How Big is a 25 lb Mini Goldendoodle? (With Photos)

There are different types of Goldendoodles with different names depending on their size. A Miniature Goldendoodle is the second to smallest Goldendoodle dog that you can get out of the four different types of Goldendoodles.

A 25-pound Miniature Goldendoodle ranges from 15-17 inches tall when fully grown. This dog is bigger than the Toy Goldendoodle but smaller than the Medium and Standard Goldendoodle. At this weight and height, the Miniature Goldendoodle is more mature, so it can respond to commands when taught.

This dog is small and is known as a sweet fun family dog. If you want to learn more information about the Mini Goldendoodle, then read below.

Size of Mini Goldendoodle

The Miniature Goldendoodle is a small dog that many people love. It is known for being energetic, playful, cuddly, and an all-around great family dog. People love this dog not only for its friendliness but also for being a great indoor dog. It is not a barker, so this dog will stay quiet which is great for people who prefer their house quiet for any reason.

Families that are growing and have kids and babies taking naps during the day will appreciate this dog because it will stay quiet. They are also great dogs for those who work from home and have to attend online meetings without interruptions. If you want a dog with these wonderful qualities, then a Goldendoodle is perfect for you.

The size of a Mini Goldendoodle is about 25-35 pounds and 15-17 inches when grown. This dog is most compatible with the Medium Goldendoodle. The Medium Goldendoodle is about 35-50 pounds and 17-20 inches tall when grown. To measure the height of a dog, you measure them while standing.

Measure from the ground up with a measuring instrument, and mark where it hits the shoulder. This will tell. you how tall the dog is.

How Long Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hold Its Bladder?
Lexie weighs 22 pounds and is fully grown (photo at five years old)

The other two types of Goldendoodles are the Toy and Standard Goldendoodles. The Toy Goldendoodle is about 10-25 pounds in weight, and 15 inches tall or less. This dog is mature at those measurements, and also when it hits 7.5-11 months old.

A Standard Goldendoodle is the biggest size of a Goldendoodle that you can get. It measures up to about 50-90 pounds and 20-26 inches tall when full grown, and it is full-grown at 12.5- 16 months old.

Mini Goldendoodle Compared to Other Goldendoodles

A Mini Goldendoodle is the second smallest of the Goldendoodle breed. The only difference between these different Goldendoodles is their size. There are Toy, Mini, Medium, and Standard Goldendoodles. Each different Goldendoodle type refers to different sizes.

These dogs are great sizes for those who want small or big dogs. Now, the biggest Goldendoodle is about 50-90 pounds and is a taller dog, but it will not be as big as a Great Dane. If you prefer dogs the size of a Great Dane, then a Goldendoodle is not what you are looking for sizewise.

Goldendoodles are very playful and full of energy, but because of their different sizes, they need different amounts of food and walk and playtime.

A Mini Goldendoodle should have about 30-45 minutes of physical playtime and exercise a day minimum. This will get their energy out and will keep them healthy and active. The Standard Goldendoodle needs about 20-30 minutes of playtime a day, but more will do them well.

Smaller dogs tend to need more time to play and exercise. They also might need to eat more often because their stomachs are smaller than other dogs.

When feeding a Mini Goldendoodle, they will eat 2 times a day as an adult, and 3 times as a puppy. In total, they will eat about 1-4 cups of dog food a day. The amount will vary depending on your dog’s needs or what your vet tells you. Generally, if you feed them about 2 cups of dog food for each meal, then they will be full and happy.

Why Get a Mini Goldendoodle?

Mini Goldendoodles have a lot of perks. Aside from their adorable looks, these dogs are also fun and practical for many families. Goldendoodles are wonderful for many reasons and are worth looking into if you are thinking about getting a dog.

First off, this dog is rated #5 in the national ranking of dog breeds. (Source) People who have this dog currently in the U.S. love it and highly recommend it to other people. It is great at listening to commands, playing with others, and not being loud.

How Long Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hold Its Bladder?

Mini Goldendoodles are a great size for people who want a small-sized indoor dog. Families who have kids love this breed because their dog is gentle, yet energetic and playful. This dog is not a biter or barker, and children get along great when playing with a Mini Goldendoodle.

Parents love Goldendoodles for how playful and gentle they are with kids and how easy they are as a pet. They mature within a year so you can teach them all the commands that help them function in a home.

Using the bathroom in a designated spot, going outside, and sitting and standing when told to do so can be taught to a Goldendoodle. Goldendoodles also only need to go to the groomers about every 6-8 weeks, though you should brush them regularly to prevent hair matting.

What Issues do Mini Goldendoodles Typically Have?

Due to being so small, the Mini Goldendoodles are prone to dislocated knees, a blood-clotting disease, bone and joint problems, ear problems, and more. If you take care of your dog, it should live a long life.

Talk with your vet about potential problems and how to avoid them. There are plenty of options to help your dog if they experience any problems. (Link to Goldendoodle Life Expectancy Article)

Beyond those health-related issues, Goldendoodles (particularly Mini and Toy Goldendoodles) can suffer from separation anxiety (link to Goldendoodle Separation anxiety article). This can be mitigated and even prevented with the proper care and attention that all Goldendoodles and dogs alike deserve.

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