Why Do Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Backs?

Although you may have been “warned” by a well-meaning person that your dog should not sleep with you, look at the research and decide for yourself. The practice of allowing your pet to sleep with you is not a modern thought, many traditional cultures found co-sleeping with their dogs beneficial for many reasons. Read on to find out why your Goldendoodle sleeps on their back and why (as if you need to explain your reasons) your dog should be allowed to sleep with you on your bed.

Why Do Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Backs? 1

Why Do Doodles Sleep On Their Backs?

Doodles and Poodles lie on their backs to sleep because it’s comfortable, allowing them to relax all their muscles, stretch their abdomens, and breathe deeply while they sleep. They can also regulate their temperature by allowing air to flow around their limbs, or it may be an attention-seeking behavior.

Here’s the rest of the story behind Goldendoodle’s sleeping on their backs.

It is hard to watch your dog sleeping on its back without being amused at the scene before you.

Picture your dog lying on its back, belly completely exposed, and all four legs straight up in the air, how can you not laugh at this amusing sight before you?

This position is commonly referred to as the “Crazy legs” sleep position, though for Goldendoodle owners, it can be aptly referred to as “the doodle pose.”

Why Do Dogs Sleep On Their Backs

Though this may seem like a very awkward and, yes, uncomfortable position for your dog to be sleeping in, for your best friend, it is not.

When you witness your dog sleeping in this position, he has chosen the most comfortable one, signaling he is content and snug, as he sleeps laying on his back with his legs spread high in the air.

It should be noted this chosen position allows your dog to completely relax all their muscles, thus allowing them to achieve deep sleep.

Aside from total relaxation, like a day at the spa, an additional reason for choosing this position is his ability to cool down. With his belly up and legs high in the air, he is regulating his body temperature while slumbering.

Since dogs only have sweat glands on their paws, the ability to cool down is more difficult for our furry friends.

With your dog having considerably less fur on their stomach, as opposed to the rest of their body, coupled with the sweat glands on the paws, this position allows your dog the ability to cool down.

During the heat of the summer you “may” find your dog lying in this position more often throughout the day.

However, some experts and dog lovers alike, believe the reason for this position is not related to seeking comfort from the heat, but rather simply for seeking attention.

Some researchers believe dogs find comfort from panting, thus allowing them to cool down quicker.

They feel because dogs’ bodies use vasodilation, when blood vessels near the surface of the dog’s skin expand, this enables the blood to cool before returning to the heart.

If you find your dog panting and you believe it could be a result of him being hot, check his ears and face, if they are warm, then your dog is probably trying to cool down.

Further, a dog may lie on their backs due to brachycephaly, occurring mostly in flat-faced dogs (like the English Bulldog), due to the complications with their ability to breath.

These dogs often choose to sleep on their backs to so they can breathe easier as they slumber rather than attention-seeking or temperature regulation reasons.

It is interesting to note you will be hard-pressed to find any dogs in the wild or even dogs that spend their entire life outside, sleeping in this position since it leaves them in an incredibly vulnerable state.

Some owners worry when they see their dogs in this position. However, this is a natural sleeping position for your dog and one in which his choking should not be a concern. It’s also not necessarily a sign of lethargy, depression, boredom, separation anxiety, or anything else besides simply that your dog is getting their best sleep.

During this sleep position, since your dog is most relaxed, he can reach the REM stage. During this stage, he is completely relaxed, and dreaming occurs most frequently in your dog. You may notice more twitching or even barks during REM sleep, but that is also completely normal.

To read even more about dog dreams, sleep positions and sleep changes, be sure to check out our article titled: Do Dogs Dream Like Humans?

When your best friend takes to sleeping in this position, it is a sign that they are feeling incredibly safe and secure in their space, proving that they are secure in their relationship with you.

Rest assured, when your dog is sleeping in this position, it indicates total submission, one in which he is completely relaxed, making him one happy dog.

Related Questions:

Why do dogs like to sleep with you?  

Although waking up to the precious face of your dog (often right in your face) is a cute scenario, for some owners, it doesn’t mean sharing the bed with them is a totally enjoyable experience.

Often this activity can lead to a less than good night’s sleep, for the owner that is. But remember, there is a perfectly good explanation, or two, for your best friend to choose to share your bed with you (in addition to the bed is more comfortable than the floor).

Dog Sleep With You

When your dog chooses to sleep with you, it is their way of bonding with you, your dog is showing you they trust you 100%.

If your dog crawls into bed with you and pushes their back up against yours, they are showing you some extra love and affection. Your dog is letting you know they consider you a member of the pack.

Your dog insisting on sleeping with you in your bed could simply mean they need to be close to you for protection, companionship, and warmth, remember your dog thinks of you as family!

For those naysayers who insist that sleeping with their dog interrupts their sleep, there is a different thought on this subject. On the flip side, having your dog sleep with you can be a great experience for both you and your dog.

Some experts believe the owner can get a better night’s sleep when letting their dogs sleep on the bed. Allowing your dog on the bed enables the owner to become more relaxed, with a greater sense of safety and protection during the night.

For the most part, with a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog, it is unlikely having them sleep in your bed will do anything except delight your best friend, comfort you, and enhance the dog-owner bond.

Why Does My Doodle Lie On Me?

For those pet owners that spend a great deal of time with their pets, when your pet insists on sleeping on you, it is his way of saying, “I don’t like to be apart from you, you make me feel safe and comfortable.”

Another reason, especially for smaller breeds or dogs with less hair, the body heat you generate makes the bed a more comfortable place to sleep for your furry friend.

Why Do Dogs Sleep At The End Of The Bed_ #Dogs, #Puppies, #Doodles

Some dogs may seek the close comfort of their owner when they are anxious or want them to do something or take them somewhere, but mostly, it is believed that leaning is a sign of affection.

Too it is important to note that dogs are pack animals who, from the time of their birth, sleep snuggled against their littermates. A puppy’s instinct at birth is to find one another to sleep with for not only warmth but security.

You know the saying, “there is security in numbers” this saying holds true for your dog.

When you take your puppy home, the need for this closeness does not vanish, it is probably stronger since they are taken from their mom and littermates.

Goldendoodle puppies try to replicate that feeling of warmth and coziness with its new owner.

Although some breeds tend to cuddle and enjoy snuggling more than others, a recent survey has found that approximately 50 percent of dog owners allow their dogs to sleep with them in bed, and the dogs don’t mind it at all!

Why do Goldendoodles sleep at the end of the bed?

When your dog chooses to sleep at the end of the bed, a popular position for dogs, it could simply mean there is more room there.

Researchers believe this position reveals your dog wants to be close to you, however, recognizing you are the alpha, they are respecting your space.

Why Do Dogs Sleep At The End Of The Bed_ #Dogs, #Puppies, #Doodles

Having your dog sleep at the end of the bed, researchers explain, offers many benefits that likely outweigh the disadvantages.

Co-sleeping and other intimate sleep habits with your dog can ease anxiety as your dog is likely a light-sleeping canine who will alert you to anything out of the ordinary, allowing the owner to rest more comfortably through the night.

Dogs stay alert for sounds, even during their sleep, making them more aware of their surroundings and more alert than their owner(s). Make sure they have a quiet sleeping area to relax in.

Owning your Goldendoodle is a true passion, one which makes them your constant companion and best friend. Whether your dog is sleeping in the “doodle pose position,” flat on its back with legs in the air for comfort, attention, or relaxation, rest assured he will bring you joy and laughter.

Why Do Dogs Sleep At The End Of The Bed_ #Dogs, #Puppies, #Doodles

When deciding whether you will allow your dog to co-sleep with you in your bed, it is your choice to discover what is most comfortable for you.

With the many positions your dog can assume in your bed, from sleeping on their backs, insisting on sleeping on you, or finding their resting spot at the end of the bed, there are many benefits to allowing them to develop this habit, which will not be easily broken.

 I do believe those dog owners that allow their dogs to share their bed with their focus on the numerous benefits, rather than any negative results, as it is well worth nighttime snuggles from your dog. You can’t get too much sleep!

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