Do Goldendoodles Run Away?

You love your dog whether it is brand new or you’ve had it for a while, so of course, you would never want it to run away as that is a nightmare for most dog owners. So you may either have a Goldendoodle or are wondering, do they run away?

Goldendoodles will run away if not trained properly and given the chance. To prevent Goldendoodles from running away, train them not to and keep a hand on their collar when they are near an open door. Never let go of their leash or let them off leash when outside of a fenced area.

Running away can be dangerous for any dog because they could get taken, hit by a car, get pregnant/get another dog pregnant if not fixed, and more. This is a stressful experience for a dog owner that many fear, but it doesn’t have to be if you train your dog to stay with you. Keep reading to find out how to do so.

Reasons Goldendoodles Run Away

By understanding why they run away, this might help you in their training. Reasons why dogs runaway may include:

  • Boredom/curiosity
  • Fear
  • To find a mate
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • To chase prey

How to Prevent Goldendoodles From Running Away

Now that you understand the many reasons why Goldendoodles try to and do run away, you should learn how to prevent your Goldendoodle from running away so you can keep them safe in your home.

Goldendoodles are a hyper and energetic breed and they need to be exercised and entertained often or they will run away to burn off energy. Give them puzzles and play with them often to exercise their mind and body. Training will tire them out.

Goldendoodles run away because they are afraid. If a loud noise surprises them and a door is open, they will run out of it. Keep all doors and windows closed during the 4th of July or during other holidays, during thunderstorms, and when loud events will be happening nearby. Keep them calm by petting them and keeping them comfortable.

Your Goldendoodle wants to mate with another dog whether they are male or female. Male dogs are more likely to run away than females when they are in heat. However, if you spay or neuter your Goldendoodle you can prevent them from running away for this reason.

Your Goldendoodle will run away because of separation anxiety if they are given the chance. Don’t leave your dog home alone for too long if you want to keep your dog in your home. Spend quality time with your dog, and if your Goldendoodle has separation anxiety bring them to a doggy daycare or have a dog sitter come by while you are at work for the day.

Do Goldendoodles Run Away?

Your Goldendoodle may run away because they are lonely. They will try to find someone or another dog that will give them attention while you are gone. If this happens, give them plenty of attention when you get them back, and maybe get a friend for them that they can play with during the day, or drop them off at a doggy daycare.

Your Goldendoodle will run away to chase a squirrel, bird, or another dog if they feel the need to hunt them. Pull your dog away from the prey if possible, and try to distract it with a toy or a treat.

If your dog has run away frequently, you can start training them to stay with you. The training will help them focus their minds when they are with you, so they won’t be distracted by outside sources that will influence them to want to run away.

Additional Training Tips: Prevent Running Away

Tips and Tricks on How to Train your Goldendoodle Not to Run Away

  • Start training your Goldendoodle with simple commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come”. If you can teach these to your pet in a controlled environment like your home this will help them to learn the basics of obedience. You can call them indoors and if they come then immediately reward them.
  • Teach them to respect the door, when you open it to come and go teach them not to bolt towards it. When you open a door teach your dog to “sit” and say “no” if they try to go through it, once they are sitting and leashed you may tell them to go through it.
  • Use reward based training as it has been proven to be better than punishing your dog for not listening, whenever they do praise them and give them a treat. When you go out take special training treats that are irresistible, make sure you are only using them as a reward and not a bribe to come.
  • Reward your dog when it’s time to come inside and they respond and listen, start this every time they are outside in your yard just to use the bathroom. This will teach them once they listen the first time to come they will be rewarded, once this has been taught you can try to teach them to recall while in a dog park.
Do Goldendoodles Run Away?

How to Get Goldendoodle Back After they Run Away from You:

Get a GPS tracker or have the veterinarian add an identification chip to your dog. The vet will typically chip your dog during your dog’s first visit to the office if you tell them you want it done. Make sure your Goldendoodle has a collar with your phone number and address so they can be returned to you quickly.

If your dog has run away from you and recalling hasn’t worked, run away from your Goldendoodle backward while calling their name in an excited voice. This will make them excited and wonder why you are leaving so they will come back to you and you can grab ahold of their collar or reattach their leash.

If you have trouble training our Goldendoodle, although they are known as easily trainable dogs, find a local dog trainer that can train them to stay with you while outside.

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