7 Reasons Why Your Puppy Wakes Up So Early

It is not uncommon to find your puppy waking up so early. So, what are the reasons why your puppy wakes up so early? 

The reasons why your puppy wakes up so early include a possible medical condition, the puppy being bored, hunger, anxiety, or maybe the puppy wanting to go out. Therefore, when you notice your puppy up so early, identify the reason for the same, and attend to it right away.  

Reasons why your Puppy Wake up So Early

Is your Goldendoodle puppy waking up so early and disturbing your sleep? If yes, you’re not alone. There are many pet owners who wonder whether they will ever get undisturbed sleep because their puppies don’t sleep past sunrise.

The important thing is to know that this is very normal behavior with puppies, and there are reasons why they wake up so early. 

Knowing why they keep interrupting your sleep will enable you to relax and know how to handle your adorable pet. Here are possible reasons why puppies wake up so early.

It Could Be a Medical Condition

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Just like it is for a human being when a puppy is sick, you will notice that they’ll start behaving differently. The mood may change, and the ever-playful friend will appear dejected.

Another sign that your puppy may be sick is when he wakes up earlier than usual. Especially if he hasn’t been waking up early before, this is a signal that something may be wrong. 

If there is a medical problem that hasn’t been diagnosed, there is a high possibility that it could be the one disturbing him and forcing him to wake up earlier than usual.

Some of the medical problems that affect the capacity of your puppy to sleep well include: a digestive problem, an injury, a urinary tract infection, and many more.

Take a keen look at your puppy to ascertain whether there are signs indicating discomfort. 

Some of the signs that will tell you something is wrong with a puppy’s health include loss of appetite, fever, limping, and behavioral changes. 

If you notice any or more of these, it’s prudent to see a veterinary officer to advise you accordingly. The professional will examine the puppy and determine where the problem is. 

If there is, indeed, a medical problem, the veterinary officer will give the puppy medication, and you’ll be pleased to have him playing again and, of course, sleeping longer.

They May be Bored

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Sometimes, puppies wake up earlier than usual because of being bored. This is an interesting fact because this is exactly what happens with babies. 

Whenever babies are bored, and you’ve not yet woken up, they begin to cry. It is until you wake up and soothe them that they stop crying. 

Likewise, when puppies are bored, they wake up and start barking so as to wake you up as well. 

Simply because they don’t want to stay up alone, they wake you up to them company.

When this happens, it is a bad idea to appear as always giving in to their whining. They may interpret that as the most efficient way to catch your attention.

If they wake up and begin to moan because of being bored, you should find a way of distracting their attention from you. 

The best way to handle this situation is to get them toys that can distract them whenever they wake up. This will allow you to continue catching some sleep as you wait for the sunrise.

They Could Be Hungry

Puppies can wake up early because of hunger. It’s the same case with humans. Certainly, sleeping hungry can be a tricky affair for many people.

The level of discomfort brought about by sleeping on an empty stomach will make it hard for you to get the rest you need.

This will force you to wake up earlier than usual. Similarly, when a puppy is hungry, don’t be surprised if he begins to howl in search of a way to fill his empty stomach. 

A puppy requires multiple feeds throughout the day, and the first one is usually during breakfast. When puppies are between 3-5 months, they tend to wake up earlier than usual. 

This shouldn’t surprise you a lot because babies behave exactly the same way. So, in the first 5 months of your puppies, be ready to be waking up early to give them food.

However, the good news is that you won’t have to do this forever, there’s a time when you’ll be able to enjoy your morning sleep. 

Once they hit 6 months, puppies are able to sleep for longer periods without having to disturb your sleep. In the first months, try to be patient and understand why your puppy keeps waking up so early.

In regards to feeding your puppies, make sure that you’re aware of what to feed and what not to feed them to avoid complications that may affect their health. 

For example, if you have a Goldendoodle puppy, there are certain types of food that are better for eating than others. 

Always consult an approved vet if you’re not very sure of what to feed your little puppies. Remember, quality foods are important for the healthy development of puppies.                               

Maybe They Need To Go Outdoors

Am sure you’ve ever felt the urge to go outside and enjoy a cool breeze or just bask in the sun, right? All you need to do is to walk out of your house, and you’ll be outside in no time. In the same way, there are times when your puppies will want to go outside. 

Particularly when they hear the howling of other dogs, they will have the urge to go outside and play with them. Sometimes they can hear unfamiliar sounds and feel excited about them.

The difference between you and your puppy is freedom. While you have the freedom to go outside without asking anyone for permission, your puppy doesn’t. 

The only way you’ll get the signal that he wants to go outside is by waking up and vocalizing in a way that you’ll know they want something. This is a trend you can notice with time.

If you establish that your puppy wakes up every time a familiar or exciting sound comes from outside, you may have to change the location where he sleeps to a place where the sound cannot reach. This will help your puppy to sleep longer and allow you to rest adequately as well.

They haven’t Gotten Used to their Routine

If you bought your puppies or got them from a different location, it is normal for them to feel lost for a while. 

It takes time to get used to a new routine. Even humans don’t adjust to a new environment immediately. Most of us may even take a longer time to get used to the new environment we’re exposed to. 

Similarly, don’t get anxious when you notice that your puppy is taking longer to adjust to his new home.

Since you don’t know the sleeping routine the puppy had in the previous home, it will be prudent for you to practice patience as he gets used to the new routine.

The moment your puppies start to feel safe and comfortable with their new home, you’ll notice that they’ll be able to sleep without waking up earlier than usual on a regular basis. 

Undoubtedly, while there are puppies that will take longer to get used to their new sleeping pattern, some will take a shorter time. If yours is taking longer, be a little bit patient, and they’ll get into the new routine eventually.

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They May Be Having Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety could be the reason why your puppy is disrupting your sleep. This is a common behavior with most puppies

Separation anxiety is a result of your puppy not wanting to be left alone.

Especially if puppies are in a new home, they tend to miss their mother and siblings. This could be the reason why they have developed the tendency to wake up early.

If you notice that your puppy wakes up early and wants to stay close to you, this could be as a result of separation anxiety. 

Sometimes this behavior can cause anxiety to most puppy owners. 

However, you don’t have to worry about it because, after a while, your puppies will get used to their new home and be in a position to sleep for more hours, allowing you to rest enough before you start your day. 

It’s Normal for Them to Get Short Sleep Durations

Did you know that puppies and babies have a similar pattern of sleeping during their first months of development? They sleep for short time durations throughout the day. 

This is because they aren’t able to get one extended sleeping period like you.

Instead, they have shorter periods of sleep throughout the day, and they are very healthy for them. Some households may confuse this pattern of sleep to be an early riser.

On the contrary, it’s just your puppy learning how to sleep. It’s part of growth.

Indeed, it takes training for puppies to learn how to sleep for extended periods of time. 

They aren’t born with the ability to sleep for long hours at once. It will take a while for them to get used to it, so be a bit patient with them. 

The more you learn their pattern of sleep and understand them, the easier it will be for you to go through the transition together with them.

Key Takeaways

  • The fact that your puppies are waking up early is not a cause for alarm since it’s a common behavior with most puppies.
  • There are different reasons why your puppy is waking up earlier than usual
  • It could be that a medical condition is forcing your puppy to wake up early, especially if they have been sleeping longer before
  • It could be that boredom and hunger is forcing your puppy to wake up early
  • Separation anxiety and a new environment could also be the reason for your puppy waking up so early

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