Can Goldendoodles Run With You?

We have all heard the saying that dogs are a man’s best friend, and every best friend wants a running partner! Specific breeds, including Goldendoodles, can make great running buddies, and here is what you will need to know!

Goldendoodles make great running partners and can run up to 10+ kilometers, or 6-8 miles. Goldendoodles are known for their energetic and athletic personalities and build. Timing of runs, distance, and personality are factors that may influence the running ability of the Goldendoodle.

While your Goldendoodle may be able to run up to 10 kilometers, it may need to work up to this distance. Keep reading to find out why Goldendoodles make good runners and cautions to take when running with your dog.

Why Run With Goldendoodles?

There are many benefits to taking your dog on a run with you. These may include safety, companionship, and motivation. But, out of all the dog breeds out there, you might be wondering “why Goldendoodles?” And if you are an avid runner, the dog you pick for a running partner is an important decision.

First of all, Goldendoodles are a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever, two energetic and athletic breeds of dogs. Both poodles and golden retrievers are known for their love of water and high energy.

Golden Retrievers were originally bred as gun dogs—designed to retrieve birds and other small animals. Poodles were originally bred as water dogs. This mix makes for a strong, gentle, and athletic dog that is accustomed to running! Your Goldendoodle will be wagging its tail in excitement to get out and run!

Can Goldendoodles Run With You?

Inherited from the golden retriever side, Goldendoodles are loyal and seek to please their owners. Goldendoodles typically are good to run with due to the fact that they stay with their owners and are of good nature. With the proper training, your dog may not need a leash to stay by your side. They are known for being an easier breed to train!

In addition, Goldendoodles are good to run with because of their variety. Whether you do a short run (1-3 miles), or a longer run (5-8 miles), your dog can go the distance on road or trails.

How Far Can Goldendoodles Go?

Goldendoodles have strong, sturdy, yet graceful builds, which contributes to their running stamina. But just like humans, dogs also need to train for running and work up to longer distances.

Depending on the space available for your dog, it may be conditioned to running around. If your dog plays and goes outside often, it will be able to run a farther distance. If it does not, then you will need to begin by running shorter distances.

If you push your Goldendoodle too far too soon, it may get injured or experience over-exertion. Begin by taking your Goldendoodle on shorter distanced runsAre Goldendoodles Good Running Partners? to help it adjust to the activity.

As it becomes more conditioned to running, the two of you can begin doing longer distances. Before you know it, you and your dog will be cruising 10+ kilometers!

So, whether you are out for a casual jog or a more strenuous run, your Goldendoodle can do it as he trains and improves in health!

Things to Consider

There are certain things that should be considered when running with your Goldendoodle. Some of these include the personality, training, and age of your dog. If running with your dog happens too early in its life or without the proper training, health issues may arise.


Although Goldendoodles may be very active as a general breed, all dogs vary in their personalities and likes. Because this is the case, your dog may simply not enjoy running as much as other Goldendoodles. And the opposite may also be true—it may like running even more than other Goldendoodles!

Be sure that you are aware and sensitive to the signs that your dog may simply not enjoy running. Some of these may include lagging behind, walking, or excessive panting.

Listen to your Goldendoodles needs and pay attention to its response when going out for runs! Do not force your dog to run, as this can increase injuries and decrease the happiness of your Goldendoodle. This will help keep your dog and you happy and healthy.

Can Goldendoodles Run With You?


An important factor for your dog to be a good and well-mannered runner is its training. Before your Goldendoodle can learn to run, it should be well trained on a leash.

This will prepare your dog to run with you and not become distracted by cars, other animals, runners. It will also be able to keep you safe by knowing basic commands.

If your Goldendoodle learns to be a good walker, it will help them become a better runner.


Be aware that taking your Goldendoodle running before the age of 6 months can have severe health consequences. Running at a young age may cause joint and muscle injuries in young puppies that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Only adult dogs should be taken on runs.

Be aware of hip dysplasia in your dog as it grows and matures. This is a hip condition in many Goldendoodles in which the hips are loose and create pain when the hips move during walking, jumping, or exercise. If you notice the difficulty in your dog using its hips, take it to a vet for treatment.

Caring for Your Goldendoodle

Just as we care for our bodies before and after exercise, your Goldendoodle also needs care for best performance and health.

Always make sure that your Goldendoodle has plenty of water and does not run too soon after eating (1-2 hours). Regularly check your dog’s paws for thorns, bleeding, or other injuries. Letting your dog cool down and rest after a long run will also help it to recover and be ready for the next run. Treats and food after a run will boost and replenish energy.

Lastly, always watch for hazards when running. Just like a best friend should, your Goldendoodle will take care of you as you take care of it.

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