Is a Mini Goldendoodle a Small or Medium Breed?

It can be a great thing when a family decides to get a dog and Goldendoodles are a great choice. But People refer to Mini Goldendoodle dogs as both small and medium-sized dogs. So, which size are they really?

A Mini Goldendoodle is a small dog. They weigh 25-35 pounds when fully grown and are 15-17 inches tall at the shoulder. Medium dogs weigh 35-55 pounds and are 18-22 inches tall. Mini Goldendoodles can grow to be a medium-sized dog or a similar size but often don’t grow past 17 inches in height.

The biggest a Mini Goldendoodle can get is the smallest size of a medium dog. Now that you know about what size Mini Goldendoodles are you are likely wondering about other Goldendoodle sizes. Keep reading to find out more.

Size of Mini Goldendoodle Compared to Other Goldendoodles

A Mini Goldendoodle is one of four sizes a Goldendoodle can be. The Mini Goldendoodle is also the second smallest of the Goldendoodle types, so here is a breakdown of what the other sizes are in comparison to the Mini Goldendoodle.

From smallest to biggest, the types of Goldendoodles are: Toy Goldendoodle, Miniature Goldendoodle, Medium Goldendoodle, and Standard Goldendoodle. Their sizes range from 10 pounds to 90 pounds, so no matter what size dogs you prefer, you can find it in a Goldendoodle.

As stated above, the Mini Goldendoodle weighs 25-35 pounds and is 15-17 inches tall when fully grown. The Mini Goldendoodle is fully grown between 11-13 months, and it is a similar size to the Medium Goldendoodle.

Medium-sized Goldendoodles are 35-50 pounds and are 17-20 inches tall when fully grown. The Medium Goldendoodle is fully grown at the same time as the Mini Goldendoodle, which is 11-13 months.

The Toy Goldendoodle weighs 10-15 pounds and is 15 inches tall or shorter when fully grown. The Toy Goldendoodle is fully grown in the shortest amount of time, which is 7.5-11 months. In comparison to the Mini Goldendoodle, the Toy Goldendoodle dog is 10 pounds smaller but about the same height when measured at the shoulders.

The Standard Goldendoodle is the largest size of Goldendoodle there is, and it weighs 50-90 pounds and is 20-26 inches tall. This dog when compared to the Mini Goldendoodle is drastically different in both size and weight.

The heaviest the Mini Goldendoodle can be is 15 pounds lighter than the lightest amount Standard Goldendoodle can weigh. The tallest the Mini Goldendoodle can get is 3 inches shorter than the shortest the Standard Goldendoodle can be.

From these size comparisons, it is easy to see that the type of Goldendoodle that is closest in size to the Mini Goldendoodle is the Medium Goldendoodle. They both are fully grown at the same time, and they are very similar in height and weight. That is one reason why people refer to the Mini Goldendoodle as being a small to medium-sized dog, even though it grows to be within the small dog category.

Difference Between Small and Medium Size Dogs

The difference between a medium-sized dog and a small size dog is not much, which is why people use both sizes in talking about or explaining their dog’s size. In general, dogs are talked about in sizes of small, medium, large, and giant. Goldendoodles range in size from toy to large (standard), but they are almost never considered giant dogs. That honor is left for Newfoundlands and Great Danes.

On average, small dogs are weigh between 2-22 pounds, and medium dogs weigh about 24-57 pounds. Within the Goldendoodle breed, the small size dog is called a Mini Goldendoodle. Mini Goldendoodles weigh between 25-35 pounds, so in comparing the numbers above you can see why people refer to this type of Goldendoodle as both small and medium. (Source)

Toy Goldendoodles are smaller than Mini Goldendoodles. They weigh between 10-20 pounds and grow to be 10-16 inches tall.

The Medium Goldendoodle weighs 35-50 pounds, which in the sizing of all dogs on average it sounds like it is a large dog. The average large dog weighs 59-99 pounds. This lets you know that the Standard Goldendoodle is the size of a large dog, and the Medium Goldendoodle is the size of a medium-sized dog. (Source)

Because of how dogs are sized, you can refer to a Mini Goldendoodle as a small or medium-size dog, but know that within its breed it is considered small. The Goldendoodle sizes are Toy, Mini, Medium, and Standard. In comparison to the average dog sizes, you can view the Goldendoodle dogs as extra small, small, medium, and large. (Source)

Is Mini Goldendoodle the Most Popular Size?

The most popular size of Goldendoodle is the Mini and the Medium sizes. People love that these dogs are a perfect size so they can still hold it comfortably, but they can also go out and hike or do other fun activities together. They are quite energetic and most customers buy a Medium Goldendoodle rather than Mini Goldendoodles, but they are both very popular dogs. (Source)

Many people love the Mini Goldendoodle because it is not a large dog, and they love how small it is, and they love how perfect their size is for living inside the home. This size of dog is great for kids because it will not tackle or intimidate them because of their small size. Their size and personality are not mean as they are loving and playful dogs. Mini Goldendoodles are a similar height to small children.

People also love the Medium size Goldendoodle because they are a little bigger than the Mini, and they don’t look like they are puppies for their entire lives. Medium Goldendoodles are great for going on outdoor adventures.

Once they are fully grown and their bones are strong enough to support them while on adventures, then they’re the perfect companion to bring along. They love hiking, running, and playing. Medium Goldendoodles are taller than the Mini Goldendoodles, so they can knock down small kids if they jump on them, but it is not likely because if you teach them to not jump on people, they won’t jump on them as they are easy to train.

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