Are Male or Female Goldendoodles Easier To Train?

Greetings everyone, I hope you’re enjoying December.  Jennifer here with Sasha and Max.  Many people whom I meet are curious about training their Goldendoodle.  Many seem confused about whether there is a difference in training for a male and female, is one easier than the other?  I am lucky to have both a male and female Goldendoodle and thought I would cover this topic today to help those curious minds know more.

As well as my own experience and knowledge, I did a little research; please take a look at what I uncovered.  I hope you find it helpful on your journey of training a Goldendoodle!

Are Male or Female Goldendoodles Easier To Train?

Are male or female Goldendoodles easier to train?  Neither male nor female Goldendoodles are easier to train than the other.  Each gender will have it’s own challenges and successes with regards to training.  They are different, but neither is easier nor harder. 

Some Goldendoodle owners from experience feel that males may be easier to train due to their loving nature, but this isn’t always the case. 

Some owners may believe females are more difficult due to their protective nature, but both scenarios can play out differently, depending on the Goldendoodle and unique situation. 

Many factors determine how easy it is to train any dog, regardless of breeding and gender.  For females, hormones can play a role in how easy or difficult it is to train them. 

It can be harder to train a male or female dog that hasn’t been spayed or neutered as this medical procedure is sometimes believed to reduce aggression and challenging behaviors. 

The environment can also play a role in how easy either gender is to train and health and personality or temperament. 

Each Goldendoodle must be considered as an individual regardless of gender.  While being male or female can create some difficulties, gender doesn’t always play a role in how easy or difficult training will be. 

Goldendoodles as a whole breed are easy to train due to their intelligence and friendly, people-pleasing personality.   F

or potential dog owners that want to welcome a Goldendoodle into their family, each gender will have its strengths and weaknesses, just like humans but realizing individuality will help make life easier all the way around.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog breed that combines two very loving, intelligent, and strong dog breeds that make excellent companion animals. 

Their background lends them to assistance and companion dogs due to their intelligence, gentle nature, and playful personality.

Training a dog with this background, whether male or female, is easier than it might be for another breed.

Some people have reported that males of any dog breed are naturally easier to train while females are more difficult due to their hormones and naturally protective nature. 

These are situational and do not necessarily add up to one gender being easier or harder to train.

Many issues can affect or factor into the ease or difficulty it takes to train a dog of any breed.  The fact that the Goldendoodle is naturally receptive to training lessens any challenges that might be had.

Other factors that can make it easier or harder to train a male or female Goldendoodle include:

  • Hormones
  • Home environment
  • Age of the dog
  • Health of the dog
  • Personality and temperament
  • Whether the dog is spayed or neutered
  • If the dog has been socialized

These ideas of what can factor into ease of training of any dog regardless of gender.  Within them, a variety of scenarios can play out.

For example, a female dog that isn’t spayed but has existing health issues at a young age, lives in a home with another dog, can be hard to train. 

But if that same female dog is spayed and has no health issues and lives in that same household with another dog, it will be easier to train.

As you see, each factor scenario can vary from Goldendoodle to Goldendoodle regardless of whether they are male or female.  Each scenario can have a different outcome, making it easier or hard to train.

How do gender, temperament, and personality play a role in training a Goldendoodle?

The gender of a dog, Goldendoodle or otherwise, doesn’t necessarily play a direct role in the training of a dog.  It is more how their gender affects their physical, emotional, and mental state that can factor into ease of training.  Examples of that would be hormones or pregnancy.

The temperament of the Goldendoodle is pretty much the same from male to female.  This can make training easier regardless of gender.

Temperament is directly linked to breeding. Therefore gender will not necessarily play an active role in their temperament. 

If quality and the reputable breeder are chosen, unsavory and difficult or negative traits should not come up in the dog’s temperament, regardless of their gender.

Personality is a direct reflection of a dog’s life experiences.  Are the people around them happy and loving?  Are they neglected or abused, treated with care? 

These scenarios play into Goldendoodle’s personality and will affect how easy they are to train regardless of whether they are male or female.

Does age affect how easy it is to train a male or female Goldendoodle?

Yes, age does affect how easy it is to train a male or female Goldendoodle but not because of their gender.

The dog’s age can make it easier or harder, with young pups being easier to train provided they are not too young. 

Training is always best started early in life because the young Goldendoodle, like human children, are naturally more receptive to learning new skills and being taught.

Older dogs can be set into patterns, and their personality is more deeply formed.  This doesn’t mean that an older Goldendoodle will always be harder to train. It can, however, make it a bit more challenging. 

Success can be achieved at any dog age with a Goldendoodles’ people-pleasing personality, but persistence and patience may need to be offered repeatedly for success.

Does hormones or health affect how successful it is to train a female Goldendoodle?

Yes, hormones and health do affect the success of training a female Goldendoodle.  Hormones, like anything else in a female dog’s life, can affect how they behave and also how they respond to the world around them, including whether they are receptive to training or not.

Health can also play a role in how easy it is to train a male or female Goldendoodle.  Every dog will struggle just as humans do with day-to-day tasks and learn new skills when they feel unwell.

In both of these scenarios, working around the hormones or health issues may make things easier on everyone, Goldendoodle, and trainer. 

If the health issue goes away with time, postponing training until health is restored will ensure success.  Hormones can fluctuate in dogs just as they do in humans.

The most important thing that can be done during these moments is to have patience with the Goldendoodle and self to get through the process.  The less stress everyone feels, the easier the training will go.

If I spay or neuter my Goldendoodle, will it make training easier?

This answer depends on who you ask.  It is believed that spaying or neutering a Goldendoodle can make training easier.  Hormonal changes and aggression issues in both males and females can occur at any time in a Goldendoodle’s life.

Still, some believe these medical procedures serve more purpose than just preventing reproduction. 

It is believed that these procedures create a more balanced state of emotion, mind, and body because the need and desire for reproduction have been removed.

Whether or not this is the case can be reflected individually as some male and female Goldendoodles calm down and are better behaved after these medical procedures. 

Some dogs of both male and female do not respond in this way and remain unchanged after these medical procedures.  These medical procedures serve a purpose in society but should not be primarily relied upon to make training easier.

Does the gender of the person training the Goldendoodle matter?

Yes and no.  This is another hot topic of debate, with answers varying from one person to another.

Male and female trainers can both effectively and positively train a Goldendoodle if they have the skills, knowledge, and positive mindset to accomplish the task.  Their gender doesn’t have any bearing on skill, knowledge, and mindset, or ability.

That being said, some dogs of both male and female tend to bond and respond better to one gender of human or the other.  Many factors can play into the reasoning behind why this happens, as each dog is unique.

When selecting a trainer to train a male or female Goldendoodle, it is better to focus on knowledge, mindset, and skill rather than gender and discover how they react to the person regardless of their gender. 

If it is discovered that a Goldendoodle has a preference for one gender of human over the other, this is merely a preference of the dogs’ unique personality.

Training is often successful when the trainer and Goldendoodle form a comfortable and close bond that fosters trust, understanding, patience, and learning.  Gender doesn’t play a role in this bond.

In Conclusion

Training a dog can have its ups and downs depending on the breed of dog.  The Goldendoodle is a relatively eager and easy dog breed to train due to their personality, temperament, and intellect.

Whether male or female, each unique dog will have its challenges and strengths when it comes to training and learning new skills.  Neither gender is harder or easier to train. They are both just different as each dog is.

When we focus primarily on uniqueness and the traits that make a dog who they are, gender is no longer that important and becomes just another piece of the puzzle that makes them who they are!

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