Are Mini Goldendoodles Hyper?

Mini Goldendoodles naturally have a lot of energy, which makes many owners hesitant to own them. However, there are methods of correcting this behavior with minimal effort.

The mini Goldendoodle is a hyper breed. Both golden retrievers and miniature poodles are hyperactive, which passes down to the high-energy mini Goldendoodle. Proper stimulation and exercise can reduce energy; however, the dog may remain more hyper than other breeds for the entirety of its life. 

If you are wondering whether mini Goldendoodles are typically calm or hyper, then you have come to the right place. To learn more about mini goldendoodles being hyper, then you will want to continue reading below to discover everything possible about the topic.

Are Mini Goldendoodles High Energy?

Mini goldendoodles are high-energy and can be classified as a hyper breed. Their zest is one of the reasons why they are so popular. You cannot help but fall in love with a mini Goldendoodle’s charm and energy. Their vivacity is contagious, which can help you keep up with them. A mini Goldendoodle never slows down, so the same kind of energy must be present in the owner.

Fun-loving mini Goldendoodles are common. They are a result of their parents, which makes it nearly impossible for them to be anything other than hyper. They are full of liveliness and they have a clear passion for whatever they set their mind to. They are enthusiastic dogs, and their energy never seems to diminish. From puppy-hood to adulthood, you may notice that your mini Goldendoodle has an immense amount of energy that never seems to die out.

Because mini Goldendoodles are such high energy, they make for a great family dog. They are able to keep up with a quick-paced lifestyle that is typically present in families. They do well with children, especially because kids are likely to give the dog large amounts of attention.

Now that you know mini Goldendoodles are hyper, you may be wondering if all of them share this same quality. Is there any such thing as a calm mini goldendoodle, or are they all bundles of energy?

The truth is, mini Goldendoodles are not always hyper. Many are naturally calm, all depending on their innate temperament. While there is no mini Goldendoodle that does not like playtime and exercise, it is possible to find one that is not hyperactive. With training, your mini Goldendoodle will be able to figure out the appropriate times to display such energy and hyperactivity, and will be able to recognize when such behaviors are unfitting for the situation.

Why Are Mini Goldendoodles Hyper?

There are many different reasons why a mini Goldendoodle is hyper. The most common reasons for hyperactivity are biological, things that cannot be changed by the owner. This indicates that a mini Goldendoodle is full of energy because of innate characteristics, not because of the environment it grew up in.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Hyper? 1


The first reason a mini Goldendoodle may be hyper is because of its breeding. Mini Goldendoodles are the product of the golden retriever and the miniature poodle, both of which are known for being high-energy dogs.

These dogs are both lively and spirited, which can explain why the mini Goldendoodle is as well. If two hyperactive dogs are bred together, then it is only natural that an equally active dog is produced.


The second reason a mini Goldendoodle may be hyper is because of its age. Age plays a large role in how active a dog is, no matter the breed. Most puppies have more energy than older dogs, so if your mini goldendoodle is young, then this can account for its hyperactivity.

If age is the reason for your mini Goldendoodle being hyper, then you will notice the dog becoming gradually calmer with maturity. It is normal for any young dog to be energetic, all you have to do is wait for the bouts of energy to slowly reside.


The third reason why a mini Goldendoodle may be hyper is because of its temperament. This is an innate part of the dog that cannot be changed. Temperament is evident early on, even during the puppy stage.

While it is hard to tell the temperament of many puppies, it is a good indicator that the most hyper puppy in the litter will remain the most hyper even with age. While this may be the general rule, some puppies can actually become more hyper with age, and vice versa

How to Deal With a Hyper Mini Goldendoodle

Hyper Goldendoodle

Dealing with a hyper mini Goldendoodle can be difficult. Many are not aware of how much energy they have until they are faced with the challenge of living with them. Thankfully, there are ways to combat their energetic nature that make their personality much more manageable.


The first way to deal with a hyper mini Goldendoodle is by making sure they are properly trained. Training a dog is not as difficult as many believe, and it is never too late to start. Mini Goldendoodles are highly intelligent, so training them is a breeze. They will pick up on what you want much quicker than many other breeds, which makes them delightful to train.


The second way to deal with a hyper mini Goldendoodle is by making sure they receive ample amounts of exercise. All dogs need exercise, but mini Goldendoodles may need more than the typical small breed.

The average mini Goldendoodle needs about 45 minutes of daily exercise, but dogs with more energy may require more. Mini Goldendoodles love the water, so taking your dog for a swim will be right up their alley. In addition, regular walks are recommended, and many mini Goldendoodles need one brisk walk per day.


The third way to deal with a hyper mini Goldendoodle is by making sure they get enough stimulation. This breed can get bored easily, which means they must be introduced to different stimuli regularly.

This can be done by giving your mini Goldendoodle a new toy, by changing up their daily routine a bit, or by teaching them a new trick. No matter how you do it, your mini Goldendoodle will be appreciative.

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