How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? 7 Major Factors

Goldendoodles come in five sizes: Teacup, toy, miniature, standard, and medium. Each of these breeds is different and unique in its way. Their popularity soared among households, mainly attributed to their adorable teddybear like appearance. Many futures and current pet parents often question how big their Goldendoodles will get. It is important to know their mature size before getting a puppy so you can plan ahead. So, how big do Goldendoodles get?

How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? 7 Major Factors 1

How Big Do Goldendoodles Get?

Goldendoodles typically reach a height of 22 inches and a weight of around 60 pounds. Female Goldendoodles are smaller than males, measuring approximately 19 inches and weighing about 55 pounds. There are five distinct types of Goldendoodles, each of which differs somewhat from the others in size.

While the differences may look almost negligible, they are brought about by various factors, including parent breeds, breeding, and others. These factors also significantly contribute to your choice if you want to pet a Goldendoodle.

If you are looking into becoming a Golden parent and size is a significant aspect, worry not because this guide is perfect for helping you settle on what to get. All information provided here was exclusively sourced from reputable vets.

What Is The Size of a Goldendoodle?

Size is an essential factor to consider when choosing between different dog breeds, as different sizes may be better suited to different families and living situations. Even if you currently possess a Goldendoodle puppy, you are likely curious about the average adult Goldendoodle size to determine how much larger your pet will grow.

Like many other hybrid dog breeds, Goldendoodles have been bred to come in a range of sizes to accommodate their owners’ wants and tastes.

Here is a more in-depth look at these sizes:

Standard Size Goldendoodle

Since standard-size Goldendoodles are the largest of the three breeds, they may require a more significant living space and playing area compared to their counterparts.

A typical standard-size male Goldendoodle will reach a height of 22 inches and weigh approximately 60 pounds, with an initial weight of 8 pounds at eight weeks of age. Female Goldendoodles are slightly smaller than males, measuring approximately 19 inches and weighing approximately 55 pounds.

Standard size Goldendoodles are an excellent size dog for individuals who need the security of a giant dog but still want a pawed companion to play with. A standard Goldendoodle is also the ideal dog if you have a large house and a big backyard.  If you like to exercise outside and require a friend, a standard Goldendoodle size is also a fantastic choice.

Medium Size Goldendoodle

Medium size Goldendoodles are a popular option because their size allows them to live in relatively small houses comfortably. They are also an excellent compromise between a little and a large dog.

Medium-sized Goldendoodles reach 15 to 20 inches shoulder height as adults. Both sexes, at maturity, remain within the same weight range, between 30 and 45 pounds.

Medium Goldendoodles are small enough to manage and make good exercise companions easily. The medium-sized Goldendoodle may be suitable for apartment or condo life, as they are not so large as to discourage many people.

Since the medium Goldendoodle is one of the most popular sizes among breeders, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg to get one.

Female Goldendoodles are often more petite than male Goldendoodles of the same size. Therefore, if you’re searching for a more petite to medium-sized Goldendoodle, a female is preferable to a male.

How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? 7 Major Factors 2

Miniature Size Goldendoodle

These cute little miniature Goldendoodle puppies are ideal for people who live in small apartments or want a small, devoted friend. The Miniature Goldendoodle is created when a Toy Poodle is mated with a Golden Retriever.

These canines are typically between 13 and 20 inches and 15 to 35 pounds. The Miniature Golden size is bigger than the Teacup and Toy Goldendoodle but smaller than the Medium and Standard Goldens.

Individuals who reside in smaller dwellings, such as a condo, apartment, or RV, may find these adorable furballs the best option. Goldendoodles are high-energy dogs who require plenty of outdoor exercise, but their home space does not need to be as huge.

How Big Do Teacup Goldendoodles Get? 

Teacup Goldendoodles, sometimes known as Petite Goldendoodles, are smaller than Toy Goldendoodles. The Teacup is formed by breeding a Miniature Goldendoodle with a Toy Poodle.

At maturity, the Teacup Goldendoodle stands 9 to 12 inches in height and weighs 13 pounds or less. A standard sheet of printer paper is a decent indicator of their height.

The Teacup Goldendoodle is the smallest Goldendoodle variety after the Toy Goldendoodle. You can comfortably carry this small canine in one hand or even travel with them through public transport. However, like any other dog, be wary of the barking.

It is important to note that when you want to add a Teacup into your family, do your due diligence on the breeder. Unfortunately, some unethical breeders prioritize the size of their puppies over their health, resulting in adult dogs with a range of health difficulties.

How Big Do Toy Goldendoodles Get? 

A full-grown Toy Goldendoodle will be 10-16 inches and 10-20 pounds. The height is the same as a laptop at shoulder level. Nonetheless, this small size comes packed with a handful of advantages.

Toy Goldendoodles are small enough to be held in the palm of one’s hand and can fit into smaller carry boxes. This is advantageous for owners who regularly go up and downstairs.

When feeding these ultra-small puppies, owners must also exercise caution since the Toy Goldendoodle easily choke.

Additionally, you will only need a little crate when crate-training a Toy or Teacup Goldendoodle.

What Factors Contribute To The Ultimate Size Of The Goldendoodle?

A variety of variables govern the final adult size of your Goldendoodle. Gender, the height and weight of the parents, and the Goldendoodle’s generation are among the variables to consider.

These factors make it nearly hard to predict just how large your dog will become, but they do allow us to make an educated prediction.


To begin with, the size of Goldendoodles is determined by their gender. A male Goldendoodle will often be slightly taller and heavier than a female. There is not much change, although it is estimated to be around 10% larger.

In the smaller Teacup Goldendoodle, Toy Goldendoodle, and Mini Goldendoodle sizes, the height and weight disparity between males and females may not be as pronounced as in the larger Standard Goldendoodle size. Male Goldendoodles should be 1 to 4 inches taller and 5 to 10 pounds heavier than females.


Lastly, the generation to which your Goldendoodle belongs will impact their size. The “generation” of a Goldendoodle refers to the similarities between your dog’s genetic composition and a Poodle or a Golden Retriever.


A Goldendoodle with a higher proportion of Poodle than a Golden Retriever may be slightly smaller than one with a higher proportion. This does not include any other variables affecting a dog’s size. The smaller the dog, the lesser the proportion of smaller dogs.


The size of the parents is also a vital consideration. Similar to humans, the genetics passed down from parents to offspring influence the size of a Goldendoodle.

If one parent is smaller than average, their offspring will probably be smaller than usual. However, keep in mind that genetics is difficult to anticipate.

At What Age Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing?

Your Goldendoodle puppy might appear to be growing at a rapid rate. Time will fly by, and they will be wholly grown before you know it. Goldendoodle growth ages are significantly different from each other. Typically, Golden Retrievers are fully matured by the age of two.

Standard and Medium Size Goldendoodle

It takes between one and two years for a standard poodle to reach maturity. A Standard or Medium Goldendoodle will generally grow like a weed for the first year and a half of their lives, but they may continue developing and filling out until they are two years old.

Miniature, Teacup, and Toy Poodles

Miniature and Toy Poodles, on the other hand, often reach maturity between 6 and 8 months of age.

Mini, Toy, and Teacup Goldendoodles may take longer than ordinary Goldendoodles to reach maturity because large dog breeds grow more slowly and over a more extended period than smaller ones.

Due to the numerous combinations that comprise Mini, Toy, and Teacup Goldendoodles, they should reach maturity between 7 and 12 months.

How To Enhance The Growth of Your Goldendoodle

It is essential to immediately feed your Goldendoodle with high-quality puppy food to enable them to grow up strong, healthy, and devoid of the health problems that can affect this mixed breed.

Bear in mind to feed these pups the right portion of food since overfeeding or underfeeding them could be hazardous.

Overfeeding a puppy can negatively affect his health for the remainder of his life. It could lead to obesity, joint issues, bone abnormalities, and diabetes, to mention a few,

Underfeeding could make them underweight and lack the vital nutrients in their body.

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