5 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Goldendoodle

Having a Goldendoodle with its friendly and playful personality can make everyday fun.  As much as we hate to admit it, there may be times where we all run out of ideas on how to have fun and bond with our Goldendoodle.  I thought about how to keep the fun alive every day, with your Goldendoodle. I hope you enjoy it.

Five fun ways to bond with a Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are wonderful companion animals.  As companion animals, they love nothing more than to join in the fun and adventure with their pet parent or loving family.

As a hybrid dog, they are a mixture of two purebred dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

These two purebred dogs have lots of redeeming qualities carried through to these Goldendoodles.

Friendly and gentle by nature, Goldendoodles love being where their loved ones are.  Whether that means driving down the highway on vacation or sitting beside their loved one while they picnic at the park, wherever the family is, Goldendoodles want to be.

Their closeness means that they will want to participate in everything that is going on.

If you are folding the laundry, they will want to help.  If you are eating ice cream, they will enjoy a taste.  If you are watching the newest show on TV, they will be happy to watch it with you.  They love people, and in particular THEIR people.

With all this closeness and connection, one might wonder, do I need more time bonding with my Goldendoodle?  And if so, how can I make this time we share more fun?

Five fun ways to bond with a Goldendoodle

Turn Ordinary into Exciting

Take everyday moments and add a splash of fun.  People often think that the only way to excitement and joy is to go somewhere or do something new.  Sometimes flipping a creative spin on the ordinary of everyday life can make it more fun.

Folding the laundry can be made more fun for a Goldendoodle and pet parent pair by tossing a toy around while doing so.  Perhaps putting the Goldendoodle in the basket-like a little child and push them around on the floor like they are riding in their small car will have them barking and you laughing.

Gardening in the yard, bury a few toys or treats for the Goldendoodle to dig up while the gardening is getting done.  You both work side-by-side and outdoors while including them in your daily chore. 

When they have dug all the goodies up, you can bury a few more, or perhaps encourage them to do a bit of weeding for you. They might be faster at it, although a tad bit messier too!  Either way, it is sure to be fun!

The point is, life is filled with everyday moments that are sometimes boring or ordinary but necessary.  These moments can be special for you and your Goldendoodle too. 

With a little creativity and an open-mindedness geared towards playtime and fun, any situation can turn boring into fun without extra money or time.

Special Furry Dates

I know, it sounds silly.  But devoting a particular day or time of day, to spending time with your Goldendoodle, one on one can create a strong bond and bring more fun into both your lives.

As the pack leader, you will be in charge of figuring out what to do on these “DATES.”  It could be as simple as going to the local doggie bakery every Saturday afternoon for treats together followed by a walk to your special park, or elaborate as a quick trip to the beach together because you both love the water so much.

5 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Goldendoodle

In these times, the main theme should be time spent together.  It can be as little as ten minutes every day or whatever is appropriate for the pet parent or family and Goldendoodle.

Like any healthy relationship between parent and child, husband and wife, brothers or friends, time spent together and devotion to that time are most important.  That means forgetting about the work, leaving the phone or computer alone, and devoting attention to time spent.

This is how all relationships are strengthened, even the ones we share with our furry companions.

To keep these times fun, think of them as moments to share new adventures.  Visit a new park every week, even if it means riding in the car to get to one, or visit a new ice cream shop every month to sample the flavors.  Daily introductions of new toys into playtime at surprise moments or sharing new treats for dessert make life more fun for everyone.

This doesn’t have to mean expensive. Some of the best moments anyone will share are the inexpensive ones.  This can mean buying dollar store treats or toys, that while at times may seem like throw away items, in the end if the dog chews the toy up no one will be too hurt by the expense.

Don’t plan

I know, it sounds kind of counterproductive to the one listed above.  But when you try to create fun ways to bond with a Goldendoodle, too much planning can be a bad idea.

As noted above, plan to devote time to the relationship and include fun, new places, new sights, new toys, and treats but don’t plan.  Let the time spent together unfold naturally.

Goldendoodles are comical. They are energetic and playful.  Not much will be needed in that area for them to introduce their own element of fun into the mix.

If you are on an outing with them at the park and have a new toy to toss around and some treats to share while lounging in the grass, don’t be surprised if they want to wrestle a little by jumping in your lap for some kisses.

Should they want to go say hi, be open to saying hi too?  If they suddenly decide they want to investigate the lake behind you, let them lead and you tag along. You might find the perfect spot to watch the afternoon sky or have to fish your dog out before they swim off in the lake!

Adventure and fun are all around; sometimes, we only have to sit still long enough to let it come to us.  By choosing not to plan time spent together, other than setting the time and putting down the phone, you and your dog are open to all the possibilities life has to offer.

Get Creative

Dogs are natural hams, including that teddy bear Goldendoodle of yours.  So grab that camera, phone, video camera, or paintbrush and some props.

Set the stage, outside or inside, with lighting and perhaps a little fun and comical music.

Depending on the type of artist you are and how willing they are as a model or actor, you can put them in outfits, hats, a basket, set up balloons around them, sit them in a chair with some flowers, let them run free through the snow or chase after a ball.

Whatever inspires you and your Goldendoodle will be fun and exciting, strengthen your bond with each other while creating some great photos or art.

Even if you find your Goldendoodle isn’t going to sit still in that basket in the garden for more than three minutes, what fun it will be attempting to capture what you can of the image and creating the rest.  Not to mention all the fun you will have chasing them around the yard to see if they will sit for one more photo.

At the very least, you will laugh and leave a lasting impression on them as to what is mom or dad doing?  Why do I have to sit here?  Think of all the comical looks you might get from your dog.

5 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Goldendoodle

This creativity doesn’t just include photos, video, and paint. It can consist of karaoke with your dog, cooking with your dog, or any other activity you and your Goldendoodle find fun and exciting. 

You could even have a monthly theme. January is painting a month, February is cooking month, March could be singing contest month.

Whatever you choose to do together is should be about fun.  The result, pictures, food, moves, or songs are second to the time spent and the fun shared.  Take a look online, and you will see many people do this already!

Eat and eat some more.

Like other dogs and humans, Goldendoodles all love to eat.

Some of the best moments for us are made when we spend time with those we love enjoying good food.  So take them for that favorite burger stand that you love so much and share.

Bring them along when the kids go for ice cream. Your Goldendoodle will be more than happy to sample all the kids’ flavors.

Offer them the tastes of the world if that is your thing.  Learning to cook Thai food, share some, attending a backyard barbeque, bring them along.

Five Fun Ways To Bond With Your Goldendoodle

As part of the family, your Goldendoodle will not only find this fun but likely bring their own element of fun to each adventure.

Closing Thoughts

Creating fun and bonding is more about attitude and a state of mind than something that can be bought or done.   With the right mindset, fun and bonding will naturally happen all on their own if we are open and ready for it to happen.

So pay attention because I am sure that your adorable fur baby already has a bunch of ideas in their head that they want to do with you!

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