4 Reasons Doodles Are So Expensive And Why They’re Worth It

Good dog breeds are not cheap to acquire. They have taken so long to be developed, and breeders have used the best techniques to bring them into existence. Doodles remain one of the priciest dogs to get in the dog market. They are cute but will leave a dent in your bank account. You need to be well prepared to acquire them if you are seriously interested in becoming a doodle dog owner. But why are doodles so expensive? 

4 Reasons Doodles Are So Expensive And Why They’re Worth It 1

Why are Doodles so expensive?

Doodles are simply expensive because they are not very easy to breed. Many of them are designer dogs and fetch very high prices due to this status. It takes a lot to breed doodles and make them healthy and well socialized.

While doodles are becoming a popular breed today, they are still not easy to breed. Getting a litter of healthy and robust puppies takes a lot of effort and care from the breeder’s end. This naturally drives the prices up.

To breed a healthy Doodle, you need to have both a purebred poodle and also another pure-bred dog. After all, Doodles, by their breeding, are mix breed dogs. Popular dogs that are often bred with poodles to create doodles include Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers,

What’s more, specific doodles are considered rare and unique. You will have to part with more cash if you want a beautiful color combination or the sheep doodle. Keep reading to find out why doodles are pricier than most dog breeds.

How Much Do Doodles Cost?

We all agree that doodles are very expensive. You should expect to part with $2000 or more for an ordinary well-bred doodle, as this is what most breeders will accept. However, if you are eyeing a special doodle, you can easily part with up to $5000 for the puppy.

Special doodles are the likes of multi-colored Goldendoodles and toy-sized doodles. There are also rare doodles that will fetch more such as the sheep doodle. Common doodle breeds include the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle, which fetch around $2000 for each puppy. 

It is essential to do your research well if you want to get a doodle that fits your budget. Find out what different breeders accept for the breed and ask for the breeding history before deciding. The more work the breeder does the higher the cost of the doodle.

You can be sure that the doodle you buy will be worth it. No matter how expensive the dog is, you can be sure that it will become your favorite friend and companion. It is even better to get them from a breeder that did all the hard work since this spares you any future issues.

4 Reasons Why Doodles Are Expensive

4 Reasons Doodles Are So Expensive And Why They’re Worth It 2

1. High Demand Increase Prices

Most people, especially celebrities, try their best to have doodles as pets. As such, the demand has gone high. Doodles are pretty recent breeds that were first bred in the 90s, meaning that they are not as many as other dog breeds.

Many breeders have long waiting lists. This popular breed is cute and fancy. With the demand for the dog exceeding the supply, the price may always be high.

2. Breeding Costs that High

Authentic doodle breeders have to incur many costs to breed this kind of dog. The startup cost is a significant contributor to the high price of doodles. Breeders generally have to pay substantial cash to acquire parent doodles.

This will eventually translate to the cost of the doodles when they sell the puppies. Doodles are sensitive, and breeders go to great lengths to find the best parents no matter how much they cost.

To obtain a good quality parent doodle, breeders pay three to four times more than they would a pet doodle. The parent doodle’s temperament, health, and structure must be suitable for the breeder to choose them. After all, the breeder will recoup their initial investment by pricing the puppies slightly higher than they usually would.

However, you should know that not all breeders are equal. There will be a significant variation in pricing depending on which breeder you buy from. The quality of the pups also makes a huge difference.

Healthier and well-bred doodle puppies will cost higher. Besides paying higher prices for good parent doodles, a good breeder will incur additional costs for health tests. Such breeders go beyond the basic vet tests and may pay for genetic tests to ensure that their dogs are free to form any genetic diseases.

Buying from such a vigilant breeder means parting with more cash. You can be sure that the doodle puppy you get will also exhibit excellent qualities because of the thorough work done by the breeder. The advantage of buying from such a breeder, albeit paying more, is that you do not have to worry about the extra costs of medical expenses that could result in the future.

3. It’s Hard to Raise a Doodle Dog

The other reason that makes doodles expensive is that they are not easy to raise. For instance, raising a companion Goldendoodle takes a lot of effort, care, and time. Doodles are excellent companion dogs.

However, to raise a litter to the level where they become such great companions is no easy task. Besides the initial cost of acquiring a good breed, breeders put in a lot to raise the puppies. 

It takes a good amount of training to help a doodle reach their maximum potential. These dogs are known to be great family pets, therapy dogs, and extraordinary companions. Most are generally affectionate and loving.

These good traits have to be appropriately channeled through special training and attention if they are helpful. These excellent values and virtues take a lot of commitment from the breeder. It is essential to give the puppies a good foundation if they are to turn out that great, especially as therapy or companion dogs.

It is not easy raising a litter of puppies successfully. Simply keeping them clean and ensuring they are well fed and socialized takes a lot of commitment. Breeders have to watch the puppies for the first few days non-stop.

4. Cost Increases with Work Input

Such commitment will translate into the cost of the puppies when they are to be sold. Reputable breeders take time with each puppy individually. They teach them basic skills and expose them to different sounds and sights.

By the time one gets their dog, they are sure of the quality. Breeders understand that doodles are primarily meant for companionship. Consequently, how the parents are treated and the litter is raised will influence the outcome of the breed.

Is it Possible to Negotiate the Cost of Doodles?

Doodles are not your ordinary dogs and take a lot to breed. However, since they are not bar-coded or have a fixed price, there is always room for negotiation. Try convincing the breeder for a price you consider fair, depending on your negotiation skills since this is personal.

However, from experience, most reputable breeders set a specific price. Most of them will be unwilling to negotiate a price change. They will account for all the tests and evaluations done on the parent dogs and the litters, so they will not negotiate the price.

Besides all that, the cost that goes into raising a doodle litter is quite substantial. If you genuinely want to have this puppy, you should be ready to pay the price. After all, doodles are not everyone’s choice of dog, and those who want them badly will be ready to pay the price without negotiating.

What Goes into the Breeding Cost of Doodles?

Understand that the breeding cost is not just about the cost of caring for the puppies. You also have to consider the mother and the related costs. Usually, breeders consider the high-quality food cost, insurance, and vaccination. 

Each aspect of the dog comes with an increased cost. Note that the breeder may have to spend a few thousand to achieve their desired goal with the dogs. The breeder must recover all this cost during the sale of the puppies.

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