons, many of which can be as individual as the dog themselves.

You may have to learn a bit more about the Goldendoodle and some of their personality traits to help you figure out why they are doing this. 

One of the reasons that the Goldendoodle is going to hug and share affection with their owners is that this dog was bred to be a companion animal.

Why Do Goldendoodles Hug? 1

They are meant to spend time with their owners and have a lot of fun. 

One of the ways they show that they are a good companion is that they will give hugs when they want to be close. 

Another reason that the Goldendoodle is likely to hug their owners is because they have a need to stay close and connected to their owner and others in the family.

Just like humans feel close and connected to one another when they hug, the Goldendoodle may be doing the same thing. 

It is also possible that the Goldendoodle is hugging for security or comfort and sometimes they will do it to get praise from their owners. 

This is basically the way that your Goldendoodle is going to show that they care. 

And they love getting a chance to get a hug back from their owners as well. 

This is a good relationship for them and they can’t wait to give you a hug and get one back to show you care. 

Do Some Goldendoodles Not Like Showing Affection?

It is possible that a dog will be less affectionate than others. 

While there are many Goldendoodle dogs that love to get attention and will almost jump on you to get that hug, some are naturally less affectionate and will not show this kind of attention or hugging.

That does not mean anything is wrong with them. 

Just like some humans like to be hugged and others like their personal space, some Goldendoodles will not want the hugs. 

Regardless of the breed, each dog is going to have their own personality and this means that their character and temperament will be different from one another. 

You may get a Goldendoodle that is more affectionate and you may end up with one that is less affectionate. 

And it can even vary from one day to another. 

Some dogs like attention one day and then may be short and grumpy the next, wanting some more time to be all on their own. 

Listen to what your dog likes and concentrate on that. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Hug? 2

Should I Encourage My Goldendoodle to Hug?

It is fine for a Goldendoodle to be encouraged to hug. 

Just like more humans, your Goldendoodle will need some love and affection from the people they love. 

It is also healthy for them to show love and devotion through these hugs for the people they love the most. 

You can see this at an early age. 

A Goldendoodle puppy can thrive the best when they are in an environment with a lot of love. 

This includes a home where they are comfortable both receiving and showing affection with their owners. 

This will continue on as the Goldendoodle becomes an adult. 

As the Goldendoodle becomes an adult, they are able to maintain their happiness and health through a variety of positive reinforcement techniques from hugs and affection in most cases. 

And when the dog becomes a senior or has an illness, they can benefit more than anything from giving and sharing hugs with their owners. 

While their needs and reasons for love can change as they get older, all Goldendoodles are going to benefit from that love and affection from their owners. 

How Do I Encourage My Goldendoodle to Hug?

If you are a fan of hugging and want to make sure that your Goldendoodle is going to give you hugs while home, there are plenty of steps that you can take to help with this. 

You can start by providing them with ample attention and love. 

Whether you schedule the time or it happens organically. 

Just make sure that your dog gets the attention and love that they need. 

When your Goldendoodle knows they are loved and that you welcome the hugs, they become more willing to share. 

You can choose the times when you will give hugs to the dog. 

You can share hugs in the morning before you get up, snuggle a bit when you watch TV, or cuddle a bit before you go to bed. 

Find ways to cuddle and enjoy your dog so they know that you are fine with the hugs they want to give. 

Can My Goldendoodle Hug Too Much?

While these hugs and signs of affection are not considered a bad thing, it is possible for the Goldendoodle to do this too much. 

You may have a dog who likes a lot of attention and this can make them go a little bit overboard when it comes to the hugging and attention that they want to give to their owners. 

When the dog gets scared or stressed out, it may be hard to keep them from giving you a hug. 

If your Goldendoodle is usually pretty good about how many hugs they need and then they start requiring more than usual, then you need to look into what is causing this for the dog. 

You may need to spend a bit more time with the dog to help them to feel comfortable and to give them the connection and support they need. 

They may be having a bad day or not feeling good. 

If this is the main problem, then this time together will help the Goldendoodle to relax and can get them back to normal. 

However, if your Goldendoodle seems to want hugs all the time and this is part of their normal behavior, then it is time to look into some training. 

They may be affectionate, but you also need to have some room and space to get other things done during the day. 

Help your Goldendoodle learn the rules when it comes to hugging so they can get their attention without driving you crazy. 

Can I Have Boundaries About Hugging with My Goldendoodle?

It is fine for you to have boundaries with your Goldendoodle. 

The exact boundaries that are in place will depend on what you are comfortable with as the owner. 

These boundaries will come from the owner and can help keep a healthy relationship between you and the Goldendoodle.

It should be part of the training you do with them. 

When you have some boundaries in place with the Goldendoodle, you are able to set the limits on what behavior is acceptable for them or not. 

It helps the Goldendoodle know what they need to do to fit in with the family. 

While you may train the Goldendoodle not to harass you with hugs each day, you can decide when they are allowed to get a hug. 

Maybe let them do this when you come back to the house after work. 

It may take a little bit of training, but over time the Goldendoodle will learn what rules you allow and how to have healthy boundaries when they are around them. 

This helps them to get their needs met without you having them on top of you all of the time. 

This makes for a healthier relationship for everyone involved. 

Your Goldendoodle and Hugging

Many Goldendoodles are going to be fond of hugging with their owners, though this is not always the case. 

They will see this as a way to get close to you and to share a special bond with their owner and others in the family. 

It is important to set boundaries though so the hugging does not start happening all the time or become dangerous to smaller children in the family

Outside of that, it is possible to give your dog lots of hugs to show them how much you care.

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