Are Mini Goldendoodles Friendly?

We have had Lexie, our Mini Goldendoodle, for five years now, and she has put her paw print on every part of our lives.  She is the perfect companion animal for every family member, including our two daughters, who love spending time with her.  Her personality is so gentle and loving; it is hard to believe she is a dog.  She is very friendly when we take her out on walks and appears to be welcoming of our houseguests.  We must say that we never really investigated her breed background to uncover Goldendoodles are friendly, or if this is just a Lexie personality trait.

Please take a moment to learn what we found out when we did some research.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Friendly?

Are Mini Goldendoodles Friendly?  Yes, mini Goldendoodles are extremely friendly.  They manage to get along with everyone they meet, even the grumpiest of people or pets.  Mini Goldendoodles have a gentleness that welcomes those around them.  This loving, gentle, and friendly personality that so many people, and probably pets find so hard to resist. 

They are people pleasers and love socializing and making new friends.  A trip to the dog park or walk around the neighborhood will have them socializing with everyone, possibly even the neighborhood squirrel.  

They see everyone as a friend, very open by nature, and no one is ever a stranger.  Kids, cats, the bird in a tree are all potential friends that the mini Goldendoodle will enjoy knowing and spending time with.  

This breed of a dog gives a whole new meaning to a companion animal.

The mini Goldendoodle was bred to be a companion animal.  They are a crossbreed that blends two dog breeds.  This blending has created a dog with personality and cuteness that makes them a hard breed to resist.

There breeding also makes them great for occupations outside the home as therapy dogs.  Lexie is our house therapist, available any hour of the day or night for emergency visits!

Mini Goldendoodles are loving by nature, enjoying such past times as snuggling on the couch after a long hard day of work or play.  They also love kisses and playtime with their family.

Their gentleness and that cute, adorable face make it hard to resist giving them a good pat or scratch behind the ears.  This gentleness also makes them appear more friendly.

Mini Goldendoodles love to be close to their human family and often can be found right beside them on outings or inside the home. 

If their family is hanging out in the bedroom, they will want to be there too.  If the mini Goldendoodle family is on the deck, the mini Goldendoodle will be too.

As people-pleasing dogs, the mini Goldendoodle won’t discriminate between one person or another.  They quickly make friends with all who enter there home and will enjoy affection and attention just as much when it comes from family, friends, or strangers out on the street.

Lexie has always been the personal house guest greeter for our family.  While one of us plays butler or maid opening the door, it is Lexie that greets the guest and welcomes them into our home!

What makes the mini Goldendoodle so friendly?

Their personality traits due to breeding make them so friendly and welcoming.  That and their appearance, looking so adorably cute, doesn’t hurt either.

Each mini Goldendoodle is unique and character and personality. Therefore we know that not everyone will be the same, but most will have this same friendly quality.

With a mini Goldendoodle in the house, a rare occasion a guest is put off or afraid.  It would also be a huge surprise if a mini Goldendoodle allowed a bad day to affect their kind-hearted nature and good social skills.

Can the mini Goldendoodle be a good watchdog?

No.  Sadly, this is one area where the mini Goldendoodle may be lacking.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, however.   Being very friendly and welcoming, and a guard dog doesn’t generally go hand and hand.

A dog that will guard their home territory or the family inside it must be of high intelligence.  The mini Goldendoodle has high intelligence, which would make them an excellent watchdog.  This intelligence isn’t the only characteristic of a good watchdog, though.

Another trait that a good watchdog must have is loyalty.  While the mini Goldendoodle is loyal and loving to their human family, they are so friendly that they won’t discriminate between the person that comes through the front door and their owner.

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Watchdog, maybe? Guard Dog? Definitely not – lol

This friendliness is what makes them less than appealing as a watchdog.  Eagerness to please and over friendliness would prevent the mini Goldendoodle from being protective and intruding out.

While they might inform their human family of someone coming to the house for a visit, they won’t discriminate between friend and foe.  Everyone is a friend to them and will be welcomed with the same enthusiasm and openness that their human family receives.

The, it is so lovely to meet you; please come into our home and make yourself comfortable while I sit on your lap persona are what makes them lovable, and so hard to resist touching and cuddling.  It is also this persona that prevents them from being a good watchdog.

Thankfully with locks and modern technology like cameras, this should be less of an issue for most dog owners.  For those looking for a dog that can be both a companion and watchdog, this is not that breed.

Editor’s Side Note: If you are considering getting a camera (or 4) for your house, I am a big fan of our new Blink camera system that we got from Amazon. Really good for the price!

This isn’t a concern of ours; we love Lexie just the way she is, a perfect welcoming committee and hostess to all who get near our house!

Can a mini Goldendoodle be trained to be less open and friendly?

Yes and no.  A mini Goldendoodle can be trained to be less open and friendly if there are situations where this is necessary.  It isn’t however, a good idea since this is part of their breed background.  Bred to be a companion animal, it would go against their nature and personality.

These traits of friendliness, gentleness, and kindness are a part of who they are as a dog.  Trying to change these qualities can have a detrimental effect on the dog itself and those around them.

It is best to train them to listen to essential commands for their safety and well-being such as come, stay, and sit.  These commands can protect them from harm while they are out socializing in the world. 

Aside from that, their social and friendly nature makes them very valuable in families and communities.

If the min Goldendoodles family member or someone else is having a bad day, their soothing, loving nature can help chase the mood away. 

This gentle nature can be an asset to a neighbor who suffers from depression if the mini Goldendoodle makes friends and socializes regularly. 

The benefits are endless, where a companion dog of this kind exists.  It should be welcomed and embraced.

We happen to have experience with this on a first-hand basis.  When one of our daughters is having a bad day for whatever reason, our Lexie is right there to make it all the better with some love and attention.

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What can help a mini Goldendoodle that isn’t friendly?

Many tips can help with a mini Goldendoodle that isn’t friendly.

Since this breed is amiable and welcoming to all, it is best to determine why they feel less like themselves.  Depending on what caused this, whether the mini Goldendoodle’s prior home life or illness will shape how it is managed.

Offering plenty of love, affection, and attention to the mini Goldendoodle is the first step in helping them feel better.  This training should be done repeatedly, making a point to set aside a particular time to offer them love and attention.

Time and patience, and understanding are necessary to help them adjust to their new life if it is a new pet, or recover and feel more comfortable after illness or injury.

For fur babies that may be recovering from their past lives in another home that was neglectful or abusive, time is necessary and vital to their well-being.  Their typical personality and nature may have been damaged, but we believe love conquers all!

After that, introducing them to others while they are in a family member, loving arms, will help them feel more comfortable around others.

After all this care and attention, they may still struggle with friendliness.  If this is the case, it is best to allow the dog to be who they are and love them for that.  Friendships are built on trust, and that can take time.

Final Thoughts

While not all dogs are friendly and welcoming to those around them, the mini Goldendoodle is a lover.

They don’t discriminate when it comes to love and friendship. Whoever needs a friend, they are there with a welcoming kiss and furry cuddle.   This personality is just one small part of what makes this dog breed so irresistible!

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