How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep Per Day?

Many new Goldendoodle owners wonder how long their doodle will sleep per day.  When we got our mini Goldendoodle Lexie five years ago we did too.

We hope the information we share below will help Goldendoodle owners understand what to expect regarding the sleep habits of the Goldendoodle breed.

How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep Per Day?

The goldendoodle dog breed can sleep anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours per day depending on the dog.  Goldendoodle puppies will sleep longer, edging closer to eighteen hours in a twenty four hour period.  Seniors will also need more sleep than the average adult goldendoodle

Each dog is unique, what their body requires on a daily basis can be different from another dog of the same breed.  There are many factors that play into the amount of sleep they need and how much they actually get. 

This time frame is a guideline to ensure that they are kept as healthy as possible.  Some dogs may require more on one day than another day, depending on the adventures they have had.   Potential dog owners who want a dog that is active, healthy, and strong, promoting healthy sleep habits will ensure they live a long life for years to come.

Sleep is something we all need for strength, health, and living a long life.   It restores and repairs our body after a long day of work and play. 

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This is true for dogs just like humans and should be encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The right amount of sleep for a Goldendoodle, when combined with a healthy diet and adequate exercise can ensure that they live a long life.  There are many factors that play into how much sleep they need, with certain times where they may need naps during the day to help them keep going.

The Goldendoodle is a dog breed that requires between twelve and fourteen hours of sleep per day.  This range can vary from one breed to the next with each dog being unique.

What are the factors that determine how much sleep a goldendoodle needs?

A multitude of factors play into how much sleep a goldendoodle needs.

A dogs diet, regardless of breed, including water can make or break sleep. If they aren’t fed enough or the food isn’t healthy they will suffer in sleep. 

If they are dehydrated they also may not be able to sleep.  A healthy diet can give them a satisfied feeling that helps them relax better when that time comes to go to bed.

The mental and emotional health of the Goldendoodle can affect how they sleep, including how much sleep they get.  It is important to tire out the Goldendoodle mentally just like they are physically exercised.  Without that mental stimulation, they may find it hard to settle down.  Emotionally if they don’t receive adequate love and affection or attention they may have a hard time settling down to rest.

The personality of the individual dog will determine how much sleep they get.  Goldendoodles that are more energetic and lively will need less, with dogs that are more relaxed possibly getting more sleep.

The physical health of a Goldendoodle can impact how much sleep they need.  If they are unhealthy or suffer from illness or injury this can cause them to need more sleep than normal.  Goldendoodles that are healthy and strong may require less than the guideline.

A Goldendoodles age can have an effect on how much sleep they need or don’t need.  Younger dogs and puppies may require more sleep, just as a senior or elderly dog.  Dogs of ages in between these life stages may require less.

The home environment with which the goldendoodle lives in can make or break the sleep habits of the family dog.  Households that are noisy, filled with distractions or riddled with stress can make it hard for any dog to have healthy sleep habits.  This can mean that they don’t get enough sleep or spend too much time trying to sleep.

Similar to the home life of a goldendoodle, their stress level can create unhealthy sleep habits, including getting less sleep than normal.  Some dogs are naturally more nervous than others and in this way they may have a hard time settling down to sleep.

How active they are during the day will factor into the amount of sleep the goldendoodle dog will get.  If a goldendoodle receives too much exercise they may sleep more than usual.  If they don’t receive enough exercise they may not want to go to sleep and be restless.

These factors can change from day to day with each dog being as unique as their home environment.  Some dogs won’t be disturbed from sleep by a poor diet, lack of exercise or how old they are.  Families that have a goldendoodle may never experience some of these issues because this breed is rather easy going and laid back.  They have the intelligence and ability to learn how to balance life/

Our Lexie has this balance between playtime, rest and work perfected.  With her friendly and gentle nature she isn’t easily irritated and certainly doesn’t suffer tremendous amounts of stress.  

How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep Per Day? #Dogs #Puppies #Doodles #Goldendoodles #Dogbreed

Emotionally, physically and mentally Lexie is healthy and curious which aides in her sleep at the end of the day.  Thankfully she balances life pretty well as this point.

What are some ways to promote healthy sleep habits for my goldendoodle?

There are numerous ways to promote healthy sleep habits for a Goldendoodle.

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Diet is by far the most important component of any healthy lifestyle.  With ample nutritious food and adequate amounts of clean water, a Goldendoodle will unwind easier when sleep time comes.  Creating a healthy diet meal plan and schedule for dog and family members can promote good health and a restful night’s sleep all.

If the goldendoodle receives enough healthy exercise that matches their needs they will be ready to rest when they settle in.  Finding activities that they enjoy doing and spending time with them connecting while exercising is a great way for the whole family to ensure a healthy nights sleep for everyone.

Attending to the physical, mental and emotional health and needs of the fur baby in the family will ensure that they sleep good and are healthy.   Goldendoodles are easy going by nature so their family must make conscious efforts to ensure that their needs are met. 

Attending to their physical health with regular vet visits is a perfect starting point.  Stimulating their mind will keep it sharp, and sharing affection and offering plenty of time for socializing will keep them emotionally healthy.

Will the Goldendoodle take naps or only sleep at night?

The goldendoodle as well as other dog breeds will sleep throughout the day and night.  This depends on the factors listed above but each dog is different in how they like to sleep. Some days they may nap five times, other days they may nap twice and sometimes still they will not nap at all.

The guideline for Goldendoodles is twelve to fourteen hours depending on the dog.  This guideline of time will usually be broken up into little naps or breaks to recharge their batteries before continuing on with their day.

How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep Per Day? #Dogs #Puppies #Doodles #Goldendoodles #Dogbreed  The Guideline For Goldendoodles Is Twelve To Fourteen Hours Depending On The Dog.  This Guideline Of Time Will Usually Be Broken Up Into Little Naps Or Breaks To Recharge Their Batteries Before Continuing On With Their Day.

One quick nap on the couch, another outside in the sunshine, and yet another still after dinner in the dog bed.  Providing multiple rest spots in the house where the goldendoodle is welcome can promote more naps throughout the day.

Sleep is also a great time and place to bond and share some reconnection time with the family fur baby.   This time can help gently ease the way for even a difficult sleeper to settle down.

In Conclusion

Everyone needs sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle for good health and a long life.  The goldendoodle dog breed sleeps an average of twelve to fourteen hours in a twenty four hour period.  Each dog will have their own unique need for sleep that keeps them functioning at their prime.

The factors that make or break a good nights rest for a goldendoodle are easy to manage with a little planning and forethought, as well as some naps as needed.

If for some reason the goldendoodle has trouble sleeping or getting enough rest, sharing a bed with them can make all the difference in the world, so pull up a pillow at let them hog the bed!

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