At What Age is a Standard Goldendoodle Full Grown? (Solved!)

It can be hard to know when a dog is fully grown. Goldendoodles are cute dogs that come in all different sizes, but how do you know if one is fully grown?

Goldendoodles are fully grown between the ages of 12.5-16 months. The age varies on the type of Goldendoodle. When they are fully grown, a standard size golden doodle will weigh 50-90 pounds and be 20-26 inches tall. Standard Goldendoodles are the largest compared to other Goldendoodle sizes.

You can find Goldendoodles in standard, miniature, medium, and toy/petite sizes. These sizes range from being a 10-12 pound dog when fully grown, to a 50-90 pound dog when fully grown.

What is a Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is exactly what it sounds like, a golden retriever poodle mix. They are beautiful with their brown, blonde, or golden curly fur. Because of their heritage, these dogs love being athletic.

They are very fun and playful dogs that like to run and play. They are easy-going, and people get along with them really well. If you want a fun-loving dog with a lot of energy, this one is great!

If you want a dog that will work well being an indoor dog, the Goldendoodle is a great option. These dogs do not bark frequently, so they are great for those who want to keep their dog indoors and don’t want to be woken by barking in the middle of the night.

They are also great dogs for families because kids can go run and play with the dog, and the dogs love to interact with both adults and kids.

Goldendoodles are said to be great for cuddling, playing, listening, and are quite understanding. They will learn what you teach them, and they behave well. These dogs are loyal and obedient, and one of the most loved dogs for family dogs. (Source)

This dog is very family-friendly, doesn’t shed often, and is great for people with allergies. They are easy to train and often listen to commands they are given.

The Age Goldendoodles are Fully Grown

At What Age Is A Standard Goldendoodle Full Grown?

Goldendoodles are a very popular dog breed, and many people consider purchasing one when looking for a dog. In fact, Goldendoodles were ranked #5 in the most popular dog breed in America in 2021. (Source)

This dog is clearly very popular, but many people can have a hard time knowing when their dog is fully grown. To help with that, you should understand the different sizes a Goldendoodle can be.

Goldendoodles have different sizes referred to as Toy Goldendoodle, Miniature Goldendoodle, Medium Goldendoodle, and Standard Goldendoodle. These sizes are in order of smallest to biggest. Some people want a small dog, others want mid-sized dogs, and some people love big dogs. So, no matter what size dog you love, you can find the size that you like in a Goldendoodle.

The Toy Goldendoodle is fully grown between 7.5-11 months old. If you get a Toy Goldendoodle, enjoy the puppy phase for as long as possible because it will be over before you know it. Within the first year of its life, the Toy Goldendoodle is fully grown and matured.

The Miniature Goldendoodle is fully grown between the ages of 11 months-13 months old. With this dog, you have about a year before the puppy phase is over. This dog ages later than the Toy Goldendoodle, but it will not age faster than the Standard Goldendoodle which takes the longest to become fully grown.

A Medium Goldendoodle is fully grown between 11 months-13 months, the same as the Miniature Goldendoodle. The differences between these two sizes for a Goldendoodle are minimal, but overall the Medium size is a little larger and heavier than the miniature Goldendoodle.

Lastly, the Standard Goldendoodle is fully grown at age 12.5 months to 16 months old. This is the largest type of Goldendoodle, and it takes the longest to be fully grown. (Source)

These types of Goldendoodles are mainly small breeds. The largest type of Goldendoodle is the Standard Goldendoodle, which can be considered a large dog. The other Goldendoodle dogs are medium and small-sized dogs in comparison to other dogs and other breeds.

How to Tell When Your Goldendoodle is Fully Grown

At What Age Is A Standard Goldendoodle Full Grown?

Apart from the age requirement, what other ways can you tell that your Goldendoodle is fully grown? Firstly, it helps if you know the specific breed and the type of breed you have. Is your dog a Toy Goldendoodle? Is it a Miniature Goldendoodle? Knowing the difference between these can help you know what to look out for when telling if your Goldendoodle is fully grown.

The easiest way aside from age to know if your Goldendoodle is fully grown is to look at your dog’s height and weight. This will tell you if they are in the range of being fully grown. If you do not want to measure this, then simply know that if they are about one year old, then they are most likely fully grown. Larger and heavier Goldendoodle puppies will be larger when fully grown, while smaller and lighter puppies will be smaller when fully grown.

A Toy Goldendoodle is fully grown when they weigh between 10-25 pounds and when they are about 15 inches tall or less. To measure their height, have them stand up and measure from the floor up to their shoulder.

A Miniature Goldendoodle is fully grown when they weigh about 25-35 pounds, and when they are about 15-17 inches tall. These measurements are very close to the Medium Goldendoodle measurements which weigh 35-50 pounds and 17-20 inches when fully grown.

You can measure this at home with the scale or measuring tape that you have on hand, or you can go to the vet if it is time for a check-up and get those measurements from the doctor.

Standard Goldendoodles weigh between 50-90 pounds and will be 20-26 inches tall. The Standard Goldendoodle is the biggest type of Goldendoodle you can get, followed by the Medium Golden Doodle, the Miniature Goldendoodle, and the Toy Goldendoodle as the smallest.

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